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Phandroid Logo: To Change or Not To Change? [POLL]


Way back in November, we held a $1,000 logo contest. As you’ve probably noticed, our logo hasn’t changed although we did announce a winner. So… what gives?

We’ve grown a bit attached to our current logo, but since we’re eager to print up some T-Shirts, it’s time to make an ultimate decision. With your help, we’re hoping we can decide what direction to go. So we pose the question to you: which logo should we use?

[polldaddy poll=5903312]

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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  1. The grin is on the wrong side on the new one. 

    1. In comparison it is on the wrong side but the new one is actually more realistic as to what someones face would do… itis more natural for ones face to perk up on the side of the wink.

      1. Maybe natural for a human, but not for our new android overlords!  The old one has charm, the new one is just trying to slip a roofie in your drink and bring you home.

        1. LMFAO

        2.  Love the comment!!! I get the same feel when looking at it.

        3. LMFAO +1

    2. The grin was on the wrong side to begin with.

  2. I don’t really like the leaning in and winking on the new logo but the lettering is better.

    1. ya lettering is much better

      1. The font of the new logo is nicer but the text “#1 Android Source” feels a bit arrogant and self congratulatory to me. I like the old “Android Phone Fans” much better. 

        1. Very true. Agree 100%

    2. Combine the Droid and color from old logo with text from new.

  3. Keep the old one.

  4. The old logo is better although the Simpsons like arms are too cartoonish imo. I’d like it better without.
    Also, I don’t like the fact that the new logo has the smile on the same side as the wink. Yes that is the normal way it is done but I have grown to love that the old android logo is “special”.

    The new logo font is too Star Wars for me.

  5. I like the new logo, change is good sometimes when done correctly.

  6. Not to change. Maybe add some green

  7. That new one is damn sexy.  Have you thought about using the Roboto font for the text that says “#1 Android Source”

    1. Yeah, the new one is nice, but the roboto font would be far better.

  8. The android should not have hands (as on the old one) or elbows (as on the new one) Both are junk.  Have another contest.

  9. I’m torn, but the new logo is pretty good looking.

  10. The new logo looks too smirky.  Maybe it’s the shorter antennas.  Seems like he would troll bars looking for really drunk girls to take advantage of.  His wink says “I’ve done things that are illegal in most states.”

    1. To continue about the new logo’s androids personality, he appears to me like the kind of person/droid that you shouldn’t trust. The whole logo in general, doesn’t really give of that “great communnity”-vibe that I get with the old logo. The new one looks very static, old fashioned and boring. Especially boring…like most non-interesting companies’ logos.

      While the old one isn’t AWESOME, I do think it is much better than the new one.

      1. I agree. The old one could use some polish, but not at the expense of having a sleazy looking character as the site’s logo. Also, as RedPandaAlex pointed out, the lettering is better on the new logo, but.. I really don’t like the leaning. Lastly, if you do stick with the old logo, you should probably fix the winking eye so that it’s on the same side as the smile.

  11. Old Logo is much better!

  12. Why not modify your site to let the user choose which theme to use, then have themes for each? it’s not hard to code the site for that. But I do like the new logo, it tells the user “relax, you’re in good hands”

    1. “Like a good neighbor, Phandroid is there!”

  13. New

  14. The new one looks like a child molester

    1. It’s true, he’s not allowed within 500 yards of a school.

  15. I vote for the old one.

  16. Keep em both… Two diffrent designs … Two diffrent styles of tee shirt…. People like choices and both logo’s r Kool

  17. The Android in the New logo looks………
    Mmmm, how can I say this in a PC way?
    Rainbow Like…..

    Ya get the picture?

    Keep the old logo.

  18. The new logo reminds me of Joey Tribbiani saying “How you doin’ ?”

  19. I like the new one best. Make the change!

  20. Old:)

  21. While I voted for keep the original, I’m having second thoughts…the lettering is very cool on the new one and overall is probably an improvement….but I still like the old logo…

  22. i like old logo.. cuz it’s look better than new logo…

  23. I like the font from the new logo and the Android and the color-fade from the old (ehem…”Classic”) logo. Maybe do a mashup?

