Utter! takes Android speech recognition to new levels


There is a new speech recognition app in development for Android called Utter!, a project that we are getting our first look at courtesy of a video posted by its developer. Utter! promises to be unlike any speech recognition software before by combining voice commands with the applications installed on a users device. Other solutions such as Siri on the iPhone and Speaktoit and Voice Actions on Android often digest queries such as weather and calculations internally and then bounce back an answer. Utter! allows users to route queries to various apps such as a train timetable app or calculator and pulls results from these services.

Even crazier, Utter! can do thing you may have never imagined (it is developed by an XDA member, after all). The app can perform a host of tasks such as checking a device’s battery level and rebooting into the phone’s bootloader. It can even hold a basic back-and-forth conversation. You can see it put through the paces in the 22-minute video above, but Utter! isn’t available to users just yet. Google supposedly has their own interactive voice recognition software in the works, but we’d be more than happy to use this one in the meantime.

[via YouTube | Thanks, Mimsyborogove923!]

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  1. Make me a breakfast burrito and a cup of coffee.

    1. I am sorry. I cannot do both. 

      You must choose one or the other.

      Would you rather be a breakfast burrito or a cup of coffee?

      1. You, sir, have won the internet for a day.

  2. This is pretty impressive.

  3. Looks awesome, hope to try this out soon. Any word on when the release date actually will be?

  4. Is there and XDA thread?  Id love to watch the progress.  Im curious about how much data it uses.

  5. This is seriously impressive.

  6. Apple released siri and now everyone follow haha

    1. *Asian accent* You make funny joke hahaha you funny man!


      1. Apple bought back video call, boom! Android follow. Ipad? Boom android follow. HD record? Boom android follow.

        1. Lol, Apple hardly pioneered any of that. Please look further than a few years ago.

          1. My first android phone is the HTC DROID, if I remembered correctly, gingerbread was the first os got it.

          2. Your memory fails you almost as bad as your English.

          3. @tim242:disqus 

            i am sorry that i wasnt born and rise in America. 

        2. How blind are you? Android had HD video recording and video chats long before iOS did.

        3. And microsoft did all that before apple so whats your point?

          1. Did Microsoft turn it into a trend? Did it become popular? What apple did was turn those “old” tech and bring it to the world. It’s not about first or last. It’s about success or failure. Back then, tablet suck, but apple revive it and android follow. Same as video call and hd record.

          2. Face time is seen as the iphone’s biggest fail. Nobody uses it. HD recording trendy? You are funny.

          3. @tim242:disqus 
            are you saying my friends are nobody? 
            if it not trendy, how come gingerbread start to offer HD record?

          4. Psst. You may have missed it, but HD recording was available on Android 2.2.

          5. you have a warped sense of reality.  You should really go back and check facts and quit pretending you’re not here to troll.

        4. both firsts for android… i had a front facing camera on my phone before apple did… AND apple has yet to make it useful… facetime only with iOS devices??? okay, sure close yourself off again, i’d rather skype with everyone regardless of what platform they own

        5.  You funny Dawkta Jones…   No time for hanky panky.

        6. The HTC EVO had the first front cam. acetime never took off on the iPhone. It is wifi only. Android phones have had video recording from the beginning. The first two iPhones didn’t even record video…and had no MMS. Android has had many firsts over apple.

          1. I was talking about HD… not low quality video record. even my nokia 3650 can record video. 

          2. Android was first to HD as well. Shut up already.

          3. @tim242:disqus 
            i am not supporting apple or android, im just saying when apple release some “old” tech and android follow. look at tablet. 

            if you dont believe me, just wait for iphone 5, there will be some “new innovation” in it and every other mobile OS will try to follow or have it in their os. 

          4. Apple takes other ideas and enhances them. Google Voice has been on Android since the start. Apple just got their first voice recognition with the Iphone 4S with Siri. They just took Google Voice and beefed it up! Also, there are a lot of things that Apple takes from other companies ideas and specs both hardware and software. That is like the Evo 4G had a large screen and now the Iphone 5 is supposed to have a large screen. . I am almost willing to bet that IOS will include a face unlock within the future. Who started that first? Make sure that you get all your facts in order before trying to make a pointless point. Now with all of that said just because one company takes ideas or objects from another company and makes their own item with a spin off of it does not make either of them better because both companies do it as well.

          5. “New innovation” eh? You mean like the Notification Center in iOS 5 that Android has had since the beginning? 

            Or maybe they’ll finally up the screen size! Oh wait, Android has had larger screens for a while too. Maybe 1 GB of RAM? Nope, Android already had that. NFC? Android beats Apple to the punch again. 

