Jul 2nd, 2012

The folks at comScore have released their latest smartphone market share numbers for the three month period ending May 2012. The two charts we care about — smartphone OSs and phone vendors — show that Android and Samsung beat out the rest. Google’s Android owned 50.9% of the share.

That was enough to dominate the likes of Apple at 31.9%, RIM at 11.4%, and Microsoft and Symbian combining for just 5.1%. It’s likely we’ll see Google creating even more separation from RIM as a number of compelling Android-based phones are due this year, and shipment of Blackberry 10 devices has been delayed until 2013.

Considering Apple’s latest iPhone this Fall will be a substantial upgrade over the 4S and that many iPhone 4 owners will be due for an upgrade, they just may slow Google down a bit (even if only temporarily).

Oh, and Samsung has remained the number on mobile phone vendor (which includes both feature phones and smartphones) with LG, Apple, Motorola, and HTC trailing in that order. Take a look at the charts to get the full numbers if you’re interested.

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