Act Fast! Save up to $350 on these last-minute Prime Day deals

The clock is ticking, and time is running out on Prime Day 2021. Now’s the time to load up your virtual shopping cart with the best deals before it’s too late. You definitely don’t want to have that feeling of regret tomorrow when you realize you should’ve just gotten that thing you had your eye …

Please no

The Pixel Buds A-Series aren’t as perfect as we thought

It’s been less than a week since the Pixel Buds A-Series has been available for purchase, but problems are already cropping up. No, these aren’t the same connectivity issues that plagued the last-gen Pixel Buds. Those were caused by how the Buds connect to your phone and connect to each other. Instead of both earbuds …

Track it all

Track all the things with the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag and it’s 50% off

Prime Day is rapidly (and thankfully) coming to an end, but we’re still eyeing up some deals that you should check out. Apple’s AirTags were long overdue, but Samsung actually beat Apple to the punch with the Galaxy SmartTag.Toss this in your backpack or purse, and then you can keep track of where your things …

Not over yet

Prime Day take two: check out these insane deals with up to $750 in savings!

If you thought Prime Day was just for a single day, you’d be sadly mistaken. Thankfully, Prime Day is still ongoing, so there’s still some time left to save hundreds of dollars on a lot of fantastic products, devices, and accessories. From smartphones to robot vacuums and smartwatches, you’re running out of time to grab …

Make The Change

8 settings every Android phone user should change

So you’ve got your brand new Android phone out of the box, here are some of the settings you might want to consider changing that could improve the way you experience and use your smartphone.

Game On!

Save $132 on one of the best Android gaming phones of the year

While we’re happy to see Samsung’s vast lineup of smartphones discounted for Prime Day, one of those options may not be your cup of tea. Maybe you want to step up you’re mobile gaming prowess and have been waiting for a solid deal on a gaming phone. Well, RedMagic has you covered as the RedMagic …

Fix the crashes

Is your Google app constantly crashing? You’re not alone and here’s how to fix it

Early this morning, reports started rolling in claiming the latest update for the Google app, Podcasts, and Lens was continuously crashing. A prompt would appear revealing that the apps were crashing, while the Google Discover feed was unavailable. It appears that there is something going on with version of the Google app, as this …