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It’s now 5 days since Google rebranded Android Market as Google Play, and it caught quite a few people off-guard. We’d typically expect Android blog readers to be accustomed to the name by now (I try my best to type Google Play as often as possible in an article to help me out, even though I remove it later when it’s not required, which is more often than not the case).

However, I still do find myself visiting market.android.com instead of the new URL at play.google.com/store. Some habits die really hard, and I don’t think I’d ever get over this. What about you all, have you gotten used to the new URL yet?

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Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. Why do you need to leave this habit? market.android.com will always be there and will redirect you to play.google.com/store

  2. play.google.com/store or play.google.com/store who cares just save it as a fav or book Mark.not a big deal why even right about it.

  3. Yawn

  4. Who cares, they can keep changing it if they keep having good sales like the one on now.

  5. For the past few weeks, sometimes when I visit phandroid it says “sorry, no posts matched your criteria.”

    If Phandroid does load, I still get the same message when I click an article title.

    I know it’s not just my computer, It’s happened on different computers.

    Anyone else run into this problem?

    1.  yes, multiple times for me.

    2.  I get this when I open multiple tabs, don’t read them for a while, then press Reload to see if there are more comments.

    3. I’m getting it constantly now and its annoying. Takes hours if not days before i can even view the post again and even then its not garrented to always come back as I have one thats been down for a few days now

    4.  Yeap…  I posted on a bs story from yesterday…  And since then there has been updates for it… But I can’t see the story anymore…


      Been trying since yesterday afternoon…  Still not working…  I have seen an increase in comments from 24 to 27…  So a couple of lucky peeps have been able to see it..  But still missing for me…

      1.  If you use the phandroid app you can see the article and the comments but the comments part sucks on the app they mash all the comments together and it is hard to tell whats new and who has replied to who on there. The comments section is nothing but a mess on the app but you should be able to see the article no problem that way tho at least i can and thats one of the posts that done work for me on my pc.

  6. you can just type play.google.com without the “/store”

  7. Using Google Play just sounds unprofessional (when you look for things other than games), and is unintuitive in many situations.  

    This is especially true when a user that’s new to Android decides that they want to get an app that has, say, the ability to open MS Office files.  They would NEVER think that clicking on “Google Play” would bring them that.  Instead they may get frustrated, return their Android device (thinking that there are no apps on Android), and buy an Apple or MS product.

    Stupid move, and maybe that’s the reason that Eric Chu (who was in charge of Android Market) got fired.  Maybe they’ll change it back citing “due to feedback from users” or something.

    1. works for music and games. In my opinion google play is good for referencing music and games. However adding store to the end of it all is much. It should just be called google play. 

      1. What about apps other than games/music?  As someone new to Android, you wouldn’t expect to find them in ‘Google Play’ (or Google Play Store for that matter).  

        1. And what would you expect to find in playboy?

  8. I think they should have unified chrome store and android market into Google Store and done away with the Play branding. It seems funny spending real money in a Play Store. The names for Google Books and Google Music were better in their original form as opposed Google Play Books and Google Play Music.

    1. I’ve been saying the same thing! They’re making their brand look less reputable to new customers with this rename. IMO

    2. The Chrome store is going to be merged into Google Play in the future.

      They already have a place called Google Store, and it is for physical goods. http://www.googlestore.com

  9. Can they release cards like itunes does? I dont wanna put a credit card on, but would gladly use a 15 google play card

    1. itunes is bloated shit.   If you’re going to reference anything, at least reference amazon.

    2.  I absolutely 100% couldnt agree more. Itunes does it, xbox does it, playstation does it, amazon does it, the list goes on. Time to get with the times and implement this feature.

      I and many many other people would be more willing to shell out $ on apps in this format. I feel much safer with my info and its great for gifts.

    3. At least google doesn’t force you to have a CC on file.

  10. doesn’t matter.  It’s just a URL.  It could say fatchicksinpartyhats.com and gets me to the market, i’m fine.

    1. Heh, that’s a real site…

  11. I use a bookmark in my toolbar, so technically I still visit market. android.com :P

    In my head it’s usually “I want to go to the Market… oh wait, it’s Google Play now”. Really annoying on my phone.

  12. The new Google Play Music name is what made me ditch the Google Play Music app altogether and go to PowerAmp instead.

    I refuse to update Google Books now.

    1. First World Problems.

  13. Bring back MARKET.

  14. Pretty lame rebranding in my opinion. Its like changing your internet or cable to ‘XFINITY!!!!” Oooooh edgey.

    Apple seemed to just fine with a simple “app store” didnt they? They didnt need to change it to “Lazer mall”! Google didnt need to try and be cute with “Play store” it just comes across as really trying too hard and really sounds like it should be a Sony thing.

     I might add that there was no reason to do this. Android market was recognizable and widely known. And the whole unifying all of your products’ respective stores is really just not needed. Why confuse people?

  15. It would have been better to rename it the Google Market instead of Google Play.

  16. Market or GTFO

  17. I HATE the new name…

  18. I think they should have named it Google Market!

  19. This poll needs an “who gives a rats wiener” … i do laugh my ass off when people get all worked up and write long winded replies over this though.  

  20. Play sounds childish imo…

  21. Google f%& ^ed up….

  22. i cant even get onto Google Play, or the app market on my google android 1.6…. it states connection failed (it appears that your internet connection is not available) yet i’m on the laptop!!!!!!! all new to me.

  23. Why fix what isn’t broken and what people are used to. Although as far as I can see nothing has changed, I’ve still had a few friends say..”ooh, I dont like this new Google play”.

  24. My two pennies on it is that Google play give it a less professional ring to it over Google Market. I dont think it’ll make any difference to there bottom line but personally Ill always refer to this as market. Im to old for Play time

  25. Doesn’t matter either way to me. Can’t tell any difference. Google Market does sound better tho.

  26. I just hope that enough people start complaining, so that Google decides to go back to the Android Market? Because I think the Android Market was the perfect name for it. The Android Market name is a lot better then the Apple App Store or the Blackberry App World because those names suggest that all they sale is apps & not music tracks, movies or books. By calling it the Android Market & not the Android App Market you can sell all the forms of medium with no confusion whats so ever. Also if Google did go back to the old name, they should make a better looking logo or icon?

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