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I’ve spent 15 months with my current phone, which might feel like decades to a lot of people considering how often we’re now changing devices. Yet, to be honest, despite all the temptation of the Galaxy Nexus and the HTC Sensation, I’ve never found a really compelling reason to upgrade. The only reason look with envy at other, younger devices is the dwindling developer support of my beloved myTouch 4G.

There is one feature though, that would get me to take money out immediately. An awesome camera. And I thought, I’d love to know what one single feature would you guys really want in your next phone. What feature would be enough for you to make sacrifices regarding the rest of the stuff.

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Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. I want the Note as my next phone, k thx bai.

  2. Pure Android. Unlocked bootloader is not enough :P

  3. Wish I could choose two.  I vote for Camera & Battery life.  I want to replace my digital P&S camera completely.

  4. this a tough one for me, I would have to say that a 720P screen and an amazing camera are things I really want. I’ve pretty much decided to wait until this fall to buy a new phone though.

  5. I really want a clamshell Android as my next phone, but those will never come stateside.

  6. notification light, unlocked bootloader, stock android minimum! i’m not buying into this whole MOAR COREZZZZ business, give me an optimized os (like iOS, yeh i said it!) and i couldnt care less what the number of cores were!

    1.  Tell your dual core to say that to an I7

  7. Too bad I don’t have the ability to choose more then one thing.  However out of those the most important one would be battery.  What’s the point of a large screen and super speed without a battery that lasts you a Day, not 8 hours but a full DAY.

  8. Way way better battery and way better low light camera with way better flash.

  9. If there was an option “Doesn’t look ugly as sin (AKA, not an HTC next time). My ideal would be if Sony produce a quad core of the original Arc design and we can get CM9 on it. *Drools* I’m due an upgrade from April, so I’m starting to keep an eye out.

  10. Been keeping the OG Incredible cause even specs of late haven’t impressed me enough to make a switch. I’ll upgrade once I get this:
    4.7″+ AMOLED screen or better
    Quad-core processor
    Easy ability to root and install custom ROMs
    And most importantly, I’m not switching till 4g gets to my part of New Mexico. What’s the point of upgrading if there isn’t any 4g?

  11. If its not a Nexus device, I’m not Sexing the device. 

  12. Hard to say battery life is on top for me, but also a device that isn’t obsolete after only 6 months. The SGS2 dis a good job since it was out in Europe since April 2011, sadly the launch delay in North America changes this here. Apple used to do a good job with battery life but considering the small screens this isn’t a huge accomplishment more surprised about the poor battery life on the 4S.

    So the next step should probably be the development of better batteries, which is not the mobile phone industry, but the battery industry that has to catch up. I guess there will always be bottlenecks.

  13. The BATTERY of the Razr Maxx

    The CAMERA/SENSOR of Sony Xperia Ion or better 

    The OS of Galaxy Nexus

    The phone reception and screen of The Rezound

  14. What I want, is the ability to vote on polls using the app!

  15. Tough poll, but the display has to be #1 on my list.
    1) 720p+ SAMOLED+ display between 5″ and 5.3″
    2) Camera: good quality, no-lag, and excellent in low-light
    3) All-day battery
    4) microSDXC slot w/ 64GB+

  16. Galaxy s3 specs now!

  17. All of the choices are good choices however. My Galaxy Nexus would be PERFECT with the additions of

    – a battery that lasts from when I wake up to when I fall asleep.
    – a better performing camera with dual led flash
    – a louder internal speaker that is NOT located near the mic
    – a 3 pin car dock that I can install in my car and not requite 3 ugly wires coming from the back

  18. I want…..
    Quad core
    At least 1GB of RAM
    3300 mAh or better battery
    Pure android or at least easy to root and rom.
    If there are on-screen buttons the screen needs to be at least 4.7 inches.
    AMOLED technology
    Micro-SD card slot

  19. I have the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon which is nearly perfect, but if I could improve it, I’d choose better battery life and better camera. In your poll I voted for Pure Android/Unlocked Bootloader because I would never purchase a phone where I couldn’t choose the ROM and kernel I want. 

