WhatsApp is starting to gain more popularity in the US


The mobile messaging scene in the US is kind of unique. While the rest of the world turned to third-party messenger apps that work cross-platform around the world, the US continues to rely heavily on text messages like RCS. This is why WhatsApp in the US isn’t as popular compared to other regions in the world, but that could be changing.

Meta’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently posted on his WhatsApp Channel that WhatsApp is starting to see “double digit growth in message and daily users” in the US. It is unclear what could be contributing to this sudden change in growth, but perhaps the addition of new features such as AI could be helping.

According to these statistics, the US is ranked fourth in terms of the total number of WhatsApp users. However, when it comes to penetration rate, the US doesn’t even make the top 10. Zuckerberg doesn’t dive into specific figures, but it is interesting to see this sudden shift in growth.

One of the main reasons why people use WhatsApp is that it is platform agnostic. Android users and iOS users can chat with each other and enjoy similar security and privacy features as one another. This is versus the whole blue bubble-green bubble issue. It also supports voice and video calls, polls, media sharing, and more.

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