MOTOACTV App Hacked to Work with Non-Motrola Devices


When we first met the MOTOACTV, a friendly Motorola rep informed us that the application that allows the fitness tracking device to receive notifications from your cell phone — things like text message alerts and incoming calls — would be available for any Android device, regardless of make or model. When we received our own MOTOACTV we were disappointed to find this not to be the case. Leave it to the Android dev community to remedy the problem, as a hacked version of the app has come online for installation on any Android phone. It provides the exact same functionality as the official app but supports a far wider range of handsets. Head over to the XDA link below for more details.

[XDA via TalkAndroid]

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  1. I have had the MOTOACTV since before christmas. Other than the maps where I have run, little ells has been achieved. I spent 60 minuets on the treadmill  this morning but could not sync the MOTOACTV. I am hoping to fined more thing it will achieve as time go on. The salesman it a nice person though!!!!

    1. ^ What he said…

  2. hey tony and mark, have you both updated your watches to the latest software.  since upgrading the watch performs much better than before.

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