  20. Whatever the next nexus is. I’ve had so many phones over the past year it’s crazy. Two of those were nexus phones, nexus a, and my current gsm galaxy nexus. I’m very happy with my gnex right now. Hopefully the next nexus will be quad core with a much better camera. A 1080 display would be nice.

  21. Very close between battery life and an unlocked boot loader.

  22.  at least a battery that would last 2 days on very, very, very heavy usage. my HTC Desire HD has everything i need, except for the battery…

  23. What do I want most of all? A 5-row QWERTY keyboard without the feature compromise. Size isn’t a big deal but adding a keyboard justifies a larger battery, too. Features, features, features. But most of all a 5-row QWERTY keyboard.

    1. Sidekick-style keyboard

  24. You know what I want in my new phone?  I want a OS and Hardware that last for more than a couple months….  You know preferably even one that last the length of the contract that sticks you too it…  Certainly do not want a OS that looks as if it will be outdated before it is even on most of the “Current Gen”  hardware..

  25. The Perfect Phone, Why Can’t Anyone Make It (they always seem to leave something out):

    -Quad Core Cortex A9 or Dual Core A15…battery efficient processor.
    -Latest GPU (PowerVR SGX 544/545/555)
    -8+ megapixel with excellent optics and image processing.
    -Front and rear cam with Dual LED Flash
    -1.5GB-2GB RAM
    -16-32 GB internal storage WITH expandable microSD slot
    -4-4.7 inch Non-Pentile  sAMOLED HD Plus display
    -Excellent Antenna, WiFi, Bluetooth Reception
    -Excellent, Reliable and Quick GPS/GLONASS performance
    -World phone with several carrier bands
    -3300mAH slim battery for all day use
    -STRONG external speaker output
    -Next Generation Corning Gorilla Glass
    -Sleak, stylish, comfortable to hold in the hand.
    -Software updates supported for 18-24 months

    1. This is the best post I’ve ever read!!

    2. add in a second or third microphone for noise cancelling and good call quality and the possibility of becoming the padfone and im sold

    3. I want that too, but I couldn’t fork out $1,500…

      1. For this device, I would.

    4. this

    5. The GSII has all the core specs that I want.  I don’t need my phone faster than it is.  What I do want with highest priority is 2 days battery with avg use and highly sensitive cell radios.  HTC radios are far more usable with weak signals than Samsung and Moto radios.

      Am glad to see battery life win this poll. Phandroid needs to send this poll to phone makers. Super phones are fine but the phone makers also need to put  out a line of phones that focus on battery life first and super features as secondary priority when possible.

      1. Absolutely agreed. I think Motorola is on to something with their emphasis on not just high end specs but good battery life (with the Razr Maxx)).

    6. So you want a Motorola Atrix 3 phone:
      Tegra 3 / 2GB RAM / 4.3″ 720p / 3300mAh / 10 megapixel camera

      1. Does it have led notification? Second gen gorilla glass? Excellent speakerphone, wifi, bluetooth, GPS/GLONASS reception? IF it has everything I listed then I guess Atrix 3 is what I’d want, but we don’t know if it will have all that now do we?

        PS…. Another site said the Atrix 3 was only a concept phone.

    7. …this is the specs for the Galaxy S III….

    8. Also add a Five-Row Sidekick-Style Hard Keyboard

    9. Lol. Dont kid yourself. You’re the kind of person who will never be satisfied.

    10. You forgot waterproof and touchscreen works when wet. Also would like radio and radio transmitter to get rid of fobs. More sensors.

  26. I want a quad core phone with stock android and proper updates. No skins at all.

  27. My Triumph is almost perfect for me.  The only things I would change is, better performance for what it’s supposed to do.   The GPS is terrible, takes forever to get a lock.  And the HD video recorder?  My Nexus S, which isn’t HD, takes better video. And more internal storage, its the one thing I hate about Android, you run out of space to put all those great apps you hardly ever use.

  28. Small, fast, cheap.  Pick two.

  29. i’ll take a 5.3″ display NEXUS.  in other words – give me a G-Nex with a G-Note display. on Sprint!

