GTA III Coming to Android Dec. 15 for $4.99


Rockstar will be releasing Grand Theft Auto III for Android on December 15th. The game, a port of one of the seminal titles of the open-world genre, will cost $4.99 in the Android Market, a pretty good deal for all of the sandbox-style action you will have at your fingertips. Early impressions are that the port handles quite well and shouldn’t disappoint any fans of the series. It has been a few year’s since I have delved into the world of GTA, but for the price it might be as good a time as ever to get re-acquainted with the likes of Claude and Salvatore Leone.

[via IntoMobile]

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  1. darn…no ‘nuts’

  2. The elephant man ran out of peanutsNah just kidding :)
    Just for the people who CTRL+F :)

    1. dam yu know my secret haha

  3. nope


  5. Might have to pick it up.

  6. My phone is not supported. :(

  7. i sent this in :)


  9. Really? GTA on android? Might that include Honeycomb? 

  10. still no elephant man

  11. Once again, Galaxy S2 is made to wait. 

  12. the elephant man ran out of peanuts lol jk, yay GTA!

    1. *bangs head*

  13. Awesome, will be getting this, not much of a gamer, but GTA, I like.

  14. might have to check this out

  15. such a solid game

  16. No elephants here either

  17. Huh?

  18. Spamming the place with peanut posts is not gonna help anyone win the contest…
    On the contrary, it will make so many false positives that even if the elephant man was to somehow find himself without his prized peanuts, all the noise surrounding that post would make it almost imperceptible…
    Can’t we all just calm down and only post AFTER we find the elusive sad elephant man without peanuts?!?

    1. Agreed, and people not envolved in the contest, need not post the phrase either confusing all hell out of people not knowing if you are involved with the contest or just beeing a jerk screwing with people..

      If you find it, post in in the forum post. If not, no need to spam the boards about it.

  19. Lol @ CTRL+F

  20. sorry double post

  21. would be cool to play the original GTA on android, and have online capabilities. the original was one of the first really fun, unique multiplayer experiences.

    anyone else remember mage slayer? that was a fun top down multiplayer as well.

  22. Looking forward to throwing GTA3 on the Trans. Prime after Christmas and blowing off my family for the rest of the day, haha.  Seriously though, if Rockstar and other companies start porting PS2, Xbox or N64 games to Android it would be awesome!

  23. Holy shit, thats awesome

  24. this should be pretty koo. Gamepad support? :))

  25. Does it have trophies?

  26. controlling the game might be a little hard with just a touchscreen though.

  27. As long as we can still use cheats, I’m down. That’s what really made the game fun, in my opinion. Just being able to do whatever.

  28. How the fuck will you do cheats!? Back, home, back, home, search, search, menu button?

    1. That was my first thought as well. Oh!! Connect your PS3 controller using SixAxis!! 

  29. $4.99 in the Android Market?? DOA….

    1. You just wanted to say DOA because it sounds kool. This is a steal.

      1. A steal for people who actually PAY for apps…..not freetards

        1. are you 2 years sound immature

  30. Fail…..

  31. Yay!! GTA!!
    Now I hope there’s physical key support, so I can connect my PS3 controller to this which would allow me to CHEAT!! :P

  32. Finally more quality games

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