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Path has quickly become one of the most popular mobile social networks. Its neat and simple interface offers a great variety of sharing features. But if you are not completely happy with it, the Android app has just received a new update with significant improvements.

The application has just been updated to version 2.1, offering some extra functionality and a better overall experience. The new UI includes an improved sharing screen, but aesthetics is not the only improvement. The Path team has also included Music Match, the ability to view Nike+ stories and tapping and holding for saving photos and videos.

One of the most interesting added features is Music Match. It pretty much works like Shazam. Upon request, Music Match can recognize what song one is rocking to, simply by allowing your device to listen to it. This would be great for sharing a story about a song one is listening to at a restaurant, or any event.

The other major addition is support for viewing Nike+ stories. It is a bit disappointing to see that one can not yet share such stories from an Android device. Said feature is currently only available for iOS. But that update is still in the works, and should be coming later this year. For now, us Android users will have to wait and see the other team’s members sharing their work out sessions using Nike+.

The update is available now via the Google Play Store, so go right on and get it. It might also be important that the new update might require that you sign in again.

How many of you are using Path? Do you like the new updates?

[Source: Google Play Via: Android Central]

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  1. Didn’t even know it existed. Quite a problem, for what is referred to as “one of the most popular mobile social networks”.

    1.  Same here. I was like “wait, huh? One of the most popular?” I mean i am not always the first to know about things but i usually hear about things before they become one of the most popular things in their category.

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