First Look: LG Viper 4G LTE for Sprint [CES 2012]


Sprint’s LG Viper 4G doesn’t have a release date or pricing, but we had the opportunity to get a first look at one of the first LTE devices for the carrier here at CES. The phone is an amalgamation of many of the top features from recent LG releases, from its LTE radio to the super bright NOVA display. We first saw the screen technology on the LG Optimus Black, which debuted at last year’s CES. The display measures in at 4.0-inches and rests atop a casing produced from mostly recycled materials, furthering Sprint’s eco-friendly agenda. The handset looks compact for a device with a screen of its size and feels solid, if not a bit stout. Inside we find a 1.2GHz dual-core processor.

The device offers a number of firsts for Sprint, including the ability to shoot both 720p HD and full 1080p HD video with its 5MP camera. A 1.3MP camera is found around front for video conferencing. One first the Viper won’t offer is the inclusion of Ice Cream Sandwich. Given the recent release of the new Android version to OEMs, Sprint and LG will launch the phone with Android 2.3.7. The window remains open for an eventual Android 4.0 appearance. Check out our video above for the full rundown.


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  1. 4 inches has been done. 1.2 dual core has been done. 5mp has been done.

    can sprint get something good ever? 

    1. You’re complaining about the current standard specs that everything has? Not to mention they’re getting the Galaxy Nexus, so this phone is moot anyway.

    2. Not sure what your beef with Sprint is, but do you remember the Evo 4G? Nexus S 4G? Evo 3D? Galaxy S2? Not sure how you can say they never have good, high-end phones.

  2. He said that it’s the first dual core handset at sprint..  The Samsung Epic 4G Touch is also a dual core.

    Unless he meant first dual core LTE which doesn’t make much sense because it’s the first LTE of theirs period.

    1. he said lg’s first dual core for sprint

  3. Every phone now has been done. Tired of the same insides with different shells…

    1. man you really are a hater, you must hate computers too cause im certainly every combination has been done ATLEAST 2 times… OMG!!!

      this is the best of technology today, if you want phones with future specs, well, wait for the damn future to be the present

      1. i know what you’re saying, but i think he is referring to the fact that the these specs are the same as phones that came out in the summer and are lower than some that have came out 3-4 months ago.  This has nothing to differentiate itself, not a better camera, not better battery life, not crazy style, not waterproof or anything crazy. 

        It feels like feels like all of the bare minimum current gen specs, yet its coming out towards the end of the current gen life span. 

        But yeah he will just have to be patient n wait for quad core devices if thats what he wants

        1. yea but seriously, he is complaining about micro technology not advancing within 3-4 months?! that is what im talking about, i know its the EXACT same stuff that has been out for a few months now but that tech is current still, do we really expect advances by the month now? i mean hell, if computers could only advance that quickly i’d have a quantum computer by now!!!

          i just think the expectations some of these people have are ridiculous, CPU’s don’t just make themselves it takes research and funding and testing and analysis, scientist i think are already working at a ridiculous pace, lets just let them continue the good effort put forward and not get greedy.

          1. lol yeah, the problem is they arent putting the effort with this phone is their point. Coming out with phone with equivalent specs to my evo 4g would be silly. So i think it’ll just be hard to sell unless its sold at a budgeted price. It would be nice for budget.

  4. my only complaint, is that it looks thick as hell

    besides that, it looks like a good option!

    although i will be grabbing the nexus hands down the DAY it comes out

  5. Kudos to Kev on shooting a good video (assuming it was him who shot the video).  So often we see the cameraman doing a back and forth between the rep and the phone.  Keep the doggone camera on the phone!  Nobody cares about seeing the rep – unless its an extremely hot chick in which case the cameraman should be smart enough to keep the rep and phone in picture at all time :-)

    1. love how sprints Gnex is at the PROPER price of 200 with contract, i really just dislike everything that Verizon has done to the nexus phone, they aren’t supposed to touch it, yet its missing one of the main features, Google wallet, they jacked up the price too… this is why i still hold out for sprint at the end of the day, Verizon is just not worth the sacrifice to me.

      1. Agreed… On all your points.

      2. Dude this phone isn’t hitting Sprint for another 4-6 months..By then you would have to be crazy to pay $200 for this 6+ month old phone.

        While I don’t agree with Verizons price of $299 for having it 6+ months earlier then Sprint it seems to be pretty fair if you ask me.

        To each their own though..If someone wants to pay $200 and sign a 2 year for a 6+ month old phone thats their choice.

        I know I’ll pay an extra $100 to use this awesome phone 6 months early.

        1. Under that train of thought, you might as well never get a new phone since it’ll be outdated in a few months anyway. Better to get a phone you think/know you’ll enjoy for 2 or so years than keep waiting for the latest and greatest.
          But like you said “to each their own”.

          1. Thats my whole point! Any phone I get will be outdated in a few months..

            So WHY would I want to pay full price and sign a 2 year contract on a 6 month old phone?

            The Nexus is available now! The few months is already ticking! By the time Sprint releases it its already past the few months.

          2. But in paying the ETF (if needed) to switch to Verizon, plus the cost of the $300 phone, plus the comparatively higher cost of cell phone plans on Verizon (data and voice), is it really worth it? Will there be quad core phones out on the market by then? Will quad core even make that much of a difference in performance or battery life? 

      3. go check out sprint.com the google nexus pops up first and the only thing on the screen is google wallet…. I literally pissed myself when I saw it! I love watching these guys volley shots over the fence!

  6. How many of you actually use your phone to its Max ability, I’m gonna say not to many so why the big fuss over everything. And you don’t need a quad core and a 100 gigs of memory to listen too a few songs check your Facebook or play angry birds lmao

    1. Yup just like when Bill Gates said we would only need like 364mb of memory for our computers.

  7. No Ice Cream Sandwich OS? Sorry, but no thanks!

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