  30. I want up to date official stock Android available from the market. Kernal modems the whole deal. It’s supposed to be open source lets stop the fragmentation and get everyone current

  31. my Mytouch 4G only lasts about 3 hours per charge. i’m only holding onto to it until the Galaxy S3 comes out.

  32. Big display like note but on Verizon.

  33. How’s about a tough phone, something that will not scratch or scuff when dropped. I use an otterbox for crist sakes, anything smaller and more stylish will be grand. kickstand and hdmi output. Larger battery, battery percentage on the notification area like iphone.already rooted, notification led, 8 mp camera with real zoom, 4 inch screen, expandable storage slot, Stock Android, processor that will run the phone plenty fast for 2 years so all updates run great Build it for later not just now. And far too much ram, to handle anything in the future.

  34. My Rezound is damn near perfect. The only thing that would make it better is the battery of the RAZR maxx. I have the extended battery and that’s sufficient for my usage but it makes the phone look bad.

  35. Voted Pure android, for lack of better choice.

    Currently I have everything I could want in todays phones with my Gnex, but the thing I hope my next phone will have (nexus 5, since I’ll be keeping my gnex for around 2 years)

    It should be FULLY controllable through the Chrome browser at least and it would be better if it was fully controllable through ANY browser.
    I am talking about something along the lines of Airdroid, but that natively integrated into my phone. Play all my apps, respond to every type of message, answer my calls, play my music (sure I can alrdy do that, thanks Google music) manage my storage, wirelessly transfer files between my phone and computer all through the browser. (of course to enable this feature you need to enable it on the phone, so no remote phone “mind control”)

    Because the only thing I dislike about my phone experience is that even when I have a full keyboard and a large screen to my disposal I need to get my phone out of my pocket every friggin time it beebs to see what it wants now. I want the notifications to pop up on my computer screen and be able to type a reply to whatever messaging app I have installed without pulling my phone out of my pocket and be forced to deal with the small onscreen keyboard when on my desk a full keyboard lies unused, and the 22+inch widescreen monitor I have just mocks me and my HD 4.65 inch super amoled display.

    Displaying my screen on the computer/tv-screen through an HDMI cable is not good enough any more….it should happen wirelessly and it should allow me to control my phone using the computer keyboard!

  36. Need two thing. A real camera, and not the junk they put on them now. Also the battery of the Razor Max. I hope they listen to the posts! We all want the same and it can be done.

  37. If the rumors about the ATRIX 3 turn out ti be true,that will probably be my next phone. It has everything I want; 10mp camera, quad core,4G,and a battery comparable to the DROID maxx, im almost completely sold

  38. My Galaxy Note has it all.  If I could get more, it would be 64GB onboard storage and even more battery life.  It is about time that one of the many amazing discoveries that can increase battery life by 10 times actually gets used in the real world and lets us never have to worry about battery life.  Even better if Apple gets prevented from using it.

    1. Good phone. The only thing I don’t like about current generation LTE phones is that they’re terrible when it comes to battery. Remember when 3G phones first came out? It’s like that. I think I’ll wait a little bit before I jump on the bandwagon.

      1. I have the international version, better battery life and better processor :)

  39. There is no all option :/

  40. i wanted be powerful with 4″ screen, perfect size!!.

  41. A phone i can build myself like a pc, upgrade when i want what i want i wish! Software and hardware. And sell the hardware when im done with it!

  42. Here is something to add to the list:
    – Sliding PHYSICAL screen lock/unlock configured to also answer/end calls.
    Somewhere along the line it was forgotten these wonderful devices still need to function as a phone.  Sometimes I am slightly jealous, even though I have and love my GSII, of those with the original RAZR’s.  Flip to answer, flip to end a call — all without ever looking at more than the caller ID.

    1. I completely agree. bring back the red and green end/send buttons.

    2. I hope that doesn’t happen. More moving parts only means more opportunity for hardware failure.

  43. Smaller high end phones please. Shrink my GNex down to 4.3″ or less,and you’ll make me a very happy man.

  44. I expect my next phone to be quad core, with a better camera, and have better battery life.

    I have the Galaxy Nexus so it will be a long while before I get a new phone. I’m very happy with it so far :) it’s been better than any phone I’ve had previously. Normally I upgrade every year, but I’m hoping go a year and a half or two with one.

