SwiftKey 3 updated to correct character mapping issues, fix memory leak


I was just hit with a notification on my phone that a new update is available for SwiftKey 3, and that means said update is now available for all users (trust me, I don’t get any special favors here). According to the changelog posted to the Google Play Store, the new version of the recently released software keyboard for Android corrects character mapping issues as well as fixes a memory leak. The latter sounds like my brain after a hard night of drinking, but actually refers to the older version of SwiftKey 3’s tendency to be a bit of a memory hog, leading to poor performance. If you’re a SwiftKey user, it goes without saying that you will want to grab the latest release by heading over to the Google Play Store now.

Google Play Link: SwiftKey 3

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  1. Hopefully this fixes the apostrophe issue. Apostrophes worked great in Beta and with the release it usually guess two words instead.

    1. Oh man I’m glad I’m not the only one that was happening to. I hope this fixes that as well. It’s driving me crazy!

      1. Seems fixed. Woo!

  2. update isnt showing up yet…at least not in my play store app….it is updated in the play store itself though

  3. Much needed update, my auto correction just died last night, only a reinstall could fix it.

  4. I’m still not happy with the speed calculated swipe to erase rendition for the tablet… I feel as though I have to try a whole lot harder to erase mistakes now in landscape.

  5. Nicely improved,but not perfect.No decent arrow key / select / copy / paste. No prediction in Google+… nor,strangely enough, in this comment field. TouchPal is superior in those respects, but its prediction greatly inferior.

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