HTC Sensation gets Android 4.0 port from HTC Endeavor


HTC Sensation owners are patiently waiting for their turn to receive an Android 4.0 update. But many of you have probably resorted to rooting and installing custom ROMs. If that is the case, we have good news for you. HTC’s Ice Cream Sandwich ports have started coming. And today’s turn goes to the HTC Sensation, coming from the unannounced HTC Endeavor (recently known as the HTC One X).

There are some Android 4.0 ROMs available for the HTC Sensation, but many of you may prefer using software coming from another HTC device. The port comes with the newest iteration of HTC Sense (4.0), and is surprisingly functional for being released so early.

It could even be used as a daily driver for many of you, but the port is not completely functional. Working features include mobile network connectivity, data, sms, WiFi, HWA, sound and GPS. But if you need to be able to use bluetooth, camera and video playback (Youtube included), you will be left out of luck. The team is still working on those, though. It might be worth waiting if you are not ready to flash this bad boy.

And for the usual disclaimer; please remember that rooting and installing custom ROMs may void your warranty, and there is a risk of “bricking” your device. Do make your research and reading before going through with this, as the responsibility will fall solely under your hands.

With that out of the way, head over to RootsWiki if you want to check out this port. What do you guys say? Are you going for this one?

[Source: Roots Wiki Via: Android Community]

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  1. I’ll just wait. No bluetooth, no camera, no video, no way.

  2. Looks like TripNRaver flipped out and pulled it already.  What a spaz

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