Amazon Offering Galaxy Nexus Extended Battery for $25


If you’re looking for an official extended battery for your Galaxy Nexus, Amazon’s got the goods. Not only do they have the goods (I emphasize that because Verizon is fresh out), they’ve got them for $25 a piece. Not a bad deal for a product which is usually $50. I have a feeling these’ll go quick so get your order in right away at Amazon’s website. [via Droid-Life]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Yet Another plug.
    Definitely a slow news week

    1. A plug? It’s called alerting the masses to a deal. What are you getting at?

      1. it would be nice if the article said “…
        If you’re looking for an official extended battery for your Verizon Galaxy Nexus…” but instead this article says “if you’re looking for an official extended battery for YOUR galaxy nexus…” well what if MY galaxy nexus is the GSM model? then the battery won’t work.

    2. Don’t be a douche, this a good deal for those of us that can’t have our phones or computers up our asses 24/7 you troll. Thank you Quentyn!

  2. I got one from Amazon, battery back included, for $30 at the end of January.

  3. I wouldn’t have known about this were it not for the posting. Plug my ass……

  4. Don’t mind the trolls, thank you for sharing, I just bought.

  5. There all sold out

  6. Trigger pulled. Thanks, Quentyn.

    Edit: Price is 28.58 now. $38 total with shipping.

  7. The extended battery w/ cover is still $24.99 at Verizon… not sure how you can miss out on a sale that hasn’t ended yet.

    1. Um… this is exactly, word-for-word, punctuation-mark-for-punctionation-mark, the same comment I put on the same article at Droid-Life 6 hours before you did….

      Wow, never knew there were such a thing as comment plagiarizers. Or maybe I should be flattered that it was that good of a comment to be copied in the first place? lol

      1.  credit hungry much?

  8. 28.58 free shipping. This was a good alert because all verizon stores in the area are out of them. Sooooo yea verizon still has them for 25, but not really since they “don’t have any”.

  9. I got this battery, it gives me an extra hour or two without adding too much bulk. Was fortunate to snag one of the last ones from Verizon for 24.99 with cover and free shipping. It will do but battery life still bites on the Nexus if you want to enjoy the crazy screen and all that 4G goodness all day long – when will battery technology catch up????

  10. Cox, I copied? I was just noting that in cleveland they are sold out everywhere (vzw stores)………

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