Happy Holidroid Contest: Random Winner Giveaway!


If you’re unsure what this whole “Holidroid Contest” thing is all about, be prepared to get excited. From November 24th through December 25th, Phandroid is giving away a Kindle Fire every single day along with other great prizes like the Galaxy Nexus Galaxy Tabs, JAMBOX, SmarTouch Gloves, Android Phones, Android T-Shirts, Seidio Vouchers and more. Read our announcement post for details.

Yesterday’s Winner

Yesterday’s contestants were asked to answer a trivia question: what were Kevin’s five favorite Android apps as detailed by him in his first ever post published on Android? The first to post the correct answer at the contest thread at was user cas1115.

Congratulations on all the awesome stuff you won! Santa or a delivery driver (we’re not exactly sure which yet) will bring you an Amazon Kindle Fire, an HTC EVO Design 4G, a $30 Siedio voucher and Isotoner Smartouch gloves! As for today’s winner? That has yet to be determined but here are all the things they’ll be getting.

Amazon Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire could be this holiday’s hottest product: at only $199 it’s not only one of the most  affordable Android tablets, it’s also one of the best. That’s a killer combination. With a beautiful UI, great battery life, carefully curated apps/games, and an amazing array of media options thanks to Amazon’s Digital Content Ecosystem… the Kindle Fire is a sure win. Good luck winning one in our contest, but at only $199 it’s probably worth buying one just in case!

Samsung Infuse 4G

The Samsung Infuse 4G is a Galaxy S phone for AT&T that’s chock full of awesome features. If the huge 4.5 inch Super AMOLED display inside isn’t enough, it also has HSPA+ radios, a front-facing camera and a very good chipset in its 1GHz Samsung Hummingbird processor (single core). Simply put, anyone would want to take this one out of their stocking and put it into their pockets right away. A special shout out to Radio Shack for providing this great device for our giveaway. If you don’t take home the prize be sure to check out their great selection of smartphones online and in-store.


Isotoner SmarTouch Gloves

Every single holiday season these SmarTouch smartphone gloves are consistently one of my favorite gift giving items. They eloquently solve one of the most fundamental problems a tech lover faces: using your device in cold weather. Wearing gloves usually prevents your touchscreen from working: take your phone out, take your glove off, use your phone, hand gets gold, shove phone in pocket, rush to get glove on. NO MORE! Isotoner’s SmarTouch gloves, designed in my colors and sizes for both men and women, has technology that passes the electrons your body gives off, through the gloves, onto the capacitive screen and allowing it to work. VOILA! Seriously. It works. Trust me. Try it… and you’ll love them forever.

Seidio $30 Voucher

With so much smartphone use comes battery drain. Thankfully, Seidio makes some awesome extended batteries that fit many smartphones, allowing you to get longer battery life with the same device. No more toting around a charger everywhere you go: just snag a Seidio and call it a day! Seidio also makes cases, holsters, and other great accessories for your smartphones.Check them all out here.

Today’s Contest Rules/Regulations:

Today’s contest is quite simple – post a comment explaining what gets you to read Phandroid or visit every single day. We’ll randomly select one comment which was posted within one hour of this post’s timestamp.

  • Within an hour of the timestamp of this post (Eastern time zone) post a comment on this post explaining why you read Phandroid or every day.
  • A winner will be selected at random from the pool of people who commented within the hour.
  • Read our Full Official Rules for information about eligibility
  • This isn’t required but if you want to be nice… Visit by clicking here before you do your holiday shopping because you love us!

Looking for a great gift? Don’t forget about our Holiday Gift Guide!

Tomorrow’s Contest:

This is the one all of you have been waiting for. We’ll be giving away a Kindle Fire, Smartouch Gloves, $30 Seidio Voucher, a JAMBOX system, an Android t-shirt and… *drum roll* … a Samsung Galaxy Nexus! You never know when your chance to win the first Ice Cream Sandwich phone will come so be sure to keep your finger on that refresh button throughout the day.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Just to keep up with the whole hype around android. But always looking for what’s new from HTC.

  2. Phandroid is the best android news source out there, or course! Who wouldn’t love reading the *real* information?

  3. I read phandroid every day for my daily source of android related news.

  4. I read Phandroid because I have no clue how to use my GalaxyS II

  5. I read it every day because it’s the best source of Android news hands down!

  6. Deals, information about great apps or roots. 

  7. I read phandroid because they have concise articles and are always on top of android news.

  8. I come to the forums because it’s one of the most active and helpful Android Forums. I Like a place where I can say something and get a response versus the other dead forums out there.

  9. New news!

  10. I’ve been reading Phandroid for almost 3 years already since the G1 came out, this site has the latest news and updates about upcoming phones along with the android OS.

  11. do we make a new thread?
     nvm ^^
    I read Phandroid everyday because it keeps me up to date with all new phones and technology. Its good stuff when ur in class too ^^ It has lots of news and entertaining stuff like this contest.
    Good luck everone!

  12. I read Phandroid every day for the great articles and for Chris Chavez. I go to Android Forums for the wonderful community! Love this site :D

  13. A Phandroid post a day keeps the iOS away

  14. i read phandroid every day to stay up to date on all the latest android tech. as a cs major interested in mobile software development, this is a must and phandroid does a great job aggregating information from all over to make sure that i’m always up to date (even at 3am).

  15. This contest is why I read phandroid very day!  

  16. I come here daily because it has the best Android news on the web!!

  17. I read Phandroid every day because I like hearing the latest and greatest about Android, especially when I am looking to get a new phone!

  18. What gets me to read everyday? that`s easy! They are the best! They always cover the best android news on the internet! :D

  19. seeing how i cant afford a new phone, im stuck with my crappy old flip phone.  I read to live vicariously through your writers… 

  20. I read Phandroid every day because, like it or not, I am an Android fanboy, thus the name of the site is a perfect fit for my mentality and I begrudingly acknowledge that I am a Phandroid :-)

  21. Great Posts, Interesting topics, fun writing style. Not to mention im a total android nerd! Keep up the great work guys!