    Ideally I would want something with 4-4.5″ SAMOLED RGB 1280×720 screen, software buttons, scratch resistant glass, water resistant, quadcore, 1-2gb RAM, storage of 32GB+, 5MP+ camera with excellent low light performance, a decent front camera, battery life of more than 24 hours with heavy use, and it should be comfortable to hold.

    Oh and I can live with Sense or Touchwiz, but I’m really hoping that Google takes the Holo theme with Stock 4.0 and makes is even more smooth and intuitive for the next version of android. I love ICS on my GNex.

  45. Battery is the most important thing. We need at least one full day of heavy usage.
    Second is the SD card.

    1. I agree. I hope HTC is paying attention.

  46. Tony Stark’s phone

  47. Battery life is KEY.. but of course I want a fast 4g phone with a big screen.. Honestly, my HTC Incredible has crappy battery life. Can’t wait for a phone that lasts longer than 6 hrs

  48. Hi fidelity phone calls.

  49. The ability to upgrade hardware like the camera and CPU easily.

  50. -HTC
    -5″+ screen
    -Gorilla Glass 2
    -led notification light
    -2.0mp ff camera, 8mp back
    -quad core 2.0 ghz processor
    -sense 4.0
    -vzw 4g lte

  51. Motorola hardware, Motorola radios and kernel, topped off with HTC software that can be unlocked. 

    -4.7-5″ screen, sAMOLED HD Plus, NO OVERRATED Gurilla Glass, use the glass from the thunderbolt.
    -Tegra 3
    -2gb ram
    -2 mp hd ffc, 8 mp camera with htc camera software
    -ICS without hardkeys
    -3 mics with the great sound quality and noise cancelling that Motorola is known for
    -GPS that can be aquired quickly
    -16GB internal storage with an expandable sd card slot, or 2 sd card slots with one being easily accessable like the RAZR
    -3300 mah battery, dont care if its removable or not as long as there is a way to do a hard reset.
    -HDMI out
    -power button in the middle of the top side or at the top of the right side.
    -3g and 3g/4g antenna like the thunderbolt for using data while on the phone
    – thin, with styling like the RAZR, but less bezel, with a matte finish like the Droid X

  52. Okay
    so I want Motorola to make the radios and kernal so that’ll be amazing.

    Samsung gets the screen for a 4.26 inch sAMOLED plus display and their quad core exynos plus the new Mali gpu, and they also get cameras and battery building.

    For HTC, they get to build the general board memory and ram+help CYANOGEN, yup cyanogen build in cm9 and Ubuntu/HDMI mirroring.

    Cyanogen gets to work with HTC and Sony to build this phone’s software so it doesn’t have stupid keyboard issues or random fc issues.

    Sony gets to do some software because their camera coding works wonders and this device needs PlayStation suite.

    And the piece des resistance, the body, I will build with Samsung and HTC because they don’t get along but their designs blended are brilliant.

  53. I want a Droid 4 RAZR MAXX Dev Edition OMAP 5 with Mirasol screen

  54. honestly… i just want a physical keyboard

    1. I agree. I wouldn’t use one but it’s an under served market. Especially for high end phones. All we have now is what…the Captivate Slide?

  55. my dream device is 
    camera like htc titan II -16MP or more with dual led or quad led with good low-light performance with excellent optics and image processing
    and take pic fast like galaxy nexus and recored 1080p video
    and have front 3MP camera 720P
    screen like galaxy note -hd super amoled from 4.7 to 5.3 inch 720p or 1080p
    multi color led notification light 
    battery like motorola razr maxx 3300mAH or more
    2.0ghz quad core 
    at least 2gb ram 
    webtop like motorola device
    with ppi like htc rezound 342ppi or more
    with 32-64GB internal storage and have microSD slot 

  56. SIDEKICK-Style 5-row Keyboard!!!  add this to the list. 

  57. If I had to pick a single feature I would have to agree on the camera. I’d like a point and shoot quality camera with a NICE physical camera button and the lense put in a non awkward spot. Also they have got to do something about how close the led flash is to the lense. Completely ruins and washes out pictures. Camera would be the one feature that could make me chose a phone with no other consideration.

