Android mini figurines now available at several retailers


If you have had a hard time getting your hands on the limited edition Android figurines that make an appearance from time to time, you will want to head out to the nearest Urban Outfitters, Barnes & Noble, or FYE as soon as possible. A non-limited edition run of Android characters have gone on sale. You can find ‘Droids painted up as a bear, a businessman, or even the abominable snowman all for $10 each. Even though the plan is to produce more than one run of these little guys, these will likely be flying off shelves. Grab one (or several) soon before they become harder to find than the Yeti himself.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. i am so gonna try to get one of these. <3

    nothing beats my android cookie jar tho :P

    1. You could always fill that jar with Android collectibles O_o

  2. Going to hit up Urban Outfitters today!!! Gotta score that Yeti :D

  3. I’m lovin CozyBot – shame iphones explode when they get near him! https://shop.androidacademy.com

  4. just took a ride down to UO – Picked up all 6 :-)

  5. I have a blue Android doll my girlfriend got me for Xmas!

  6. Damn, how about us european Android fans. We never can get any… are there any available online? Can’t seem to find anything on the aforementioned retailer’s websites

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