Jul 2nd, 2012

For those who thought the original Sony Xperia S was just a bit underwhelming for their needs, Sony may soon be ready to introduce a follow-up.

One “Sony Xperia SL” has been spotted in the Indonesian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology databases.

There’s reason to believe this isn’t just some typo as the model number is also different from the original, and it’s quite similar to the Xperia S — LT26i for the S and the LT26ii for the SL.

So what does that L stand for? “Large,” perhaps? Could it come with a better dual-core processor and a screen size of 4.3 inches or larger?

Could we see the device we’d hoped to see from Sony the first go around or is this a minor refresh that won’t turn many heads? Will we see this device at all?

We may never know, but just know that it’s out there and that we’ll be trying to dig for more information. [via Xperia Blog]

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