  58. I just want a battery that would last for over 24 hour out more

  59. Front facing SPEAKER, and a mini track pad or something, like on the HTC desire. (and better battery). I’d sacrifice size for battery.

  60. – Quad Core 2ghz+, 2 thread
    – Tegra 3 “duh”
    – 8 plus megapixel rear+, dual led flash
    – 5 plus megapixel front+, w/ flash
    – I know this ones a longshot but small optical pad
    – 5 row keyboard
    – 2 or 3 mics for better conversations
    – No moto blur lol
    – Minimum 4″ 720p screen

  61. One word SPEED. Quad core and anything with 1gb of ram or higher. Screen size don’t care I have a 3 tablets so that makes no difference to me. Speed is the game for me all the way. I hate lag and personally found out with all my devices that Android runs way better on anything dual core or higher and with at least 1gb of ram. My Transformer Prime has sort of spoiled me now with cores so I’m now thinking Android is way better with Quad core then even with Dual cores. But then again my Prime is running true 4.0 no Asus BS.

  62. I would like quad-core 2.5ghz with a 2800 mah battery life. 4.3 inch screen super amoled plus. Thin as the infuse. 10 mp camera and 5 mp front camera.

  63. I want it all. We needed another button, all of the above

  64. -2ghz+ quad core processor

    -1.5 or 2 gig ram preferably the latter

    -720p amoled touch screen

    -high quality camera 8 mega pixel or better

    -32 gig+ onboard storage w/ micro SD expansion

    -stock android and unlocked boot loader as I am a ROM flashing addict.

    -GPS that does not suck

    -must do dishes and laundry.

    -up to date GPU.

    1. LOL what are you doing that you need 2 gigs of RAM?!

  65. tl:dr version:

    * > 12MP A/F Optical Zoom Carl Zeiss Lens *
    * Xenon Flash * 
    * Modern specs (basically give me the best specs available now, and add extra specs onto it to future-proof the handset for 2 years)
    * Big battery! I don’t care how thick it makes the handset, but make it built-in. 1 full day (from 6am to 10pm) of intensive use is all I ask. At 10 pm, I still expect 10% battery left.

    * Full version:

    I have come to Android from a Nokia N8. While the N8 is woefully underspec in processor/ram, one thing that was epic was the Carl Zeiss 12MP camera with Xenon Flash.I had to settle for a SGS2 because it was the *best of the bunch* for me regarding camera. The times I use the camera (like on my recent holiday to New Zealand), I still think back to the Nokia N8 and it’s high-speed Xenon night shots. It was better than my wife’s Sony Cybershot 12+ MP point and shoot! It’s an example of a phone being built around a camera, really.I think the first Android handset manufacturer to get into bed with Carl Zeiss, and go to the trouble of certifying their device to CZ’s exacting imaging standards will get a lot of customers. If they don’t sacrifice device specs because of the extra certification costs, they will be onto a winner.

  66. Make a phone like the razr maxx, 3300 mah in a normal shell, nothing super thin but better than the average phone with ext battery. Tbh Dual core is enough for most applications today but quad core would be nice, Snapdragon s4 looks like its gonna be crazy. Non pentile displays, the standard 1 gig of ram is fine aslong as manufacturers keep their skins to slim em down. And a decent design, all the phones out today look like complete turds. Especially LG, they shouldn’t be allowed to even make smartphones anymore after what they’ve been releasing

  67. I would have voted for  nicer breasts, but it was not an option. 

  68. *1 octapixel cam(look it up)
    *octacore(yes 8 cores!!)*NASA STATUS
    *breath analyzer(people do drink)
    *88000mah battery(or a car battery)
    *15″ subs under phone(4 is ok)
    *780000×58000 resolution (old school)
    *22kt pure gold attenna

  69. a xenon flash to actually be able to take pics at night

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