LG Nitro HD, White Galaxy S II Skyrocket Now Available at AT&T


As of yesterday, both the LG Nitro HD and Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket in White are available through AT&T both online and in stores. The Nitro HD is the latest Android Gingerbread smartphone from LG and features a dual-core processor as well as a namesake 720p HD display. The white Galaxy S II Skyrocket, which also features a dual-core CPU and large 4.5-inch display, brings a new color option to a handset that has already been available a few weeks now. Both handsets support AT&T’s LTE network and both will set you back $249.99 after contracts and rebates. Head over to AT&T’s site now to learn more or make a purchase.

[via AT&T (Nitro HD, Galaxy S II Skyrocket in White)

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  1. Yuupp!!!

  2. I
    actually tried the Nitro a few weeks ago because I wanted to give the new LTE
    network a try and honestly, it wasn’t the best phone ever. The service was
    pretty fast, but the phone had too many problems. Instead I got the white
    Galaxy S II Skyrocket and I love it. The phone is super responsive, the battery
    lasts me all day even with LTE, and it just looks fantastic. AT&T’s LTE
    network is perfect for streaming! I tried the service when I was at work with
    the DISH Remote Access app that lets me stream live TV and recorded shows from
    my SlingLoaded receiver to my phone and it was awesome. Whether I was at work
    at DISH or whether I was at home, the LTE was spot on and insanely fast. Don’t
    get me wrong, the LG Nitro was a great phone, but it just didn’t do it for me
    with battery life mainly. If you’re going to get an LTE phone, the Galaxy
    Skyrocket is the way to go!

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