  22. I love hearing about the latest and greatest Android phones, and how they push the state of the art to new levels. :)

  23. I read every day because I’m bored of my iPhone’s limitations and am switching to the Galaxy Nexus when it becomes available. Thanks for all the news and information you have provided so far.

  24. I come back here so I can give updates to my friends family and co-wokers about what is up and coming with their phones.  Many of them got an Androi phone in part because of me and I like to spread the news about android.

  25. I read and everyday to keep up with the latest news for these next generation devices and to see the great reviews from the writing team.

  26. which forum do we post in?  I don’t see it.

    1. You post to this post..not forum.

      1. Ah, I got it, all the links to Androidforums got me confused, I’m not good at reading directions and Disqus sucks because all the comments don’t show up in real time.  Besides all that, I read Phandroid because it is the most complete Android website and has a good community of members that continue to make it my number 1 page visited.  There, that good enough?  

  27. I read Phandroid every day because it consistently has well-written and entertaining articles about one of my favorite things: Android!

  28. I read for the latest news about the best mobile operating system, and Android Forums for some of the best discussion around.

  29. i read Phandroid every day because almost every other site is now filled with people who complain constantly and bicker with everyone, and you guys have the more exciting and useful news. Phandroid keeps it real..all day, every day!

  30. I love being on the cutting edge with my droid.

  31. Well if you have been waiting for the Galaxy Nexus and Asus Transformer Prime for months would you be checking the best Android forums everyday?

  32. Woohoo!
    The best thing that get’s me to read Phandroid is to stay on top of current Android events and devices. Being a software dev guy, have to be current to keep your customers happy.

  33. It’s the most fair and balanced android news. ;)

  34. I feel like I am a part of a family that totally gets one another!  We may bicker at times, but we have love (of Android phones, esp GNex!) in common.  I’m completely addicted. No longer going on facebook, barely talking to my husband ;)
    It is a supportive and welcoming place, with great info and great people!

  35. i read phandroid every day because i cant find a place that has more accurate news as its breaking. i also read the daily because its a great place where i have learned how to root, mod and get great advice/tips/tricks on my dinc as well as breaking news on the upcoming nexus. the forums are also the best moderated forums i have ever been a member of, good job guys.

  36. I read Phandroid because:* it has great contests
    * it gives me Android news without burring me under 100 posts a day
    * it doesn’t report news two weeks late like some Android websites

  37. I read Phandroid every day in order to stay current on the latest Android news that affects my phone and the phones around me. I am the go to guy when it comes to tech and phone questions, so being up to date on the latest news helps me to do the most accurate troubleshooting. Using the Android Forums also lets me to discuss current news and issues with Android phones to help fix problems or voice my opinion on certain things; hoping that they will improve or be fixed in the future.

  38. Easy, I read Phandroid to find out all the new things/news that is going on in the Android community.

    Also just like to say Thank You for holding these contests. Really appreciate them.

  39. I LOVE! I got started here shortly after i got my DX last year (July 2010) because It was my first smartphone and i had know idea what i was getting into. since them i’ve learned tricks, rooting, roms, i love the ease of keeping up with new phones and ICS of course.

    Androidforums, much differnt reason. when i got into rooting and ROMing no other forum on the interwebs had the answers like and the group of people who participate are aces.

    The up to date info along with the tips and tricks from forum members makes this pair the best relationship ever (besides my own marriage) but it’s getting really close to comparing cause the Mrs. tells me she’s gonna throw my phone in the disposal. I guess that means i spend too much time with it.

  40. I love hearing about the latest and greatest Android phones!

  41. I read phandroid and because they kind of feel like home base for me regarding Android info.  The first solid community I stumbled on when Android first started getting traction.

  42. I read Phandroid every day because I know it is the one place were I can get the best android news and be able to to go and ask all the questions I want from their androidforums!

  43. Your excellent reviews and insight in to all things Android.

  44. seeing how i cant afford a new phone and am stuck with my crummy flip phone, I read everyday to live vicariously through its writers

  45. A Phandroid post a day keeps the iOS away

  46. I read phandroid everyday for the latest news on android phones. And the cool apps it shows me.

  47. I read phandroid to keep up to date on all the important android news.

  48. i read phandroid because i enjoy the thoughtful and thorough articles, as well as the opinion pieces that pop up. The site is well run and i love the term phandroid because i think to anyone who reads this site, that word is most fitting. We are all phandroids and i love this community.

  49. Because it has all the up to date android news i could possibly need… Simple as that.

  50. I read Phandroid everyday to find out the latest Android news. 

  51. I read Phandroid everyday because I absolutely love this whole Android community. All of the other users on AF, and Phandroid are what keeps me coming back. You guys are all extremely awesome!

  52. I read Phandroid EVERY DAY , multiple times…i possibly could be considered stalker-ish for how many times I hit the refresh button.  I look often to see the latest and greatest android apps, devices, and news from a reliable android loving community of authors and members.  Thanks for all you do Phandroid!!

  53. My husband is a huge geek. If I didn’t read Phandroid daily, we would never have anything to talk about. Plus, I secretly love it…

  54. I read and visit both Phandroid and because the news articles are always excellent and well related to android/google. I visit/post on androidforums because it an amazing and helpful community. Great discussions wether its android realated or not. I do try to help on the forums cause i know if i needed help with somthing someone on there would do the same.  

  55. I love reading the news here because Chris is soooo handsome, and cannot stop myself from reading because I know every once in a while there is a video of him and it just makes my heart melt.

