Feb 14th, 2012 publishUpdated   Sep 10th, 2021, 4:40 pm

There is a new speech recognition app in development for Android called Utter!, a project that we are getting our first look at courtesy of a video posted by its developer. Utter! promises to be unlike any speech recognition software before by combining voice commands with the applications installed on a users device. Other solutions such as Siri on the iPhone and Speaktoit and Voice Actions on Android often digest queries such as weather and calculations internally and then bounce back an answer. Utter! allows users to route queries to various apps such as a train timetable app or calculator and pulls results from these services.

Even crazier, Utter! can do thing you may have never imagined (it is developed by an XDA member, after all). The app can perform a host of tasks such as checking a device’s battery level and rebooting into the phone’s bootloader. It can even hold a basic back-and-forth conversation. You can see it put through the paces in the 22-minute video above, but Utter! isn’t available to users just yet. Google supposedly has their own interactive voice recognition software in the works, but we’d be more than happy to use this one in the meantime.

[via YouTube | Thanks, Mimsyborogove923!]