portable power

Save $200 on the MAXOAK BLUETTI EB240 Power Station

Lithium power banks for smartphones have been around for years, allowing us to charge our gadgets while on the go, but if you’re looking for something for an extended camping trip or need to replace a gas-powered generator to keep the lights on in your home in case the power goes out, the MAXOAK BLUETTI …

Deal of the day

OnePlus 8 gets a massive $100 discount

The OnePlus 8, an Editor’s Choice Ward winner here at Phandroid, is more compelling than ever today thanks to a new discount that’s being offered! Usually priced at $699 for the 8GB/128GB variant and $799 for the 12GB/256GB option, OnePlus has slashed the price by $100 for both models!The phone has already proven to be …


Amazon’s Echo, Echo Show and Echo Dot get new features and much-needed redesigns

Amazon’s Echo lineup has just been updated for 2020, delivering a complete redesign for the entire product line while also cramming in new features and capabilities that propel the Alexa-powered speakers and displays ahead of the competition.When looking at the new lineup, it’s hard not to notice the fresh new look for the entire product …

Use the force

37 Awesome Easter eggs in Google Assistant for Android [VIDEO]

There has been an Easter egg in every new version of Android since Gingerbread. Google Search is also full of Easter eggs (this one is our favorite). So it’s no surprise that Google Assistant has Easter eggs, but we were blown away by the amount that we found


Poco X3 NFC review: the budget smartphone everyone should buy

This year we’ve seen quite a few flagship smartphones promising new technologies that will change the way we use our devices and new camera setups that deliver images we never thought we’d be able to capture on a smartphone. The Poco X3 NFC does neither of those. It’s a budget-friendly 230 Euro smartphone with a forgettable …


Samsung’s Galaxy S20 FE outshines the upcoming Pixel 5

If all of the recent phone launches haven’t left your head spinning, then get ready for some more. Samsung has been rumored to be launching the Fan Edition of the Galaxy S20, which is essentially a “dumbed” down version of the company’s flagship. Now, the rumors can be put to rest, as the Samsung Galaxy …

This is it

Google’s not done yet: The Pixel 5 could be the show-stealer of the year

While the Pixel 4a continues to struggle with stocking concerns, Google is gearing up for another smartphone launch. But this time, we’re going to be getting the company’s 2020-21 flagship with the Pixel 5. The company has already confirmed that it was in the woodworks, but thanks to Roland Quandt from WinFuture.de, we now know more …