The CW App for Android Now Available


All you CW viewers will want to download an app that just hit the Google Play Store. The CW have released their Android application and it’s a doozy. You’ll get free episodes of all their shows, including the latest episodes to air in a particular season. It’s pretty much like having the channel in your pocket. That’s a biggie, but there are a lot more features. You can view photo galleries, clips, schedules and follow shows and stars on Twitter and Facebook. All of it is free so CW fans should make no delay in downloading.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Apparently it’s not compatible with my Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus on Honeycomb 3.2. Go figure

    1.  Or the Galaxy Tab 10.1, even though the header image on the store shows it running on a Tab 10.1.

  2. Hmm apparently my Google Chrome Adblock isn’t working, there’s a huge advertisement here for the CW in the form of an article.

    1. Good call. +1

  3. I’ve never heard of this “CW”, and the article didn’t clear up what “CW” means either… magazine? cable network? hulu competitor?

    1. Yeah, same for me. What the hell is “CW”? And how could Quentyn Kennemer write an article without explaining the abbreviation at least once? My standards for email and discussion forums are better than that.

      1. It doesn’t stand for anything, officially.

        It’s sorta like explaining what FOX or NBC is…or maybe TruTV or SyFy. If you don’t watch it, then it doesn’t apply to you. Btw, it’s a national broadcast network formed back around 2006 from WB and UPN merging.

    2. CW used to be the WB on basic cable.

      1. Ohhh… The frog network. Dropped cable.

    3.  CW has Supernatural so it’s awesome

      1. That is ALL it has too. 

  4. The CW Television Network (The CW) is a television network, it shows TV series such as Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, One Tree Hill, Smallville, Nikita, Secret Circle and lots more. It’s a joint channel by CBS and WB I believe.

  5. Not compatible with skyrocket

  6. Not compatible with the Samsung Droid Charge,…WTF?!!?

  7.  Lol this is compatible with my Nook Tablet which I find funny

  8. Not compatible with my Toshiba Thrive 10.1 but is compatible with my Evo 3d.

  9. The CW is an ota network television station but only in certain parts of the country. Its a trendy Gen y and younger Gen x type station.

  10. Btw the app is uh may zing! Wish all streaming apps were this clean and organized.

  11. Not compatible with Motorola atrix.

    1. Works with my Atrix.

  12. Not compatible with Galaxy Nexus!?!? wtf

    1. Working just fine on mine. (verizon)

      1. I’m on verizon too but it says my devices is not compatible with this item. Maybe its because I have 4.0.4 unofficial update installed. Anyone else?

        1. I’m running CM9 4.0.3

  13. Not compatible with Motorola photon. Lame if it has full episodes i want to watch some Nikita on my phone dangit.

  14. Not compatible with my Galaxy Note LTE either.  

  15. Not compatible with HTC Rezound.

  16. Doesn’t seem to be compatible with alot of devices. I hate to hear that since the CW is a good station.

  17. Wow. Now if only other networks would do the same. Though I see it is not available for my Note but is available for my Atrix…hmmm.

  18. Works on the Xoom on ICS

  19. says it works on epic 4g touch, yet cant download it because its “incompatible”

  20. works on my HTC Doubleshot (Tmoblie mytouch 4g slide. If you like the CSI shows and the like check out the app…lots of full episodes of CSI, the price is right, miami vice, 60 minutes….

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