The limited edition Droid RAZR you can never have


Verizon employees are being given the opportunity to own a smartphone that most will never get their hands on, a limited edition Motorola Droid RAZR. The phone not only comes in an exclusive red and black deco and a free dock, but it is being offered for only $99. Verizon is also providing employees with the chance to purchase a limited edition 32GB Droid RAZR MAXX  for $199. Both special handsets come engraved with “Limited Edition” and a number designation. We’re sure a few will become available via sites such as eBay and Craigslist, but the savings most certainly won’t be passed along to the common man. Anyone out there going to try to track one of these down?

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  1. Meh a phone is a phone.

  2. Pretty sure (no…I’m positive) that without ICS, I’m not even remotely interested.

  3. ok, work with me guys…. the same back for the galaxy nexus except using the holo blue color in ICS.

    let’s do it

  4. I don’t see how a limited edition phone is in anyway collectible,  but I am sure there will be someone that will want one.


  5. red Kevlar on a razr maxx? i’m drooling here, and i don’t even LIKE moto phones!

    1. Agreed!  I’m tracking down a Verizon employee just to take this deal from them if they won’t buy it for their own self.

  6. just what we need more Verizon branding… PASS –>

  7. Doesn’t seem all that special.

  8. I don’t think they will end up on ebay or craigslist because I am sure Motorola will make them sign an agreement that that are not allowed to sell the handset and they must only be active on the reps account.

  9. Are the black screen splotches red too?  Can’t believe how ALL IN Verizon is with the Razr line…

  10. Need to get rid of my D1 , so I just got out my one hair brush and painted “Limited Edition” on it , $500 for the first sucker , oops I mean buyer .

    1. Scamming isn’t funny

      1. Really Jason Farrell , lighten up bro !
        It is not scamming when you admit the truth .
        And I am not really going to sell the D1 , well except to you maybe . ROFL !
        Oh and isn’t VZW scamming with this ? Just asking !

        1. Scamming may not be funny but trolling is. 

          *HINT* ;]

          1.  Not a troll , but what you just did was trolling .


            AM entilted to my opinion , an opinion is not trolling . But calling someone a troll is by its very definition trolling .


  11. Chuck Norris already has one.

    1. chuck norris had one when the razr v3 was out

  12. Why does it seem they’re announcing a new RAZR version every few weeks…?

  13. Fingers crossed i can get someone i know to buy me one.

  14. Yet another version of the Razr.  They should have just released the Maxx version only, all these variants are too much.

  15. Would love to try out the MAXX just out of curiousity…  Either way an extra phone wouldn’t hurt in any situation, just in case something happens to ur main one.

  16. This phone can only be activated on an VZW epp account…just so you know before trying to bid on one later. =D

  17. Looks awesome

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