  24. Change both…

  25. The new logo seems like its trying to hit on me

  26. The new logo looks like that douchey co-worker who spouts cliches in the hall. “Double snaps to YOU buddy!” “Let’s get it on like Donkey Kong!” “I’m gonna rock out with my C___ out!” You know… THAT guy. Or the Buddy Christ… Either way is annoying. 

  27. I don’t like either one.

  28. It feels like that new one is trying to hit on me…. :-(

  29. Keep the old(!) and have another contest to simply spruce up the current logo.
    The New logo bot is smaller and doesn’t pop as much, and his smile is less… genuine looking somehow, and more dickishly evil. Also, don’t like the biceps. More meh.

    The old logo should take the lettering and color scheme from the new, but keep the droid mostly as-is. Just fix his arms and profile a bit (and his reversed eye-smirk)

  30. I followed the contest and think there were much better options than the one that “won”…

  31. The lettering is much better but don’t like either robot.

  32. I like how the old one embraces android. It almost looks like a little kid that is embracing his Christmas present. I think this is fairly representative of the folks that frequent the site. I would stick with the old one. 

  33. New. Fosho

  34. Don’t change or come up with a better alternative

  35. I like the clean solid color. The gradient logo makes it look like a high schooler in computer class using photoshop made it.

  36. @RobJackson your site covers much more than phones…i like the new logo and also the new slogan…it really represents what you feature…anything android!  

  37. Old logo, the new one looks a lot like the android central logo with him leaning on his elbow

  38. Just combine the two…put the new font on the old one, nix the gradient look, then you got a winner!

  39. The angle/shape of the open eye on your current offering is what’s lending the sinister look. Both seem a bit busy.

    The P letterform is a bit more minimal.

  40. I like the lettering in the new logo, but as a lot of other people mentioned, why the “leaning across the bar”? He does look like a greasy scumbag trying to hit on you, sell you drugs, sell you a Chinese Rolex, or get you into the porn industry. While I also thought that the wink on the wrong side in the original logo did make him look like a bit like one of God’s special little creatures, at least I didn’t feel like I needed a shower after looking at him.
     Also, I would find a medium between the original’s insect-like long antennae and the new logo’s nub-antennae.

  41. Can you really claim “#1 Android Source”? #1 according to what? Self-proclaimed? Most web traffic? Most social-shares? Most comments? Rated #1 by a disconnected, third-party reviewer?

    I love, but I hate when any company self-proclaims to be #1.

    1. Rated by people who have been on other Android sites like me. I have been reading Phandroid since 2008 and no other Android website is better. 

      1. That’s great, and I think I agree. But where is the list that says Phandroid is #1? Ask the readers of those other sites and they’ll probably say their site is #1.

  42. PLEASE do not change the logo.  The new one looks like crap.  Only one shade doesn’t make it pop at all.  “Phandroid” stands out way more in the old logo.  You could change the “android phone fans” part, but please keep it the same.  The new android just looks creepy.

  43. I never liked the old logo, even before the contest.  The new one is better, but still not great.

  44. I’m honestly really disappointed with the new design, i vote no 100x i think you have a very solid logo right now as is and not sure why you want to change it so badly but if you must please change to something that is an improvement.

  45. New one is awesome. Change is good. Love the #1 thing.

  46. I like the old logo, but I like the new slogan

  47. New one!

  48. Start using the new logo, but go ahead and print up a new batch of t-shirts with the “Retro” logo.

    *On a side note* the new logo looks like he’s about to get that infamous android “first date” on.

  49. The new ones lettering and sharp color looks better.

  50. I say use the old logo do not change the wording at all, however use the new logos font I think that it looks a lot more professional! 

  51. I like the new 1 but I voted that they both suck

    1. LOL thanks for the helpful response

      1. hahaha well you guys shouldnt have put that one as an option! 
        Too many smartasses here! 

