Samsung Galaxy Nexus LTE Revealed to be 9.47mm Thick on Updated Google Landing Page, Verizon In-Store Poster


Soon after Google unveiled the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, it was reported that the LTE version on Verizon would carry a bit more girth than the 8.9mm HSPA+ version of the device. The exact figure remained a mystery…until now, that is. Google has updated their US Galaxy Nexus site with the phone’s specs and an interactive 360 degree view of the device. With LTE packed inside, the GNex measure in at 9.47mm. That is less than a millimeter of additional thickness, hardly adding to the phone’s overall footprint. The LTE version of the phone also gets a slightly bigger battery at 1850mAh compared to the GSM versions 1750mAh battery. The additional size brings the weight up to 150 grams.

The thickness is again confirmed on material arriving in some Verizon stores, namely a poster detailing the upcoming Android 4.0 handset. The arrival of such materials further suggests that recent rumors of a launch sometime next week (before Black Friday) might just pan out.

[via AndroidForums, Google | Thanks, woodraskam and interestingman!]




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  1. I’m gonna go insane and punch myself in the girlcatcher if I don’t get a damn release date by tomorrow!!!  Come on Verizon, F your gayzr, the hype is over!  Give us our nex fix already you teases!

    1. Get that on YouTube, and be sure to explain in the title exactly why it is you’re hurting yourself.

  2. gimmie. gimmie. gimmie. gimmie.

  3. ah damnit, so it’s going to comparably weigh the same as my Droid 2?

      1. 150 v. 169 is pretty close, almost undetectable w/o a scale

  4. This thread is useless without a release date… :)

    1. Truth

    2. I completely disagree.  I am pleased to finally have the specs on the actual thickness of the LTE version.  I am even more pleased to know that it has a bigger battery.

      1. I wonder if it will last longer than the HSPA+ model.

        1. If it’s anything like the other LTE phones, I doubt it.  The bigger battery is probably just so it doesn’t die after a few hours.

      2. I was joking. I'[m actually excited to hear ANY kind of new news.

    3. then don’t respond in a useless manner.

      1. 11 people caught the playful, harmless humor in what I wrote. One person was evidently as big of a stick in the mud as you are. I was kidding… nothing more, nothing less.

  5. I have a good feeling about today, i think today is the day they let us know the US release date. come on people POSITIVE thoughts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Meh, tired of disappointment… I recommend everyone resign yourself to the idea that this phone will be released sometime early 2012; Then, if by some miracle, VZW manages to NOT bungle this launch like it did to the bionic it will truly be something to get excited about when they actually DO give us a firm 2011 release date.

      1. I said POSITIVE thoughts. POSITIVE. we all need to sit in a circle and sing kumbaya or something

      2. Mathius Duarte (probably wrong spelling) said on “On the Verge” that is coming to US in november. I’m with @yahoo-NOCGF4INNLYCJEREG3YUPZEF7Q:disqus … I think it’s gonna get annoucned either today or Monday.

      3. people still say “meh”?  

        1. people still say “that’s hot”?

          1. Daaaaaang.  Background research.  I’m impressed.

  6. Can I just buy a GSM phone outright at BestBuy please… i’ll choose my own carrier thank-you very much…

    1. That’s what I’m waiting for!

    2. Expansys has it unlocked: http://ow.ly/7yvSK 

  7. @Tyler….agreed.

  8. lose some weight fatty!

  9. Just take my monies and give me the phone please! Pretty please!

  10. …by the way. Can anyone explain to me why they have us purchasing movies through their Movie app, Android Market, and through YouTube? That is probably one my biggest qualms with Google… they love to make redundant, almost competing programs that confuses consumers. I love Google stuff, but this kind of stuff strikes me as poorly thought out…

  11. must have this phone. quit teasing us!

  12. Is anyone else feeling like VZW only wanted some period of exclusivity so they could NOT release the phone (neither could any other carrier), and they could get a little more life out of their bloatware phones?

  13. Wow BTLS, mental issues much?

  14. so if this isn’t slimmer or weigh less than razr or rezound, and their camera shutter is as fast, and this is no wider in size, only a tiny bit longer, then why do we want this so badly?

    i am not a”root my phone” person and don’t give a hoot about “bloatware.” does that leave it being all about ics? cause both the other phones will get that.

    1. the rezound is 13.7mm thick:

      1. the Rezound is probably the thickest smart phone you can get..

        1. Rezound is such a fatty fat, fat-fat. 

          1. The Rezound doesn’t feel that bad in the hands. the razr is so light and thin though, I was very surprised.

        2. not really.  check before posting.

          1. then tell me, which is the thickest smart phone that is modern and up to date currently?

          2. a Rezound fanboy who thinks his phone is superior, compared to the Nexus. I think he’s butthurt that Rezound is too thick. Much too thick for a phone.

      2. Barf!!

    2. I own a thunderbolt currently, holding the razr i feel like I’m going to crush it in my hand or drop it.  I honestly feel it’s too light/thin (not a fan of built in battery either). Holding the nexus felt just right, not too thick and not too thin.

