Asus Padfone available for a ridiculous GBP 700 pre-order [UPDATED]


Update: Asus has denied the pricing from their side with the following statement

“ASUS is yet to announce pricing and availability of the ground-breaking and shape-shifting PadFone – anything to the contrary is merely rumours and speculation. We will be announcing details with our carrier partners in due course, so keep an eye out for updates on the official ASUS website and social media pages for more information as and when it is available.”

Personally, I’ve never really been a fan of the Padfone. I’ve found it to be too “gimmicky”, like the dual-screen phones, to have a phone that docks into a screen to use it like a tablet. I’d rather have separate devices, but quite a few people are actually excited about it.

Well, bad news for you folks. Flagshipfones.co.uk is asking for a mind-boggling GBP 700 (approximately US $ 1100) payment for a pre-order.

Now, agreed that a quality unlocked phone and a decent tablet will run up that kinda tab when purchased separately, but the only way I can see the Padfone doing any serious business is if it sells at a substantial discount to the stated price. I mean, this could be the cost of 4 to 5 of the rumored Asus Nexus tablets.

[Flaghipfones.co.uk via IntoMobile]

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. This is expensive – but not actually THAT much. In the UK, a brand new unlocked phone will sell for about £500, so £200 for a ‘tablet’ too isn’t so bad.

    Still – I’d rather wait for a cheap decent tablet (come on nexus tablet!) and stick with my current phone…

  2. £700 !! I guess the people who market these things don’t realise there’s a recession on and this isn’t worth anywhere near 700 quid.

  3. $1100 wtf that costs the same as a new ipad plus a high end phone, nexus prime, iphone 4s, note!
    Good luck

    1. you are getting a high tablet and a high end phone…….not saying this is a good idea but what did you expect really?

      1. But that’s the issue, right, why buy two devices together that cost so much? The transformer dock makes a lot of sense, but I just can’t understand the advantage of the Padfone over buying two separate devices.

        1. Same here, just commenting on his reaction to the alleged price point

  4. undoubtedly $1100 for this type of device is too expensive. tablet manufacturers started considering cheaper models to throw into market. Asus Padfone has a long hard way to go.

  5. I would assume this is an off contact price as well? Subsidized probably will be around 700. Sounds about right….. I already have a tablet and a gnex, so u an not in the market myself.

  6. No use doing a simple currency conversion. Pricing in EU is always much higher. VAT has to do with it. Please stick to reporting the facts.

    1. I have reported the fact (virtually everywhere I’ve only mentioned the GBP price). The conversion was only for the sake of our other readers, to put it in perspective for them. And also so they won’t actually perform the calculation, which nearly all of them would have had it not been mentioned.

      1. But really? why post conversion? That price (assuming it was even real) converted to USD would only be relevant for folks buying from THAT retailer in USD instead of GBP.

  7. Chillax y’all. This is awesome news!!!

    Retail pricing of electronics does not generally invoke currency exchange. 700£ MSRP for a British retailer translates to $700 for a US retailer. The US price is with currency exchange. Wait for a domestic retailer to get unlocked supply and it’ll most likely be similar.

    case in point: ASUS Transformer original 16GB launched at 380£ list price in UK and $399 in US.

  8. As one guy said, you have no clue about prices in the EU, do you.

    Also, you’re using a very old photo for the article. It looks nothing like that now.

  9. It’s effectively £500 for the phone and £200 extra for a separate screen.

  10. Combined it looks too expensive but considering it’s a phone and a tablet its okay the Matrix with laptop dock was similarly priced. Is it GBP or Euros though? Or are they having the same numeric value and screwing people in the UK?

    1. we always get screwed over :| tends to be the same numerical value (almost) in Euros, GBP and USD

  11. for all confused, phone prices in the UK are the same number as in the US. so a £400 phone here would be $400 or thereabouts in the US due to Value Added Tax and various others. 
    so this is all right.
    I’d imagine this would be free on a £40/month+ contract

  12. Anything other than the Memo 370T is a no-go. Any new info on that?

  13. All I got to say is fuck that shit. I don’t know why people are getting wet about this product. Not appealing to me and neither is that ridiculous price tag

  14. apparently people are also forgetting that its more then just the phone and tablet there is also a keyboard dock that goes with this so yeah add that into that 700 GBP price as well people. Once you do that and remember the tablet portion has no guts to it except for the screen and a front camera the guts are all sitting in the phone. plus ASUS charges about $150 for the docks if the transformer series is anything to go by. so yeah its looking better once you factor in all that.

    1. The keyboard dock is not included. At least not by the looks of the site.

      1.  Then I really would take this with a grain of salt considering ASUS was toting the keyboard dock to go along with it like their transformer series so I am not even going to go by what that site says even less so now. and on top of that I live in the US so its going to be even cheaper here hopefully once it gets on a carrier.

  15. I actually like this concept a lot…   Asus implementation seems to be buttery smooth from the vids Phandroid made at MWC…  I would actually like a Nexus PadPhone with upgraded specs to be the Jelly Bean/Key Lime Pie flagship product….  1 device with 3 batteries seems to be awesome… Hope the BT stylist can be use with just the phone… That way one can just keep the phone in u’r pocket to answer a call..

    As for the price posted here…  It’s funny/bad math…  If u go by flagshipfones inc. VAT prices…  A old Galaxy Tab + SGII or SGN would cost $1600+ using u’r math…

    Check it out for u’r self…  http://www.flagshipfones.co.uk/samsung_phones_and_accessories  + http://www.x-rates.com/calculator.html

    I would expect this type of crap from the AppleBot publications like GizModo & Engadget but not from Phandroid…  Oh, well…

  16. Raveesh the reason i asked you toe stick toe the facts is that you call GBP 700 mind boggling and your calculation of 1 padfone =4 to 5 nexus tablets is based on speculation + conversion error. Say the nexus tablet will be USD 250, then it may just as well come to the UK for GBP 250, in which case you will get 1 padfone =< 3 nexus tablets. You get the point?

  17. Unknown the story works fine with the android application but if I try to read it on my of the site tells me the story doesn’t exist for some reason. Hope you guys look into it. If I knew how to send a bug report like this I would

  18. Yea with that price Asus padfone will have the same fate as the motorola atrix laptop dock, which was more expensive than buying a more feature rich and faster netbook.

  19. I’m tired of this kind of articles, price tag on preorders should never be considered a reliable measure of what the final street price tag is going to be, so comments on how it’s too expensive are pretty much useless.
    This is sometimes a method for marketing guys to determine what’s the higher price tag that still can be considered reasonable by a customer point of view

  20. Assus Padfone is having good feature user can use only one plan with two devices, Cost wise also effective, it provides mobile connectivity to the tablet.Cost is 700 Pounds.Assus Padfone have 8 mega pixel camera.If u thinking on positive side having one dock and one phone is comparatively cheaper, other than buying two separate devices.For more details and video refer http://www.techiecop.com/cellphones/asus-cellphones/asus-padfone-review.html

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