    But also because I get to hear about the news and rumors I LOVE, the ones that other sites may overlook or not fully unwrap.


  56. Because I like knowing what is going on with the hardware, as some day I hope to do more than a minor bump to my app per year.

  57. I check Phandroid many times daily to stay on top of all the exciting Android news that comes out every day.  Keep up the good work.

  58. I read because you guys are up to date with all of the current news. I love keeping up with it too!

  59. I got my first Android device (a Samsung Captivate Glide) in November, and phandroid/android forums is helping me learn my way around the OS. After six years years with BlackBerrys, I need all the help I can to adjust to a new way of thinking about my smartphone, and you guys are immensely helpful. 

  60. Phandroid keeps me up to date on what’s going on with Android in general and its a nice place to get gifts for the Holidays w/ this contest : )

  61. I read because you generally have the most updates per day on android news. You cover it all, from the small to the big news :)

  62. Pretty simple… there are a ton of apps out there, and more coming out every day.  If a new one comes out and does something I want, I don’t like the idea of it slipping by me.  Also, I can keep tabs on what my next device might be!

  63. I read phandroid everyday for up to minute info on what is new in the android world and tips to keep my old technology running. Since I still run a DX it’s good to know tips and tricks on whats currently hot in the android world, and I can say my phone wouldn’t be half of what it is without you guys.

  64. Basically, because it’s the best Android news site I’ve read yet. Plus I’m waiting on pins and needles for any news about the GSM Galaxy Nexus hitting the US.

  65. I visit Phandroid everyday to read about the latest android apps and technology.

  66. I check phandroid every day because it gives me the latest news about android phones and apps, but lately I check every hour to see news about the new GALAXY NEXUS! I NEED ONE FOR ATT!!!

  67. I read Phandroid cause most of times it’s the 1st (and reliable) blog to post fresh news about Android.

    I feel phandroid wrote by people that loves android, rather than writing just for money.
    I follow android’s world since 2 years as of now and phandroid was my 1st source :)

  68. Phandroid is one of the key sites I visit for legit android news. While other sites like engadget provide good news for android, they aren’t always on top of things as Phandroid is. I keep coming back because I want to stay in the loop and am always in the loop thanks to you guys. So if I don’t win anything, thanks for keeping me up to date in the world of our favorite little green robot!

  69. I read Phandroid every day because they are often the first to post the interesting stuff. And I visit the forums daily (née, hourly) for the Galaxy Nexus thread!

  70. Lately it’s been to get the latest news on the Galaxy Nexus as my OG Droid only has a little bit of juices left.

    Overall however, It’s been to stay up to date with the latest and greatest in the android community. Phandroid always gives me my android fix!

  71. I always want to know whats coming in the world of Android.  Mostly phone related as I’m always on the look out for the next “best” phone I will get.

  72. I read phandroid everyday because they always keep me up to date with the latest android news

  73. I come to phandroid because you guys are always up to date with your android news.

  74. I like android, I love android, I NEED ANDROID!!!! and you all help give me my fix!

  75. I read Phandroid every day (*cough* hour *cough*) to find out when the next big thing (in this case, Galaxy Nexus) is coming out and how to keep my Droid running until that happens.

  76. I read Phandroid every day because you guys seem to post the most news per day and never miss a story. I must be an Android news junkie.

  77. I read Phandroid for all the up to date news on Android and Android devices.

  78. I’m fairly new to android and when I first got my phone Phandroid and the forums helped me so much. Even now that I know what I am doing, I still visit here daily to read the blog posts. This blog is simply the best at keeping my updated with the latest Android news. Phandroid has made my Android experience better than I ever expected. Thanks Phandroid!

  79. I read phandroid everyday to keep up with the latest android news

  80. I read phandroid cause i wanna get into android, im not very tech savvy but am wanting to get a cheap tablet. the amazon fire sounds awesome!!

  81. I have set as my home page because im a huge Android fan. And no other site gives me the quickest and most legit news but they have awesome prizes, who wouldn’t want to visit this site everyday? I FREAKINGGG LOVEEE PHANDROID !!!!!! 

  82. I read Phandroid because it seems to be the most up to date, entertaining and informative Android site there is!

  83. Phandroid and Android Forums are, by far, the best when it comes to Android related news, reviews, and information.  I spend more time lurking around the forums than what most would consider healthy especially the last few months with so many great Android phones and tables being announced and released.  

  84. I read every day to stay up to speed with the latest and greatest technology in the world of Android.

  85. Its my lifeline to android news and reviews (plus it has the best contests around!)

  86. I check out Phandroid and Android Forums religiously because I’m a gadget freak in love with Android… It’s as simple as that.

  87. Because it’s one of the only places I’ve found with good writers who cover the less popular news about Android, news that the bigger sites don’t bother to even mention.

  88. I read Phandroid several times a day. Mostly to keep up to date on android devices, apps, and reviews. I spend a lot of time going through the forums as well since the community can’t be beat. It’s also a great way to keep me occupied when I should be working.

  89. I read Phandroid because Android as a platform is growing so fast and it is too hard to keep up.  Phandroid helps weed out the crap and give me the information I desire.  Phandroid gives me that one stop shop I need.

  90. i read phandroid to find out all about the galaxy nexus and ICS

  91. My undying love for all things android, and knowing that I’ll get the best news and info here! 

  92. You guys are great at keeping me up to date with the day to day news about the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Appreciate it! Thanks

  93. I read for the besat reviews on apps, new things, and gadgets. Phandroid ad android forums also have the most entertaining content and a great sense of humor. I have also received mucbh help from articles and posts on these sites. Also a great community of helpful users. Having these contests helps a lo too ;)

  94. GREAT news for my Optimus and prizes duh!

  95. To see what the newest technology is and rumors about when it will be released. Also you can find some good tips on how to save money and get extras. 

