New HTC Studio Division for Hero Device Philosophy Formed


Just a day after HTC admitted that their 2011 portfolio was uninspiring and below the standard that they’d like to meet, it looks like they will be creating a new division to help streamline their processes for 2012.

Namely, HTC has created a Studio division which will report directly to Peter Chou, their CEO. This division will overlook the new Hero Devices philosophy of creating consumer-desired devices.

HTC says they’re willing to go in any direction to help keep their products fresh and clean. Aside from drastically reducing the amount of devices they come out with (there are a ton), they’ll also consider breaking away from their commitments to certain component providers, such as the longstanding relationship they have had with Qualcomm.

That’s not to say that the Taiwanese company will stop using Qualcomm, but it won’t be their only choice for powering devices as it has been in the past.

Qualcomm was notably late to the dual-core game and everyone else is already falling behind NVIDIA in the quad-core department. HTC doesn’t want to be crippled by their partners’ inability to catch up so they’ll broaden their horizon as they see fit for each device produced.

More than the chipset, HTC especially wants to focus on build quality and battery life of their phones, as well as improve the user experience as a whole. As they see Samsung capturing the market like no other has they realize 2012 is a time for drastic change.

We’ll be excited to see what will come of all this, though it isn’t clear when they’ll start designing devices with this new approach in mind. We could see something as early as Mobile World Congress this month but we won’t hold our breath. [via SlashGear]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. HTC has gone down hill since the Touch Pro2. They also need better customer service. My Touch Pro2 literally died one day after my warranty expired. I called and they would do nothing for me so I swore off HTC. A couple of years later when I switched from Verizon to AT&T I thought I would give them a shot and try the Inspire 4G. What a mistake. Went through 3 of them with all having the same issue of the screen peeling up from the bottom right corner. After the 3rd I called to see if I can get a replacement directly from them thinking it would be better and that the store I got it from maybe just got a bad batch. Once again they would not help me out and referred me to the store where I made my purchase.

    I will never get another HTC phone again. I moved over to Samsung and if Motorola ever unlocks their bootloaders I will be back to them.

    Kind of a shame. All I used in the past were HTC phones. From the 8125, TyTN, TyTN II, Touch Pro, Touch Pro2 with a few other models in between. They use to make one of the best phones but then decided to put their money into marketing and the rest of them went down the crapper.

    By some strange chance, I hope the customer service rep that helped me the last time I called runs across this post. After the pompous attitude I got I told them that HTC will be on the slide within a year and he basically laughed at me.

    I actually have a brand new TyTN II still sealed in box. I loved that phone so much and ran across a good deal on it a couple of years back and picked it up. This is the type of product that HTC needs again. It was such a bad ass phone back in its day.

  2. A stock Android “Hero” device would probably help a lil bit.  Not everyone likes that damn Sense.

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        1. You’re both bastards. :)

          “You can not be AndroidUser1 but you could be 1 AndroidUser.”

          “you think you are cool? i do.”

          “Yes, I am aware that I am cool.”

  4. I love my htc amaze, it would be nice to see them show a little support to all the devices they released last year with updates to ICS.

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    1. RE: “I think this should be done in every post today. I am looking forward to a more proper htc this year.”

      What’s with the ASCII to binary wasteoftime? Is it binary day or something?

      FYI all:

  6. I think htc started off 2011 decently as far as design goes. I think they still make beautiful phones. While their starting to realize that Qualcomm isn’t the only ride out there, maybe they should also look at their screen supplier and think about changing things up, like stop using horrible lcd screens. I bought an amaze to use on att because of its beautiful design but was highly disappointed as soon as I turned it on and saw the screen bleed from the capacitive buttons and it’s horrible viewing angles. I had a vivid at the same time and it’s screen was beautiful so maybe they started changing screen tech already. I’d love to see the use a super amoled plus qhd or hd screen, or possibly an ips HD screen.
    I really hope to see them succeed, I’d love to have a great htc device on att. The inspire was lackluster at best, while the vivid was nice but just too heavy an oddly shaped. It would be nice to see htc build the next nexus, a bigger version of the original, track ball and all with a brilliant HD screen quad core, jelly bean 5.0 and available on all major U.S. carriers to start.
    Come on htc, show me how amazing you can be. I know you have it in you, I’ve seen it in the past and have seen recent flashes of it here and there.

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