EA Releases FIFA 12 and NBA Jam On Google Play


EA has released 2 great new titles today onto Google Play — FIFA 12 and NBA Jam. Arguably, one of the best soccer games to grace a handheld, FIFA 12 is finally available for the rest of us, after having remained an Xperia Play exclusive for the last few months. Here’s what you can look forward to:

Over 22 officially licensed leagues, 500+ licensed teams and more than 15,000 players. Take to the pitch with superstars like Kaka, Wayne Rooney, Gerard Piqué, Karim Benzema and more. From the English Premiership and La Liga, to the German Bundesliga and beyond – dominate your league and march toward glory in 32 authentic stadiums.

So if you like your football, you know, down on the ground, you can pick up FIFA 12 in the Google Play store for $5.

NBA Jam however, is all new to Android and gives you the opportunity to play that classic 2-on-2 b-ball against a friend via local multiplayer.

3 modes of play let you ball the way you want:

  • Play Now – Select a team and jump right into the ballgame.
  • Classic Campaign – Defeat all other teams to win the championship, and unlock legends, hidden players, and outrageous cheats.
  • Local Multiplayer – Go big head 2 big head against a friend via local WiFi or Bluetooth

Don’t forget that both titles require a lengthy download, upwards of 300MB so you might want to have some WiFi handy if you’re hoping to jump in and play right away. Enjoy.

[FIFA 2012 | NBA Jam]

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  1. what phones are these games even available on? I was hoping to shoot some hoops on my Gnex :(

  2. I just tried to get it, but it didnt display in the market. So i guess its not compatible. How could you not make the game compatible for the grandest screen of them all, the galaxy note?!……..

  3. crickets are heard across the land….

      1. This land is your land,
        This land is my land…. 

  4. Why would u buy NBA jams when u can get it on an emulator for free!

    1.  roms aren’t free

  5. No jamz on the gnez?

    1. Here it says not available in my country…

  6. NBA jam not compatible with my gnex! Boo

  7. Not compatible with my razr either. What’s up with that?

  8. FIFA 12 not compatible running gingerbread wtf!

  9. No nba jam on the note, WTF EA sports?!!!

  10. NBA Jam apparently works on my Nexus S, but no FIFA. On my Transformer, FIFA but no NBA Jam. I only wanted NBA Jam anyways, but on my tablet :(

  11. The note not supported, way to go EA, way to go……….

    1. Just wait.

  12. Fifa 12 and NBA Jam work on all iDevices.

    What is Android fragmentation? (Jeopardy)
    Ding ding!!

    1. NBA Jam works on iOS 3.0 and up, that means it works on the ORIGINAL iPhone….

  13. Lol so weird, it is compatible with my Acer Liquid but not my Motorola Atrix.

  14. Just Google the nbajam.apk if your rooted.found it in the usual places. Its not tested on all devices but works anyway. It runs beautfully on my nook color!

  15. When will developers start to make apps available on the Galaxy Nexus :-/

  16. Those links are for North America only, the Rest of World links are here:

    This happens with every Phandroid article. Change “na” in the url to “row”.

  17. I have an iPad and I love FIFA 12 on there and I was so stoked to get it on my gnex, but its missing so many features it’s not even funny. and yet the download is bigger than the iPad version. What the hell EA

  18. i found the apk of NBA dl’ed and did not work…at first. I rebooted and the game got a little further like team selecting but would just close was late so i called it a night..shut off my Prime. Following morning i turned it on went to the game and by some sort of godly miracle the game just worked flawlessly. Ive been playing on and off ever since. Thank you EA =) best  basketball game ive played on Android.

  19. EA makes us wait months extra for their junk game and makes it incompatible with every popular device.  They get more pathetic with every release.


  20. Not compatible with the galaxy note?!…… WTF EA, step it up.

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