  96. I read phandroid because of its honest reviews and accurate news coverage. I am always impressed that you don’t sensationalise the news. Even for some things like carrier IQ, you provide the whole story once it’s been researched fully. And for product reviews, you give all sides of the pros and cons.

  97. I enjoy getting the news about Android from people who care about and love the product itself.

  98. i go on phandroid everyday because its probably the only site i trust.i go here constantly,almost every time i pick up my phone,just to see if there’s anything new to read. the articles are informative,and there’s a certain sense of humor here,an undertone in the articles.i feel like if i was to ever make a website,it would probably be alot like this,i just love android,ive loved it ever since the G1 came out (my GF got it,and i was stuck with the BB Storm at the time,and i was so jealous).i’ve had android phones ever since they became available on verizon with the original droid.ive never been on android forums,honestly,because ive never needed to,ive been perfectly happy with this site. but maybe since you keep mentioning it so much,i’ll go check it out when i get done with this.

    i’ve been a long time member,and i love android (my girl friend actually gets annoyed with how much i talk about cell phones/tablets),i’ve entered into as many of these as i can,it would be nice if i could win one.

  99. I read Phandroid every single day because I’m an android fan-girl, and Phandroid ALWAYS has the best news.  
    The Holidroid Contest doesn’t hurt either!!! :)

  100. I visit this site for an android point of view on the latest mobile tech news.  I get enough Apple news from Gizmodo and Engadget :|

  101. I read Phandroid daily because they keep up with the latest Android news and all the articles are a great form of infotainment.

  102. I come to phandroid everyday cuz I like to know what’s new in the android world. I’m constantly lookingfor new apps to download and love to see what kinda new android phones are out and coming out( recently esp the Galaxy Nexus). Phandriod is the best way to keep me updated! Phandroid also give away great prizes, Thanks Phandroid! 
    Happy Holidays

  103. I read it because I’m an Android addict

  104. The Holidroid contest, obviously.

  105. I come to Phandroid so often for the best all-around Android news coverage with the timeliest and most interesting stories

  106. I read Phandroid to be up to date on any news regarding the OS and to learn about new apps.

  107. Because I’m a phan of phandroid to phollow all the Android news because I’m a phan of Android. Oh, and you guys are awesome :).

  108. Keeping track of all the new devices so that when my D2 contract is up, I know what I want!!!  Also, to keep track of all the silly patent stuff.

  109. I’ve been a android phoner since the early days with HTC/T-moblile and Phandroid is my go to for android news.

  110. I read because I love learning about all the new up to date android info :) 

  111. I read Phandroid because the articles provide timely and accurate information about all things Android. I also enjoy the writing style of the posts. As an Android fan, these characteristics are important to me and I haven’t been disappointed by Phandroid.

  112. I read Phandroid every day for the fun writing style and the awesome blue Phandroid mascot.

  113. I like to stay informed with the best Android news.. so I turn to you!

  114. I read to keep up with the latest news, and for the deals. That’s how I got my Nexus S.

  115. I read phandroid because you guys post breaking news first and dont report on lame apps or opinions like some other sites do.

  116. i read it cause i see amazing titles on my twitter xD

  117. This was the first website that I found out when I first discovered Android. And been coming back ever since them. Love the way news is reported (despite the funny and random typos there and there)!
    The forums was also where the community there helped me pick out my first Android phone.

  118. I come to because I am in love with technology and mobile devices.

  119. I like reading Phandroid and every day because I am an android fan. Phandroid provides plenty of juicy news regarding devices and apps.

    Recently I found out about Go Launcher Ex on which has been fantastic to use on my droid 3. Things like this keep me coming back every day. Thanks for your hard work guys!

  120. I read Phandroid and for the “articles” of course! Granted there aren’t any scantily-clad women like a certain magazine to distract me, but I recently migrated over to Android phones and the “articles” and “forums” (unrelated to the other magazine) are helpful in maximizing my phone productivity and keeping up-to-date on new developments in the mobile realm. So, Phandroid, what about adding some “pictures” ;)

  121. The excellent editors covering android news and devices, and the great forum community.

  122. I read phandroid each day so I can show my ‘tech savy’  bf how much better Android is over Apple   :)

  123. Because when it comes to android info, you guys are it.

  124. Your site posts EVERYTHING related to android. It is the most up to date articles regarding my favorite OS. Plus you engage/involve your readers through great giveaways!!!

  125. I love technology. I been reading every day about New tech for android to impress my friends

  126. The people on AndroidForums (especially in the DX forum).

  127. I read because you are dedicated to bringing me just android news. I like a blog without all the apple.

  128. You’re really asking why I visit Phandroid every day?

    You should be asking why people wouldn’t?
    That’s a much harder question.

    I DO because I feel like I know you guys personally (creepy, right?). I don’t, but it feels like I do. I can tell almost instantly who is writing the post I am reading. I don’t even have to look at the top author line. You all have such unique and awesome writing styles. Chris’ is especially unique.

    You also value your readers (or so it seems!). Most sites just post a post and never deal with their readers. You guys all reply to comments, and do awesome giveaways. It’s great! If someone has a problem, you address it right away.

    Also, I like how honest you guys are. It is very hard to find any bias in any of the posts on this site. A lot of sites, especially BGR, are super biased towards one company (Apple), and the only good part of the post is reading the Troll-ish comments.

    Lastly, I like the community here. When you visit a site like BGR, you cannot interact with anyone. There are so many trolls on most sites that it’s not even fun to post comments. You will most likely get a troll commenting back with some smartass reply. Here, if you have a question, someone will usually answer it for you, or point you in the direction where you can find help. And best of all, there are none (or very few) trolls on this site. Either I don’t see them, or you guys do a great job of cleaning the comments!

