Krispy Kreme App for Android Helps You Get ‘Em While They’re Hot


A Krispy Kreme doughnut is best enjoyed while the sugary glaze coating the ring of deliciousness is still warm. If only there was some way to know exactly when the latest batch of gooey goodness is fresh from the oven. Wait, there is. It’s all thanks to the newly deployed Hot Light app for Android. The app locates the Krispy Kreme nearest you and alerts you when the “Hot Now” neon sign is alight, letting those near and far know that fresh doughnuts are rolling across the conveyors.

Android Market Link: Hot Light

[via AndroidCentral]

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  1. I’m suddenly craving donuts.

    1. Rock Chalk!

  2. I hope you guys are getting free donuts and Papa John’s pizza for these commercialized articles. :)

    Maybe I am just bitter because the Krisy Kreme by my house burnt down and they replaced it with a White Castle.  :(

    1. at least you have white castle

  3. :- closest Krispy Kreme to me is 108 miles away.

  4. Just what I needed….hot doughnut locator to go with all these Christmas cookies and pies….but YUM

  5. WHITE CASTLE FTW!!! >:)

    1. White Castle is mehhh…

  6. I miss KC! 

  7. I’ll take a Krispy Kreme over a White Castle any day!!

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