Nov 9th, 2011

Phandroid was the world’s first Android-focused news source and we’ve been embracing our blue buddy for several years now. Phandroid has grown incredibly alongside Android and we’ve seen a boat load of improvements and new features along the way. Over the holiday season you’re going to notice a strong focus on reader/member appreciation, so stay tuned for awesomeness, but we’re also re-committing ourselves to make this place as perfect for our followers as possible.

And that’s starting now. With our logo. Winner takes $1,000!

Our contest is hosted at so we can streamline the process, but we’re giving our faithful fans added incentive: if YOU happen to win the contest we’ll be tossing in a Kindle Fire for safe measure. Simply remind us that you deserve it after we’ve awarded your prize through 99Designs and the Fire is yours.

The contest has 3 very important rules:

  • Blue Android Robots = Phandroid
  • Our smile and wink make us unique (our antennas too)
  • We want to proudly display the word “Phandroid” so you know you’ve found the right place

Whether or not you enter the contest, it’ll be fun to follow all the Phandroids that enter and offer their own renditions of the classic Phandroid logo. I’m really excited to see what the design community comes up with and hey – while we’re on the topic – you DO know that we’re HIRING A DESIGNER (among other positions), right?

We thought about scoping out the best logo designer we could find or hiring a branding company to catapult us into the upper echelon of marketing genius. But then we thought why not keep with Android’s theme and atmosphere by giving our readers the opportunity? And we know you’ll do an amazing job. Good luck to everyone and thanks for being such a brilliant group! I promise you’re going to love what we’ve got coming in the next couple of months!