Google Benches Checkout in Favor of Google Wallet


Google Checkout is going the way of the dinosaurs. We’re going with the “evolved into birds” theory for this metaphor, as the redundant Checkout has been merged with Google Wallet. Both services accomplished similar goals, and seeing as Wallet has become a primary focus of Google, the elimination of Checkout sounds like a no-brainer. Those using Google Checkout will be prompted to shift their account to Google Wallet, a process that should be easy enough.

[via Google Commerce]

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  1. So, when are we going to get Visa and Verizon on board with this? I’m hoping to be doing some holiday shopping with my Nexus (assuming Verizon gets their act together sooner rather than later.)

    1. Now that’s optimistic.

      1. Agreed

  2. “easy enough”. i just signed in at google wallet’s site – everything from my google checkout account was there waiting for me

  3. At first I was like =( but as with all things Google (and like Chriskin said) I just signed in and it was done! Thanks Google! Making things easy, awesome, and simple as always!

  4. I bought an app yesterday and noticed that the Goole Wallet logo was showing instead of the usual checkout. Logged in to Google Wallet today and all my checkout stuff was already there. Pretty seamless. Now if the Google Wallet app can become available in canada.

    1. The Android Market’s Developer Console still says Google Checkout, though, and links to the old for orders, etc. That’ll probably change at some point too.

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