  129. Best info on all the latest and greatest android items.

  130. A little green robot tells me to.

  131. good contests :)

  132. i read many many times a day because the support staff there are awesome and always willing to help. ;)  You get the best information and it is the best android forum on the net. 

  133. What gets me to read is that  I like to help test out new roms for my phone especially anything that has to do with removal of CIQ is great for me. Phandroid keeps me logged on for the chance to win neat prizes and its also great place to learn about the new apps available as well as the new phones out.

  134. I read Phandroid and the forums every day because of the great community support, which unseen anywhere else on the web.

  135. i read phandroid to find out when verizon is finally gonna release the galaxy nexus

  136. All the best info on the latest, and greatest android items.

  137. I read Phandroid to get the lasted information of all Android related information in one place. I like to know what new phones and devices come out. What policies are influenced by the android platform, and not to forget the awesome contests that happen here. :)

  138. Because the Galaxy Nexus pre release thread is epic!

  139. Been reading phandroid in Google Reader since the HTC Passion rumors.  Best place to get just android news.  Been reading/posting on the forums since the same time.  Friendly forums that are well moderated and has a lot of excitement for releases.

  140. My massive android addiction makes me come here, without it I would surely suffer withdrawals if I dont get my fix.

  141. I read Phandroid every day simply because I love android and Phandroid is the best place to keep updated on android news.

  142. I read Phandroid because I’m an Android phone fan, their news are great and don’t mix stuff from Apple.

  143. I Phandroid to keep up on the latest developments on Android hardware and software.  Phandroid also helps me to better understand how I can use my Android phone to help me manage my work and personal schedule, etc.

  144. I look for app recommendations, troubleshooting responses, and to follow some pretty interesting conversation threads. Phandroid is one of my most visited sites, and most used apps!

  145. I wish I only checked the site once a day! Problem is  I have what some would call an  “android addiction”. I check the site, twitter feed, and forums at least hourly. has a huge community of various knowledge levels so I can both learn something and help out. This has become my “goto” place for all things android!

  146. Everything Android!!!  Phones, Apps, and of course PRIZES!!!!

  147. The fact that you are the only reliable source of android news, and that you have more of them than any other site is what keeps me coming back!

  148. I actually started reading phandroid just for the holiday contest, but after refreshing a million times on twitter i actually started reading the actual articles that popped up and i thought they were extremely interesting and well written. So congrats this contest actually sucked me into going on phandroid everyday and I will continue to read the articles even after this holiday contest is over.

  149. I read phandroid everyday because it is filled the greatest articles about all the wonderful things that are happening in the amazing android world!
    I also visit the android forums to see what new stuff to add my device is avaiable!

  150. Plain and simple what gets me to read is Android. I read phandroid because I love that little green robot. 

  151. I check every day for the excellent quality reviews and news

  152. I read Phandroid every day because it’s the only place that delivers quality Android content and it’s the only place I go to get my Android news fix!

  153. I follow many sites, but always jumps out at me for the quality of its content, rather than simply focusing on replaying the news from 2 minutes ago. Plus has some of the friendliest forums on teh interwebs. Thanks!

  154. I read this site for one reason and one reason only — Chris Chavez! Really, I can’t believe you guys would even ask such a question =p

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    Thanks to everyone involved in making this site spectacular!

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    This site rocks, and I’m proud to be a reader.

    1. Well said tehsu!

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    The contests sure are an awesome bonus tho. :)

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    You guys even put together some of the best give away’s ever, though I haven’t won, I try to participate in every one I can, I appreciate it. You guys care about us readers, which is a rare find.

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    Thanks for helping me make the best, most informed decision possible when it came to choosing the Android device that will best fit my needs. You guys rock!!

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    Phandroid forever. <3

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    Significant news/details all Android related…
    Info on that Galaxy!!!

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  281. I originally joined androidforums (user Vap1d-) due to a fairly active community around the device I had at the time (an imported GT-I7500).  I pop in to phandroid frequently.  I enjoy android overload as well as most other articles.  Chavez’s fun take on stuff is another reason.

  282. Because, it is focused on Android unlike Engadget. Also, this has an app which allows me to check on new topics instantly. The only reason why i go to android forums is so that i can check for new rom updates on my old Ally, and some fun topics in the Android Lounge. Also, because you guys are hosting a give-away, who wouldnt check here 24/7?

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  284. I read Phandroid many times every day.  The site is ALWAYS running in one of my computer’s browser tabs, and is the ‘home’ page on my Android smartphone browser.  The knowledge I gain helps me stay on top of the incredibly fast-paced world of technology today.  Back at the office, I am considered the local guru, and the go-to person to solve all kinds of smartphone issues.  Gosh, I LOVE my job!

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  290. I read both Phandroid and, follow Phandroid on Twitter, and have Phandroid and Rob Jackson in my Google+ circles because, well, I CLEARLY have a  problem.  To be honest, my wife and my employer would probably be weirded out and pissed – respectively – if they knew how much time I really spent on these sites. But, you guys have the goods.  It’s undeniable. 

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  300. Personally, I read this every day because I’m a tech nerd. I’m also, unusually, a music teacher, and a student last week came into my room while I was checking Phandroid and asked if it was a dating site. I just stared at him and said “Phandroid. Phan. Droid. PHAN. DROID.” He still didn’t get it, so I said “you know I’m married, right?” and he said “well… maybe it isn’t going well.” *sigh* So I had to explain that a) I’m happily married and b) the truth isn’t THAT much cooler than a dating site. No, it’s a tech dork site, not a dating site. And yet the kids still love me.

  301. I come to Phandroid for everything Android, but lately it’s been for Galaxy Nexus news =D

  302. first rate reporting on the latest Android news brings me back every day to Phandroid, not to mention amazing contests such as Holidroid!

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  306. I NEED to know what is going on in the world of Phandroid and Android as soon as news breaks.  I am addicted and need my fix!

