ITC dismisses HTC’s patent infringement claim against Apple


Looks like HTC’s decision to buy S3 Graphics for $300 million may not have been just a good plan after all. In the midst of all the patent troubles faced by all Android handset manufacturers, HTC shelled out money to buy S3 Graphics in a bid to use their patents against Apple.

The deal was already under scrutiny when the ITC first ruled Apple did not infringe on any patents last November. And now, HTC’s appeal has been turned down, too. HTC may still take the case further, though it seems like it would probably be a waste of resources considering their case seems weak after the two defeats.

Reading about all this just got me thinking: You know how screwed up the mobile industry patent situation is when you have FOSS Patents in your RSS feeds.

[via FOSS Patents]

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. Everyone knows the judge in this case always will side with apple, especially since he has an iphone 4. I have no idea why htc wont request a different judge.

    1. lets be honest….do you REALLY think a high paid judge is a smartphone fanboy of any kind?

      1. Well seeing how he owns also an ipad and a two macbooks I’d say its fair to say he is biased. Then again I guess you could be right since he didnt buy the iphone 4s on release date and is still sporting a iphone4.

      2. And why not?  Why is it so far fetched to think a person on any level wouldn’t be biased towards one tech over the other?

  2. Not to mention his Iphone was most likely free…. And perhaps his house and car?   Just saying the court system is about as corrupt as Apple themselves. 

  3. Ya the patent system needs an upgrade, and judges should stop favoring one company over another! Also depending on where you file a case the outcome will be different, there should be one regulatory body, similar to the UN, just drop a building right next to it in neutral Switzerland and every case should be handled the same way kinda like a McDonaldization of the patent system. McPatent anyone?

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