  52. If you’d let go of the wink & smirk, you might have a chance at a much better logo.

  53. a logo change is always hard to do, on one hand you have a logo that we all know and recognize but on the other hand new design trends and keeping up with the rest of the web are always there so change is often needed. I like the clean look of the new one and say go for it. the naysayers will fall in line eventually and before we know it it’s always looked the way it does. ;)

  54. Between the two… the old one, but I know you can do better than that ;-)

  55. Change is always a good thing.

  56. I voted for the new logo, but frankly I sorta prefer the old one with the exception of its “shiny-ness”, it makes it look a little dated, web 2.0-ish. Maybe a version of the old logo but with a matte finish on it? (yes, I realize that it’s likely a little late for that kind of change, but still)

  57. The new logo is not good. Please don’t use it. I might have to switch information sources.  I don’t shop places where I don’t like their ads… I do the same with User Interface.

  58. I voted for the new logo, but frankly I sorta prefer the old one with
    the exception of its “shiny-ness”, it makes it look a little dated, web
    2.0-ish. Maybe a version of the old logo but a matte finish on it? 

  59. I like them both. Is it possible for them to Co-exist? Can’t we all just get along?

  60. Logo is meaningless.  The content of your site is what makes it shine.  Now a hot naked chick would suit me just fine ; )

  61. New logo – hands down

  62. Come up with 3 more and redo the contest. Maybe users can submit some also and we all vote out of your top 5 favorite ones?

  63. The first one is more inviting . Just make it green

  64. I’ve never liked the Phandroid logo, and the “new” one looks a bit too similar.

  65. I like the new logo

  66. I would have to agree with mixing both logos to make one. If the original and the smirking child molester logos got together and had a baby, that baby would be the perfect logo :-)

  67. Keep the old one.

  68. Is the new one trying to sell me a used car? Maybe he just made a misogynistic crack and now he’s saying, “Know what I mean, Brah?”

  69. How in the world did that one win? There were at least 5-10 solid entries into that contest that looked a lot better than this one.

    My initial complaint with the contest was that the criteria yo guys laid out (must be blue, must be winking, must be smiling) was going to lead to a replica of your existing logo, and… that’s exactly what you got. So, you’re asking us to choose between the original logo and a slightly more boring version of the same logo.
    Imo, though, the original executes the concept better. 

  70. New

  71. Keep the old logo but ditch “android phone fans” with the wording from the new logo “#1 android source”…

    The new logo character is the android version of PEDO-BEAR… yikes!

  72. new one looks like the Nokia logo

  73. I like a mix of them both: Old robot, old phandroid font logo, new #1 android source.

  74. Keep the old Logo, it works! Why mess with what works?

    The internet “works” and you have the Government trying to change that… Don’t be like the Government.

  75. I like the new logo way better

  76. Change to the new!!

  77. How about update/fix your app before concentrating efforts on idiotic crap like the logo.

    And my 2 cents on the new one: looks gay!

  78. Do not change please. New one is kinda lame.

  79. I really like the new font, don’t care for the robot leaning on his arm, I would also remove “#1” and just have “Android source” in the sublime.

  80. Take the ‘MALWARE DROID” pictured from the PHANDROID NEWS ARTICLE 05/31/2011,dye it blue & go w/the new font/slogan.

  81. To make it more human the grin should be on the same side as the closed eye, because most humans can’t grin on one side and close an eye on the other one, unless they have their face muscles cut apart or grown unnaturally (maybe Jim Carry can).
    The old logo ensures more trust and community. Both of them should remove the antenna, the new one looks like he has devil horns, but if that’s the theme you want to go with then go for it. I honestly doubt it will change much for existing members, but the new one will definitely recruit fewer new members.

  82. The new one but the comments about how it looks like a guy trying to sell you a used car is hilarious!!! It looks more future proof but the old one looks like it was done more professionally …. hard choice ….but I would take the new one by a hair …..

  83. Make it the same shade of blue and its fine. Its too dark on the new one other than that its fine.

  84. maybe just remove the leaning against the bar, like this..

  85. Love it!  I’ve always disliked the old one the antenna are to curly and fade makes it look dated.  The new one rocks!

  86. New one reminds me of Nokia

  87. Old one is the best!

  88. Keep the old picture , change the header to the new !

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