  307. I enjoyed reading about the progress that Android is making, and I can’t stand dealing with the haters and iPhanboys on other sites.  I know Android isn’t perfect, but it is my platform of choice.

    Phandroid is great because it is a place for people with common interests to gather, and they are always on top of the stories before others.

  308. Android + news = what’s better than that?

  309. I read Phandroid because my whole household is now #TeamAndroid and if I don’t tell my husband what to do with his phone he would have no decent launcher, no case, no cool apps and I would have to kill him for breaking his brand new phone.

  310. I visit phandroid because I want the best information about the best products, so far I haven’t been let down. <3

  311. Well it’s either this or engadget so yeah lol

  312. So glad I have some downtime while at work or id miss todays contest, but WTH? Where’d my post go? ok Ill go again while i’ve got time.
    I keep checking and read everyday to keep up todate on everything Android related. What else? ;)

  313. I read you guys everyday because you are QUICK to post breaking news. Other sites should learn from your speed and professionalism.

  314. There comes a time in everyone’s life when you get busy reading, or just zone out and watch TV. Reading the news on Phandroid and getting help from day after day, week after week, month after month, and year after year is swell. The website is not only easy to read, but also has a dedicated following with other that have fallen in love with the Android OS. Man, I could really go for some Ice Cream Sandwich OS…

  315. I just ducked out of family dinner to check phandroid, that should tell you all you need to know! :-)

  316. I read this website to keep up to date on rom development and info about my devices. This is one of the better structured websites and I can usually find an answer to most of my questions involving rooting.

  317. Kitten, I read phandroid everyday because sometimes, stuff happens, somebody’s gotta post about it, and who’re you gonna call?!

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  319. I read Phandroid to stay away from my kids!!!!

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  321. I just ducked out of family dinner to check phandroid. That should be all you need to know! :-)

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  323. Android news with a sense of humor….ok, it’s really to win stuff.

  324. My husband reads your posts, and news all the time on  The other week he was unable to figure out a setting on his Samsung Captivate so it was off to the for a quick and easy search for the answer!

  325. With the Android platform growing by leaps and bounds, I read Phandroid daily to keep up with what is going on in the Android world.  I check in on Android Forums daily to keep up with rooting information on my devices.  And I would dearly love to add a Kindle Fire to the collection I’ve got going!

  326. Android news with a sense of humor….ok, it’s really to win stuff.

  327. Phandroid keeps me up to date with whats important in my life. My one stop shop.

  328. I have followed on twitter phandroid for quiet some time. I have also followed Androidforums, but not as long. I follow you guys because of the interesting articles that relate to android and tech. I am extremely interested in tech because of the solutions and ease of life it can bring. Reading about android and all around tech has made me more aware of the tech world, and I think it’s wonderful to have websites such as phandroid and androidforums because of the interesting articles they bring. These giveaways are just a bonus and I thought I would try everyday to win just to see if I had any luck. Lets get some random luck!

  329. I read because I’m a phandroid myself! :D

  330. I post/read here cause I just like keeping up with what’s going on with Android.

  331. What gets me to read every day? The simple fact that Phandroid always has the Android news I want before anyone else. You guys rock!

  332. This forum cured me of my apple addiction.

  333. I religiously read phandroid everyday, often using the app or visiting the site several times a day, BEST SITE EVER

  334. I have to admit it was the “ph” spelling that got my attention a long while back, but I keep coming back because of the great device and app reviews.  Contests like this are the icing on the cake!

  335. I read Phandroid every day because I am addicted to keeping up with the latest news, whether it be new apps, info on updates for my phone or other phones, and general news that related to Android. I like the variety of what is covered as well, from apps to Apple’s latest lawsuits…

  336. Phandroid has been my android fix since before android was officially available on any phone…i guess you could say I have just always been a phan!

  337. I started reading Phandroid to learn more about the G1, and I’ve stuck around because of the app suggestions, and to get the news that TechCrunch or Gizmodo don’t give me.

  338. I like to read phandroid because I can’t get enough android news and you are great!


  340. I read Phandroid everyday to get the latest gossip on all things android!

  341. I read Phandroid everyday because you guys are the best in delivering the latest and greatest in android news!

  342. To find out what phone to upgrade to.  And to see when new stuff is being pushed to my many android devices.

  343. Simple: my addiction to all things Android. Phandroid is the oldest and still greatest site out there.

  344. I read Phandroid daily because I am a tech geek who is really into the whole Android craze and like to keep up with the latest news. Wayy more interesting than the Iphone and IOS! 

  345. Phandroid offers alot of android news, which is what we all love.  and indirectly form a nice little community as well.

  346. I read Phandroid so I can get my fix of ‘Droid news every day

  347. I love reading all the new gadgets and features that come out plus the contests ;)
    Go PhanDROID! Rawr, >:0

  348. Uh, I think it’s obvious, to feed my Android addiction!

  349. I’m in the process of moving on from the webOS camp, and I would check precentral and webosroundup along with a few others, at least once a day.  Now that I got my wife a Razr, and I’m waiting for the Galaxy Nexus, I’ve been checking out some Android specific sites.  I have found that phandroid is my favorite, and is the only one that I follow on twitter!  Your frequent posts and news stories are awesome.

  350. I come here for the huge variety of android related news! 

  351. I check Phandroid everyday because they are always updating their site with new information about all the new android devices. Also I’ve been trying to find out when this damn galaxy nexus is coming out!!!

  352. I checked multi times a day because I love being considered the cell phone expert of my friends and family all because I read regularly! Plus I love all the apps of the day.

