Best Buy also Receiving Galaxy Nexus Stock Today


Earlier today we caught wind of Samsung Galaxy Nexus handsets arriving in Verizon retail stores, and it appears the same is true for Best Buy locations as well. While there is no confirmation of stores actually receiving stock at this point, a notice sent to employees says to expect the Ice Cream Sandwich flagship device to arrive “as early as today.” Oh, but we weren’t supposed to know. Leave it to the internet to spoil yet another secret.

[via AndroidCentral]

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  1. The elephant man ran out of peanuts

  2. no ‘nuts’

  3. noope

  4. i sent this too lol :D

  5. I like the ‘keep it confidential’ as it gets posted all over the Internet.  LOL

  6. First and no elephant

  7. Nope

  8. stop teasing me with all these G-Nex posts. I’ve been holding out for this since I realized i made a huge mistake buying a BB

  9. elephant man still has peanuts!

  10. Was in my local VZW store this morning. Asked the guy behind the counter to let me play with a G-Nex while I waited… He just smiled and shook his head. NICE!

  11. haha no elephants again. boo

  12. Confidentiality Fail?

  13. Bah!

  14. No elephants here.

  15. still no peanuts

  16. BestBuy.com, Verizon.com, Yahoo.com, Amazon.com, I really don’t care along with thousands of others. Simply offer the device for sale, tell us when and where and “they will come” to purchase this most anticipated phone :)

  17. where’s the e-man!

  18. I think I’m going to have a heart attack from all this. gnex is finally on the brink and Verizon still hasn’t fully disclosed it and hoping to win this awesome contest… ugh… :)

  19. Went to a Best Buy Mobile store at a Dallas mall today. No Nexus :(

    I asked the guy, if I came in a few days later…. would he let me play with it before it goes on sale, on the 9th? He said… no.:(
    When the Nexus S came out…. they were really excited when I asked that question… I got to play with that phone like a week before it dropped.

  20. so when does the elephant man run out of peanuts?

  21. bout time.

    The elephant man ran out of peanuts

    linked on purpose for entertainment.

  22. lol @ “Send to a Friend” 

  23. I really wish they would release the phone to all markets a week or two after it is announced. By now all the hype has kinda left. I mean the WSJ and other news publications had write ups about the Nexus and the first ICS phone, but now the hype seems to have died down among the general public.

  24. The elephant man shops at Costco. It could be a while.

  25. I like the title “Keep it Confidential.” There are so many leaks everywhere about this phone that it feels like a torrential downpour is upon us.

  26. You should really timestamp the articles on your app.

  27. lol @ the way life works now!

    Company sends out confidential email
    dickhead snaps a pic and posts it 5 minutes later

    loooove it ! lol

  28. I can’t help but think that all of these leaks are done on purpose by Verizon as they don’t want to make any public statements but at the same time want to pacify those on the internet who are getting increasingly upset about not having an actual release date.    Even so, I still offer a one finger salute to Verizon for the way they have handled this phone.  If it was a Droid phone, I have a feeling it would be handled totally different.

  29. Damn, t mobile is throttling my data right now. I doubt I’ll be able to refresh fast enough to see anything about this elephant man or his peanuts today, blast it!

  30. … in europe (little) stock was sold out very fast, so keep an eye.

  31. It was WikiLeaks, yeah that’s who leaked it.

  32. Elephants, peanuts, nexii, huzzah!!

  33. I will be saving my cash and buying this through Amazon or the likes.  If they run out of stock, it won’t be long for it to be back and potentially close to the launch of better phones.

  34. Hmm, the pic doesn’t show if its the verizon model/hspa+ model…. I HOPE ITS BOTH , PLEASE 

    1. Seeing as Verizon has the exclusive in the US, don’t expect to see any GSM variants available at retail (except imported models online) untill Verizon atleast launches theirs……
      Whenever the hell that’s gonna freaking be…………

      1. what im hoping is verizon has the exclusive in the US as far as carriers selling the phone on contract … but HSPA will be available through google/best buy that supports both att&tmobile…

        one can hope at least =( 

        1. That would defeat the point of exclusivity :/ and I don’t imagine Google wants to play hardball with Verizon. New handsets on Verizon have exclusivity 6 months from launch for smaller carriers, but not the big boys.


          For the other 200 million’s sake I hope Verizon only has a small 3-month or less exclusivity agreement, then at least it would be out by February.

          Or we can go with the idea that they lost exclusivity and that is why they no longer say “exclusively from verizon” on their page for the GNex

  35. “Any unauthorized disclosure of confidential information is a violation of our Confidentiality Policy.”

    So much for that.

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