Jan 10th, 2012

We mosey’d on over to the Panasonic booth at CES today and came across some very interesting products that they are still working on. They’re WiFi cameras that allow you to see video from them directly on your Android device.

More than that you can control the camera (zoom, picture settings, etc.) from your Android device. The two must be on the same WiFi network for it to work but it would be a great home monitoring solution for those who want to check up on their families while they’re away from home.

Aside from the standard point and shoot, Panasonic showed off head cameras with this same functionality. Unfortunately these things were little more than prototypes for the time being but they worked really well and had me ready to throw my money at whoever was willing to give me one. No one was willing to, of course. Check out some quick demo videos above and below.

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