  353. I read it daily to get the most current information on new Android products and Apps.

  354. I check because I am a Phandroid!

  355. I like to read Phandroid for many reasons but one of the reasons that brought me here was the Tips and Tricks. The section sure did help me out when I was an android n00b :)

  356. I follow phandroid to get the most out of my phone and to keep up with the ever evolving android platform.

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  358. I visit phandroid for the news and also for the community. They’re generally more friendly than some other boards and I like it!

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  366. At 7:36pm with 348 comments and 20 minutes to go:

    I refresh dozens of times a day, because, I’m a fan of exponentially advancing technology, and this site does a great job staying on top of it.

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  375. I don’t know… I’m just assessed or so my wife said…

  376. Waiting for galaxy nexus

  377. Because I’m a nerd……..just like everybody else checking this site everyday.

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  386. I have been a phan of android for a long time. Partly because I was exceptionally anti-Apple and partly because I like the ability to do whatever I want with my phone. You guys were the first site I hit up, I visit phandroid because I love tech, I love rational arguments with people who are not sheep and I love being part of a community

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  391. is the Tim Tebow of android sites.  It always delivers when you need it the most, with the latest from the android community.  

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  394. To be honest, it is the enthusiasm. And the writers are able to transfer that to me as I read their articles. Even if its a phone that I may not have been that excited about they were able to engage me and show me the good things. While at the same time I appreciate the time and research they put in to providing the information that we read!

  395. I’m feeling rather random myself.  I read Pandroid to keep up on the latest news on all things Android.  I follow a couple of forum topics cause there are a lot of very knowledgeble folks following Phandroid.  Phandoid has always helped me make informed choices and keeps me intellectually stimulated.

    Thank you Phandroid

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    Keep rocking Phandroid!

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  398. I came here at first so I wouldn’t look like a complete moron when I got my first Android device by not knowing how to use it.  Now, it’s like there is a vacuum in my news area of my brain that has to be filled with phandroid news and gossip. Or, as Carl would say, “there was a rumbly in my tummy that only Phandroid could satisfy.”… or not.

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  402. I read Phandroid because its a source for Android only news and because its the only site that openly mocks Apple and their non-sense. 

    I visit the AndroidForums to discuss games for Android. Its a great place to learn about new games as developers are frequently posting threads about their new games and users who want unknown or new games to get out. Its also useful for when you get stuck with a game, whether its in game (don’t know what to do) or outside the game (can’t get it to run), someone knows something that can help.

  403. I read Phandroid daily/hourly so I have something to argue with my co-workers about. Duh.

  404. I have been coming to phandroid ever since I had my og droid. Found you guys by happy accident and have learned a lot from the forums here and your always up to date news of android. I guess you can say its the quality content and devoted community that keeps me coming back. Happy holidays!!

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  411. I have been coming to phandroid ever since I had my og droid. Found you guys by happy accident and have learned a lot from the forums here and your always up to date news of android. I guess you can say its the quality content and devoted community that keeps me coming back. Happy holidays!!

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    Keep doing what you’re doing,
    Scott Attula
    P.S. I’ll be leaving for college after finishing high school, and I could really use some of this stuff for “learning” ;)

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    Also… I need to know when the GNex comes out so I can literally run out of the Zoo during work and buy one, even if it means the animals run after me because I forgot to lock the gate!;)

  451. I read this every every day so I can find out how to maximize my phone and fire, and also in the hopes of randomly being chosen to win something by commenting. 

  452. to find my next

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  454. Okay, my only reason for following everyday is to find out about the Nexus (before that it was about the Galaxy S2

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  459. The vast community of unbelievably helpful people. They are always incredibly knowledgeable and precise in their answers. After soft-bricking my droid x (twice) and having a plethora of immediate responses on how to fix it, I decided I would help contribute. I am now an avid responder to other people’s problems and have learned much of what I now know about Android from this wonderful place. Thank you so much everyone, you’re awesome!

  460. It’s plain and simple: Android fan, lover, hater, tech nerd, if you want the latest and greatest in news, Phandroid’s the place to be. Awesome community, awesome site, and awesome content.

  461. 2 words. holidroid. Contest.

  462. Selling phones is not a job of mine, but more of a hobby, and the only place to keep up to date with new android devices is :)

  463. I read Phandroid daily because they give me great information on anything Android related.  It helped me make the best decisions when purchasing new phones for my wife and I.  I read tons of reviews to narrow down the best phones.  I also read the reviews for the tablets and apps.

  464. It’s all about ANDROID!

  465. I read phandroid as the main source of Android-specific news (generally right after I read engadget).  The thing that keeps me coming back is the community and personality of the writers (and I’ve met some of you in person when you came to Baltimore!)

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  467. I love Phandroid because I’m a college senior about to graduate with a degree in Journalism.  I use you guys as a reference point for what makes great reporting: Your timeliness, willingness to work and post articles 24/7 with breaking news, and informal yet professional writing staff.  Phandroid is everything I want when I think about the career path I’ve chosen.  Also… I love android (Duh!)

  468. Reading Phandroid everyday (and sometimes multiple times a day) keeps me up to date on things going on in the android world. As a result, I’m who all my friends go to for advice on phone related matters. 

  469. I read this site everyday because of the lovely blue background.

  470. I’m here for all my Android/Google news. Recently have been coming here more often for more juicy details on the Galaxy Nexus, the Transformer Prime and now the newest Sony Nozomi! Too many choices, love Android!

  471. I read phandroid every day because I can’t get enough android

  472. I come to Phandroid to get the most recent Android news and I go to the forums because the people there are the only ones who are crazy enough to understand me and my obsession. I WANT MY NEXUS!!!!

  473. What gets me to read is all the writers keep it real Q is like my big bro Kevin is like my drinking buddy Rob is like my best friend from when I was 6 and Chris well Chris is like the new kid that moved on thus block that will do just about anything for a bet 2 prove his worth.(sorry chris)

  474. Recently I’ve been checking every day for for the more in depth coverage of apples lawsuits

  475. Not only is on top of their game with accurate news on everyone’s favorite mobile operating system, it does so with a flair and lightheartedness that most other websites seem to lack.