            There really isn’t much that Apple can add that Android hasn’t already done.

          6. so then what was your point other than trolling here?

        7. Thank God. You didnt tell Apple Created iPhone and boom!!(The Big Bang..) and this is how our universe created.

    2. Apple fanjob…Y U here on Android Site??  Y U NO on phapple??

      1. I use samsung Galaxy nexus. How can I be apple fanboy? Beside, up until this point, I still haven’t find anything on my sgn that can’t beat my friend’s iphone 4s.

        1. you beat your friend’s what?  Are you jonsing for what’s in his skinny jeans’ pocket?  (the silly 4s with features stolen from Android phones and OS)

          1. whats wrong wearing skinny jeans? whats wrong following the current trend and fashion? i wear skinny jeans and use galaxy nexus. you got a problem with that? come to my college UMass boston and you will be surprised on how Asian dress. 

          2. What’s wrong with skinny jeans??? How can you say that with a straight face?

          3. @barry99705:disqus 

            I dont see what is wrong with skinn jeans. im not american, i am skinny and light weight, so, it fits me. 

    3. Id argue google released voice search and apple followed with siri a slight upgrade on the functionality available in google’s voice search on android

    4. hmmm I’ve been using voice commands to look things up on bing maps when it was still microsoft live….before there was a iphone…before there was an entire category call smartphones. I only give apple the credit of being the first one to market it so that those who don’t know better believes apple was first. Something apple is very good at doing.

    5. Riiiiight, so you have yet to hear of “Dragon Naturally Speaking” or “IBM ViaVoice” from the 90s?

      People have been developing voice recognition for many years, but there have been MANY obsticles to overcome, several still exist, but this looks like yet another step forward!

      Good Job XDA Dude and Co.

    6. Wrong. Apple bought Siri. It was already available for all iOS devices long before Apple got their greedy hands on it and limited it to only their newest iDevice.

      Why you ask? To force their loyal stock to have to upgrade, of course.

      1. You gotta feed the sheep or they wander off to greener pastures.

  7. Still pretty slow…

    1. As are you…

      Watch the video and he says he slowed it down intentionally for demonstration purposes.

      1. haha, nice flame.  Hope you feel better about yourself now :)

        1. lol @ trolls
          man he SO flamed you

          anyway, yes, if you actually watch the video and pay attention he says MANY times, he slowed it down to improve accuracy for the video

          1. Yeah, it was kind of a long video and I’m at work so I didn’t see that till after I posted.  That’s why I made fun of the flame, not the comment.

            It does look like a very promising app, I look forward to trying it out when it’s released.

  8. Just don’t ask Utter if he wants to take Siri out to dinner!  

  9. Love the Siri jab…I can here the iFans now, copy, copy, copy. Know what, I really don’t care. As long as I get cool toys on my devices that are an improvement on another technology, then I win! Great job to whoever worked on Utter!

  10. I hope they make it as a required update to Voice Search on the Android. This has been 1 of 2 of my fall outs with the Android phone. Out of all three smartphone brands, Android has the worst Voice Search service right now.

    1. Steve Wozniack, Apple co-founder begs to differ. The Woz says that Android Voice Actions is much better than Siri.

      1. and yet, he still recommended the iPhone.

        1. Yeah…to non tech smart people lol. There’s a reason the iPhone is known as the smartphone for dumb people.

          1. iphone is easy to use. right out of the box, insert sim card, and you are done. you can start to enjoy the speedy phone right out of the box.

            on the other hand, android require tweaking here and there. rooting, rom changing, kernel changing, all other kind of tweaking just to making it run faster and “smoother”. 

            iphone doesnt require that. even apps run faster on 4s than my galaxy nexus. i compared my facebook app with my friend’s 4s. he using tmobile Edge and im using 4g. the app’s loading speed beat mine by 5~8 seconds.  

            you said “to non tech people”, does that mean we are the nerds? since android require “computer knowledge”. 

            as of right now, i feel like 4s is like a BMW and my Galaxy Nexus is just a Honda. at best, it can go up to Si level. 

          2. You are full of $hit. I don’t believe for one second that you even own a Galaxy Nexus. It runs circles around the 4S. Nobody has to root and rom Android phones. Only a small number of people do that, yet 53% of smartphone owners have Android. I didn’t say tech smart people should buy Android, the woz did. That doesn’t mean nerds and tweakers, that means people that want computer functionality on their phone. Try downloading files from an iPhone browser. Try attaching files to emails, other than pics. Try managing files on man iPhone. The Nexus has a 4.7″ HD screen, dual core, LTE, NFC, and ICS. That kicks the iphone’s a$$. Enjoy your iPhone.

