Hands-on the Quad-Core, ICS Powered Iconia Tab A510, ZTE 7-Inch [CES]


At NVIDIA’s Press Conference yesterday, they announced two tablets running Android 4.0 with Quad-Core Tegra 3 Processors. We hit up the NVIDIA booth at CES hoping to get the full run down of specs and details, but quickly realized that we knew as much as anyone: for the most part, both devices were pre-production units with final specs still TBD.

The Acer Iconia Tab A510 was the further along of the two devices, looking nearly complete:

I really like the middle button Acer added which pops up a quick navigation menu, allowing for volume adjustment, access to bookmarks, and several other features which I’m thinking Acer will (or should) allow you to customize. Browser and Screen capture were the two it showed on the demo.

The ZTE 7-inch tablet was far from ready. In fact, there were still Asian characters mixed with the English alphabet when you pull up the keyboard for searches, texting, or any other input. All the specs were up in the air, but we did our best to decipher the possibilities.

It looks especially chunky, but will most likely thin out as it enters further development stages.

Android 4.0 is what’s supposed to take Android Tablets to the next level, so it’s nice to see 2012 coming out of the gate with manufacturers prepping their wares for the year ahead. Are the Iconia Tab A510 or ZTE 7-incher anything you’re interested in? We know you all love the Transformer Prime, but for what else are you eagerly awaiting (devices, specs, features, etc…) when it comes to Android Tablets in 2012?

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  1. Honestly, i’m all about price point. I want to see the competition start driving some of these $500+ tablets some down a bit. It would be the best strategy to take a HUGE bite out of Apple. IMO.

  2. dedicated “something” key ….. :D :D :D

  3. Lol. Rob sounded so scared / :D

  4. The Asus 7 inch quad-core tablet seems to be the most interesting to me. An 8-10 inch tablet would be ideal, but it has some enticing specs and is in my price range. The only reason I wouldn’t buy it is if Google releases a Nexus-type tablet with a similar price.

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