Asus Transformer Prime Gets its Own Take on the Smart Cover, Now with more Folds


Remember when the Galaxy Tab 10.1 received its own smart cover accessory? It seemed like a questionable move considering Apple’s penchant for suing the pants off Samsung. The iPad, however, was not the first device to deploy the protective flap, and it certainly won’t be the last. The ASUS Transformer prime is getting it’s own take on the design, and keeping in line with the tablet’s name, added folds allow the case to transform into three different configurations for propping up the slate.

As The Verge points out, the real smart cover for the Transformer Prime would be its detachable keyboard with extended battery, which can be folded over to protect the device’s display when not in use. The origami-like smart cover is a great deal cheaper, however, at €39.

[ via The Verge]

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  1. ipad cover doesnt support the device well while laying on a bed or couch, this looks like it gives much more support.

  2. Wish there was a video to show it in action.

  3. The big smart part of the iPad cover is the screen on/off/unlock function.

    1. The smart part of your post is………………

  4. How quickly does it folw into this shape? I am not sure I feel like constructing origami every time I need a stand…

    1. From the look its a simple process
      Step 1: folder corners in
      Step 2: prop Transformer on it
      Step 3: ???
      Step 4: Profit

      1. I see what you did there….
        I guess the gnomes found something better than underpants

  5. I love it!  Asus innovation instead of copying IPad.

  6. So we are at the point where we buy paper cases? I think I will stick with my leather targus cases.

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