          3. @tim242:disqus 
            my SGN run 1.35 OC with ARHD and softkey mod.I used to own a HTC Droid, running CM7.1. Without cm7, my Dinc is trash of the trash. I work with my friend and everyday his 4s battery beat the hell out of my SGN. charge twice at work each day.

          4. Maybe you have your screen brightness turned up too high. Maybe you use your phone more. But, I assure you that the 4Sis experiencing horrible battery life. Google it. If you really have a Nexus, you have a far superior phone. Embrace its power. You were bragging about iPhone and HD recording. You need to be bragging about your HD screen. The Nexus has the most beautiful screen ever to grace a phone. As far as iPhone naming…when they name by version number, they go in order. There was no iPhone 2, or 3. The second iPhone was named iPhone 3G, for 3G data. The third iPhone was the 3GS for 3G data, plus faster processor. The 4th iPhone was the iPhone 4, because it was the 4th iPhone. The 5th iPhone was the 4S, faster processor. The next iPhone is #6. There’d be no reason to call it the 5th.

          5. phones don’t require you to root or tweak.  They all work out of the box.  Users decide what they want to tweak and if they want to.   There is a larger percentage of smart phone users would don’t even know what ‘root’ is, let alone worry about doing anything to their phone other than changing their ring tone and background picture.  FACT.   quit trolling.

          6. So I’ve lost count of how many times you’ve stated Android *requires* this..or that…

            …which is all complete and utter bullshit…

            So yeah…you can say you’re not an Apple fanboy all you want, while continuing to lie in order to make Android look worse the entire time.

            One has to wonder what the point is.  If you like Apple so much better…use it and move along.  This isn’t a test.  You aren’t being graded.  You don’t *have* to like Android.

            …just quit with the lies already.  It’s pathetic.

          7.  Ummm..ok .NOT. Apple is for dummy’s and it doesnt run smooth all the time just like any other technological device ever created. Everything has flaws including your “Precious!” As a matter of fact the only reason why anything would run smoother on a i-phone is the fact that Android uses widgets and iphone does not. PERIOD. If you want a blank template filled with shortcuts to apps get your iphone…i prefer Android with its widgets and the rest of its glory…My prime whips the shit out of an ipad for good reason with all its widgets included.

          8. in case you miss it, here is my SGN

          9. Again, you are full of $hit. The iPhone 4 and 4S has horrible battery life, thanks to iOS 5. I should know, I work at at&t. By the way, the next iPhone is 6, not 5. If you’ve had Android phones before and think iPhone is better…why didn’t you buy am iPhone? Stop being a stupid troll. You suck at it.

          10. @tim242:disqus 

            than how come my friend’s 4s beating my SGN? can you explain that? can you provide me with information why it called 6?

            i can say i work in a Verizon store in Downtown Boston. 

          11. photoshopped.. look at the screen as well as the sticky note.

          12. @openid-119688:disqus 
            haha im skillful at photoshop. any way, if u want to talk, msg my XDA account.


        2. You have a comprehension problem.

  11. do we seriously need to copy that gimmick siri ? 
    just leave that crappy speech crap to apple.
    my friend got an iphone 4s and never used siri not once 
    he thinks its shit. 

    1. How could he say it’s shit if he never used it once? 

      1. ^ LOLllllllll

      2. How could he say it’s shit if he never used it once?

        Teh internetz:  U New here?

    2. People know it as a feature now and they want it.  The idea of being able to have your phone do a task without you having to learn how to do it, has the older generation all aflutter.  Of course, we know that’s not how it works, but the closer we get to it, the closer we are to reaching out to a whole new demographic.

  12. Utterly phenomenal…would use it ’til the cows came home.

    1.  The puns, they are a-flowin’…..

    2. You sure milked that one for all it was worth.

  13. Can you say Siri , siriously outdone .

  14. When do they star working on Utter version T-100?

  15. I’ve got an app out already that will actually let the developers enable their apps to be recognized by voice, so anyone can do this right now.


  17. Utter, can you ban the troll:  

  18. Apple custom-fit iOS for its own device with emphasis on UI thus giving users a pleasant experience.  Android is more ambitious. It is intended to be on as many device as possible, thus Android architecture has to be device independent. The way I see is as Android OS keeps improved and hardware specs improve, the performance of Android device will be on par or surpass that of iOS device. 

    People use “lag” as a comparision between iOS and Android. As Apple hardware get faster, it still has no lag anyway. But as Android improve, “lag” is not an issue anymore. Then Android will beat iOS on features and flexibility

  19. Can’t watch this video on Chrome Beta…who says we don’t need flash anymore?

  20. Prepare yourself sir, for all the money and bitches…. google is about to throw at you.

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