Sample Image Linked to Samsung GT-I9500, Could Be Galaxy S III


If Samsung follows the precedent set over the past two years, the next entry into their Galaxy S series of Android smartphones should be announced sometime this spring. It’s safe to assume prototype devices are already running around Samsung’s South Korea offices, and a newly uncovered sample photo could be linked to the device. A look at the photo’s EXIF data reveals that it was taken with a device baring the model number GT-I9500. With the original Galaxy S given the model number GT-I9000, the Galaxy S II assigned GT-I9100, and the Galaxy Nexus receiving a designation of GT-I9250, the model number associated with the test photo is in line with Samsung’s incremental numbering strategy.

The same data that reveals the GT-I9500 model number also links the images origins to Suwon, South Korea. The location hosts a Samsung-operated factory. EXIF data can be easily manipulated, and even if it hasn’t been there is nothing to conclusively link the eventual Galaxy S III to this GT-I9500 handset.

[via PocketNow]

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  1. It looks…… wonderful =*)

  2. jeeze feel like I have been hearing a lot of noise about the GalaxyS 3 lately. It kind of pisses me off because I feel like I just got my Epic 4g Touch but at the same time I am excited to see what they are going to come with. Just wish the US variants of the phone could drop a little quicker

    1. this is my biggest gripe, carriers need to get out of the way, stop loading my phone up with shit before i buy it and worry about the damn networks while the manufacturers worry about the phones… i hate over controlling people and it seems the states are just chock full of them now-a-days

  3. hmm.. i wonder if they will change up the touchwiz ui but this camera pic really looks great!

  4. ….and it begins.  The rumors!!!!

    It feels like the iPhone because of all the recent rumors.

  5. The Galaxy Nexus, and Galaxy S II are now obsolete.  Outdated old balls POS worthless.  Haha. 

    My original galaxy s is still faster on ACS rom than any newer phone on stock rom.  SUCKIT

    1. Riiiiight.  Keep telling yourself that while those of us with a G-Nex or GSII enjoy our superior phones.

  6. picture looks cloudy…

    1. it looks fine to me.  leaves are focused, colors nicely saturated. besides it’s a cell phone camera what do you expect.  ru telling me you buy phones for cameras? u must be a isheep…. figures… This phone will eat everything for breakfast lunch and dinner

  7. You guy have no proof. I’ll wait till CES

  8. Here’s a link to the little red sign… Google Goggles couldn’t read it :(  http://goo.gl/m3bFT (i know, it’s unrelated to the phone/picture, but maybe it’ll help determine the validity)

  9. Man whatever this phone will be it will rock 2012 and the iPhone 5.

    Can’t wait. Meanwhile ill be kicking ass with my Galaxy S II!

  10. Let me get this straight – im looking at a photo supposedly clicked by a phone which could be the SGS3? 
    Really guys this is taking things too far – there is one thing writing an article about rumored phone designs for the SGS3 but this doesnt help at all !!!

  11. EXIF data says model as I9500 and location as Korea..damn!!

    1. Only 5 megapixels though? Doesn’t sound like a GSIII unless they just happened to select 5MP to take that one picture.  Perhaps they have a zero shutter lag if you have it on 5MP but it could still take a higher one as well.

      1. Can’t say for sure until Barcelona WMC in Feb. 
        Maybe they reduced the size. 

        ISO 125?? I am trying to figure what was the minimum ISO for GS2 – 100 maybe??

        EXIF data can be modified though. 

      2. I agree. Seems odd to take a lower rez photo on purpose.  I’m hoping the next cmos for Samsung uses a lower f stop for better night pics and video.

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