Dec 28th, 2011

If Samsung follows the precedent set over the past two years, the next entry into their Galaxy S series of Android smartphones should be announced sometime this spring. It’s safe to assume prototype devices are already running around Samsung’s South Korea offices, and a newly uncovered sample photo could be linked to the device. A look at the photo’s EXIF data reveals that it was taken with a device baring the model number GT-I9500. With the original Galaxy S given the model number GT-I9000, the Galaxy S II assigned GT-I9100, and the Galaxy Nexus receiving a designation of GT-I9250, the model number associated with the test photo is in line with Samsung’s incremental numbering strategy.

The same data that reveals the GT-I9500 model number also links the images origins to Suwon, South Korea. The location hosts a Samsung-operated factory. EXIF data can be easily manipulated, and even if it hasn’t been there is nothing to conclusively link the eventual Galaxy S III to this GT-I9500 handset.

[via PocketNow]

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