AT&T is charging customers extra for faster 5G speeds


The speed of 5G is dependent on several factors. One of which is which type of 5G is being used – mmWave or sub-6GHz. Signal strength also matters, where worse your coverage, the slower the speeds. But now it seems that your willingness to open up your wallets matters, at least as far as 5G on AT&T is concerned.

AT&T has announced AT&T Turbo. This is an add-on plan that the company is selling that will apparently offer “faster” 5G speeds. Or as AT&T calls it, “enhanced data connectivity”. This is basically where if users need to have the fastest 5G speeds possible, maybe for streaming or gaming, they can pay for it.

This AT&T Turbo add-on plan is priced at $7 a month for eligible plans. Customers will not have to sign a contract for it. This means that if they decide it’s not worth the extra $7 a month, they can cancel it anytime. Basically what AT&T is doing here is prioritizing certain types of traffic. This includes streaming, video calls, and gaming.

If you’re doing something else, like browsing a website, reading emails, and so on, it won’t be at “turbo” speeds. In any case, if you’re interested in this add-on plan for AT&T’s 5G, you can head on over to the AT&T Turbo website for the details on how to sign up for it.

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