AT&T Galaxy S III in stores July 6th


While those who have pre-ordered AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy S3 have already gotten their hands on the device, AT&T has not yet been able to make the device available to those keen on walking right into a store and taking it off of  a shelf.

Fortunately it looks like that crowd will finally get that opportunity come July 6th as AT&T’s promised that the device will be in stores that date.

Many carriers were expected to have their device out by June 21st, but a series of delays hampered their plans. Rumors suggested Samsung was to blame as shipments were later than expected, and more rumors came up that those delays were due to a shortage of Qualcomm S4 chipsets.

Those are just rumors, though, and the device will be out this Friday so there’s no need to dwell on them any longer. Let’s hope other carriers follow suit soon enough. [via AT&T]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Really trying to decide whether to get my girlfriend one of these or an unlocked GNex

    1. Unlocked GNex with JellyBean! Are you nuts for even thinking that! haha jk but really,Gnex

      1. Well, I have an unlocked GNex, but she might care more about things like the camera and LTE than Google purity.

    2. SGS3 has LTE

    3. I’m was wondering which to get. probably getting s3

    4. unlocked GNex.

  2. on eof my friends here, just picked his phone up form best buy. it looks amazing!!!

  3. I already got my Pebble Blue and love it. So fast.

  4. Amd ATT beats out Verizon, smdh

  5. I had mine for almost 2 weeks now. Thanks t mobile lol

  6. Or head to a local Target Mobile as some of them have extras that came in with the pre orders.

  7. I just called to both the store and Att customer care and they both don’t Have a release date yet. So i will believe it when i see it

    1. My local Corporate store ordered it for me last week, I got it in two days.

  8. Come on Verizon! I’m sick of waiting!

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