  15. YES, it only adds an unnoticable amount of thickness to the phone, but packs an 1850 mAh battery due to that. Can’t wait any longer for this phone…

    1. Tells us how that extra battery helps because I hear that the HSPA+ version will last 2 days on moderate use, I get around one day on my Nexus S right now.

      1. imagine if we switched the batteries i think they would be interchangeable anyways hopefully so if we can last two days maybe 3 can be attained with this battery.

  16. It’s only 0.5mm thicker, which is thickness of a fingernail.

  17. price pleaaaase

  18. Forgive my ignorance, but anyone know if ICS has the ability to turn off LTE?

    1. I read some posts about people with pre-release LTE Nexus phones that mention turning off LTE. People can do it in Gingerbread, I would assume you could with ICS as well. 

      1. Cool, that is what I figured, but was unsure. That will certainly help my battery life with the Nexus as my market does not have LTE yet.

    2. Yes, I can confirm you can.  The one I played with had LTE off.

    3. If it doesn’t come built-in (I would be surprised if it isn’t), there are apps on the market (LTE Switch, LTE OnOff etc.) that, if they aren’t compatible with the Nexus, will have versions that are compatible in very short order.

  19. very exciting.  This will be my phone for quite a while i think

    1. kind of figures considering you’re stuck w/2 year contracts now.

      1. or can pay retail on a whim……

  20. it doesn’t feel thick or heavy at all, it actually felt perfect in my hand, after getting hands on I’m even more excited to get this vzw galaxy nexus.  I also just found “droid prime” accessories in my shipment form for tuesday’s delivery.

    1. hahaha, they actually covered this durring the announcement: 

      “I’m sure many of you are wondering, How does it feel….. How does it feel when you hold it in your hands……..The answer is, completely natural…. IT FEELS INCREDIBLE IN THE HAND. You AREN’T holding a PHYSICAL ARTIFACT, you are simply holding information, AND IT FEELS NEARLY WEIGHTLESS”   

       hahahahah, just thinking about the statement makes me laugh!

      Watch @ 16:30

      1. it’s true it feels just right

  21. I hope someone will come out with a new back for this phone that doesn’t say Verizon on it.  No advertising for these clowns.  I like the fact that there are no names on the front of the phone.  I’m going to be extremely pissed off If I can’t at least order this phone this month.

  22. The main google galaxy nexus page confirms 
    Video out with Micro-USB

  23. Yaaaay!

  24. I need this phone.

  25. what i dont like is that it says verizon on it and not google makes me feel like its just another verizon phone and not a nexus aside from being vanilla android…

    1. I agree.  Much cooler if it just says Google on it.  At least it doesn’t say anything on the front.  It bothers me that my DInc says it right on the front. 
      But at least the DInc says “with Google” on the back – apparently the GNEX for VZW does not mention Google at all.

  26. Have we been told what the three dots on the side are yet?

    1. docking pins

    2. You are so behind, its for the dock plain and simple

    3. Dock contacts. They were mentioned during the ICS event in HK.

  27. There is no sign of GSM version for US specs, however UK specs shows 3G, EDGE, GPRS. IF UK version is GSM then it got the smaller battery 1750 mAH while LTE version got 1850mAH battery.
    UK version http://www.google.co.uk/nexus/#/tech-specs USA version http://www.google.com/nexus/#/tech-specs Funny thing is if you click on help it says Nexus S on the browser title. Google dropped the ball on this thing. I am waiting for this phone for a few months didn’t do my update and now I don’t even know that T-Mobiile is going to get one or not. Not Happy :(

    1. What are you talking about? yes there is the spec sheet listed the hSPA+ version with t-mobile frequencies the day it was announced whether you will have to buy online or not it will be compatible with US devices.

      1. I know that but it is not in the specs yet and we don’t know when it will be available, through T-Mobile or unlocked. They announced this thing almost 1 month ago and we still don’t know how to get one.

  28. Cool, nexus page updated with a video.. not sure if its new but it’s new to me!


    1. Much better than the Droid commercials that don’t highlight anything!

  29. end of android, apple granted the location patent. 

  30. announce ittttttttttttttttttttttttt

  31. Lol. All I read on the title was Samsung Galaxy Nexus LTE Revealed – “release date” was my next thought. 

  32. Tmobile pleeeeease!!!

  33. Probably an extra bit thicker for that VZW bloatware crap they had to stuff in there

  34. That supposed In store poster is a huge PHOTOSHOP FAIL…SMFH

  35. How can this phone not have the word GOOGLE anywhere? Google needs to get as stiff as Apple…Any Verizon branding on the iPhone? I think not…

  36. Soo sick of waiting.

  37. I might be using ICS on my Razr before this phone comes out ! lol

  38. It’s thinner than the Epic Touch 4G at the thinnest. That’s good enough for me.

  39. I just head that GNEX will be released on Black Friday. This is from a salesperson @ verizon

  40. I read an email this evening from verizon that said the galaxy nexus release was pushed back to mid to late december. I wouldn’t have believed it but my friend owns the store and showed me the email cause he knows i am wanting this phone.

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