  476. Because I’m a sucker for all things android…

  477. Started looking to find information for deciding on a new phone, and now I come back to see what awesome things are happening day by day with android.

  478. I love learning things that you don’t see anywhere else. I also love reading peoples comments in this site. They are hilarious!

  479. I read phandroid to win a galaxy nexus :D

  480. I read the site everyday in order to stay on top of the latest android news. I also use androidforums so that I can unlock my phone’s true potential

  481. Oh and on a side note, it’s not everyday, it’s more like every 5 minutes. :)

  482. I check everyday for news on the latest and greatest of course. You guys do an awesome job of keeping on top of everything!


  484. I check this forum on a daily basis because there is far less speculation and actual good info. The moderators and admin staff don’t show a blatant bias as do on some other sites. The community is tight nit and even though some threads get heated the infractions and banned threats, or threats of closing aren’t there. Everyone says their piece and we go on. 

    Mostly though, I check this place out every day because I thought it had the coolest name out of all of the other forums out there. Droid life? meh Droid Forums? Blah
    Phandroid? It fits the community and it’s catchy. Thats why i check it out

  485. It’s become a habit of mine ever since the launch of the original HTC Evo 4G to stay in the know with anything Android. Each day (more than once) I open both your application for news and lurk the forums for answers. All in all you can say it has become part of my life. I’m addicted to phandroid!

  486. I stay up to date on the AndroidForums to learn about new ROM’s, etc.


  488. I have been reading Phandroid for a couple years now, ever since I got my OG Droid on launch day and Phandroid was a default feed in the news feed app I downloaded.  I have continued to read Phandroid every day to stay up to date on Android information because I love reading about new devices and apps, my family depends on me to steer them in the right direction for phone.  I also love the way that Phandroid articles are written, often with a nice touch of comedy in them. 

  489. This is simple Phandroid in my opinion is on the ball with the most Android info and usually has it first It is set up on my bookmarks first and the info goes down from there

  490. OBSESSION. That’s what makes me read everything on this site every HOUR. 

  491. it’s a very honest and detailed set of posts from a group of people that seem very casual but dedicated to what they do.

  492. I’ve got Phandroid’s RSS in my Google Reader setup. It’s one of the few feeds that I keep up with every day. I read it to keep up to date with the latest devices, the latest features of new Android releases, and the highlights of the independent ROM scene. Often I click through to read what the commenters have to say and occasionally I comment myself.

  493. I read Phandroid multiple times per day because they provide breaking news written by great journalists! 

  494. Best site for Android news :]

  495. This was the first site I came to when I bought my first android phone (OG Droid) , and I’ve been coming back everyday since to keep up with the latest news and info.

  496. I love the new amd constant updated artiles that Phandroid writes up. The contest are great and the context in which the articles are written are great.

  497. Although i’m fairly new to the website, it’s the best for upcoming phone news and reviews. Before i buy any new tech, i check here first for news and reviews. Great site and great community

  498. The great people on the forums.

  499. I always want to find out about new apps and new phones for android.


  501. I find myself in Androidforums based on a Google search constantly.

  502. I’m a fan of the latest news you guys put out on Android. Keep up the good work!

  503. Because I always get the most up to date info about everything android!!

  504. omg – not sure if I will squeak in or not, but I love everything android, and I love the perspective phandroid brings – not just from the bloggers, but from all the commenters. I get a great mix of reviews, news and, yes, contests! (ps – I love the gift guide, as well – added a few things to my amazon wish list – thanks!)

  505. I read Phandroid daily, because it is quite simply put the most informative knowledgeable source of all things android

  506. greatest source of android news and reviews, period

  507. I love phandroid because it covers the most relevant and interesting android news that I’m interested in.  Far better than any other site

  508. Well, cause the news is simply, the best in the Biz ;)  What else must be said?

  509. I check everyday because I want to sound like I know what I am talking about when discussing android. Another reason is because I know alot of people that are iphone fanboys and I always find info on here that I can use during our android v. Iphone debates.

  510. Hope I made it. I read phandroid mostly to keep u[p on the latest phones.

  511. What gets me to read every day is I love keeping up on the latest Android news and these sites are 2 of the best!

  512. I just loving hearing about the latest android commentary with the passion that is delivered

  513. Like the localized news for all things android.

  514. Android’s the best super-phone OS out there and Phandroid’s the best Android news source on the ‘net.

  515. I read it daily because I don’t yet have a family to spend my disposable income on, and it gives me ideas as to where to spend it

  516. I think it varies, but lately a big thing is that I’ve been desperate for news on the Galaxy Nexus.

  517. I check Phandroid multiple times a day to stay up do date on what is going on in the world of Android and the is where to find out what people are saying about the devices I care about. 

  518. Because you made good use of tools to make your site mobile and Google friendly. I also don’t notice as many typos as other sites and that makes me, the grammar police, happy.

  519. I love anything Android, I like to see what is always conning up.

  520. The site is a trusted resource.  I’ve only been around since the Evo and you helped in my rooting it and others.  That’s huge.  It is nice to have a trusted site to get tips and information when there is so much out there.  

  521. What keeps me reading every day is keeping up on all the latest aggregate news on all things Android, it helps to keep me sane at work :) Keep it up!

  522. Its about the love.

  523. I come to phandroid to satisfy everlasting obsession with everything Android.

  524. I read everyday so I can squeeze every bit of functionality out of my phone.

  525. For the awesome android info and for awesome contests like these.  

  526. I read Phandroid to be in the Know!

  527. I read Phandroid every single day because you have the latest, & most frequent news related to new devices such as the Galaxy Nexus and Transformer Prime :)