The Sims: FreePlay Coming to Android [Video]


It looks like EA is set to come out with another Android title soon. They have announced that The Sims: FreePlay is soon coming to Android. The once iOS exclusive title is your run of the mill Sims game, except it’s free to download and play for everyone. It’s a pretty good Sims game and while it’s a bit gimped compared to the PC version, you can’t complain about what you do get for a mobile game.

EA expects to have the game in the Android market by the end of this short month so the wait shouldn’t be too long for some of you to begin spending your virtual Simoleons for virtual goods.

You’ll be able to care for up to 16 Sims, create and furnish their homes, take care of pets, grow a garden, chase your aspirations and more. Needless to say, we’re pretty excited to see this on its way to Android. Take a look at the quick trailer above. [via Android & Me]

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  1. WTB multiplayer

  2. is it mulitiplayer? ?

  3. Total waste if its not MMO

  4. It’s about time. Sims is a great game!

  5. Micro Pay game? as in EA makes money by having users by in-game enhancements?

  6. This is it! I so love this game and this is the only computer game I played. Nice to know that it is also applicable in iPad.

  7. I want this to come on my Acer Iconia Tab A100 Honeycom 3.?.? Android please ty

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