Judge Upholds Injunction Against Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Germany


Samsung may have gotten their victory in the Netherlands but I’m sure Apple’s not mad at the latest decision in their Germany lawsuit. A judge has ruled that the preliminary injunction against Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (which effectively blocks the sale and advertisement of the device in Germany) will not be lifted.

They didn’t indicate whether or not this injunction would be permanent, but Samsung will have a chance to make an appeal or countersue Apple. Surely you don’t think they’ll take this one lying down, either.

While we’re not sure how much Samsung values their business in Germany, we’re almost sure they don’t value it low enough to brush the decision off and move on. We’re in for a lengthy one, folks. [FOSSP via Gizmodo]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Thank God! Apple is the most innovative company in the world. Their intellectual properties must be protected!

    1. Oh yes, because a vague design like this is sooo innovative!

      1. Looks like my HP monitor without the stand holding it up.

      2. it looks like someone just put a square inside a square and called it a design

      3. I remember drawing something like that in engineering class in 1996..

        I’m about to sue the shit outta Apple!!!

    2. Do you know what the word “innovative” means? I’ll give you a hint: Apple didn’t “innovate” the idea of rounding off the corners on a rectangle. They did, however, invent the idea that they were the most innovative company in the world as a way of gaining the support of sheep like yourself.

      1. whoa..give him a chance..hes a moron apple user oops i means iphone user…they arent technically knowledgable…and slow..granted im not the brightest light in the room either…but wasnt by choice…

    3. dumbass alert with a dumbass comment.

  2. @Albert, I’m assuming that must be sarcasm. You know, because the issue at hand is basically a rectangular display with borders.

    Pretty innovative stuff.

  3. Nein nein nein nein nein!!

    Hitler doesn’t like this.

    1. I have a feeling one frustrated Samsung employee made that.

      1. Man there’s one of these for everything. Trips me out!

  4. Break off your 10″ netbook’s screen, and you got a basic tablet. End of story, this is absurd.

    1. I guess apple invented the laptop screen and bezel as well.

      1. Yup, and LCD monitors.

  5. I can’t imagine what a judge is thinking in order to pass this decision. Without all of the information it seems ubsurd to a company pay like this. I for one will never buy an apple product again.
    This is nothing more than bullying because you can. This whole patent system needs to be reworked world wide.
    It leads me to think that apple is buying these court rulings, I can’t see any other way that this could keep going on. I’ve seen both tablets and they are nothing alike. Is it possible that apple has a patent on thinness? I’ve seen other products that look more like apple products than what Samsung is putting out but apple doesn’t go after them. I have to question that, it would seem to me that apple is harassing Samsung in which case maybe a lawsuit needs to be filed by Samsung for that against apple.

  6. Then they need to come up with something else!

    1. If this line of thinking was carried over into other industries (cars, TVs, computers, home appliances, etc.) You’d only have a handful of manufacturers in each industry. Don’t believe me? Have you ever lookied at a car or TV and thought it was by one manufacturer only to find later it was by another? Do what apple did and remove the brand name and tell me if you can tell a Samsung hdtv from an LG or Sony or Vizio.

      Thanks to apple, there is now precedent for other industries to do this as well. What this means is less players and higher prices. They just innovated less competition! Magical!

      1. Apple invented lessening of competition.

        1. apple reminds me of a famous leader back in the 40’s,yeah one with the dumbass mustache.

      2. Thank you!!

        I mentioned this before at another site:

        Take the name Asus off my home monitor and Samsung off my work monitor…and please tell me how you can tell the difference?

        Look at hard drives for PC’s, disc drives for PC’s. Take the names off each and please tell me how can you tell em apart? Especially with a disk drive…all you can see is the front of the disc tray.

      3. On the other hand, it could spur more creative thinking in the area of product design. That’s what consumers need in this market of me-too devices. I’m a graphic designer and I get upset when my co-workers steal my ideas and present it as their own.

    2. Good idea, man. I’d love to see them come out with a smart phone that isn’t rectangular or mostly screen. That way, we could all have circle and triangle shaped smart phones with no screens! Brilliant! I call dibs on the circle! That way I can sue everyone who uses wheels on their products!!!

  7. Something’s not right. How on earth can any reasonable human being say that a design as basic as that can be infringed upon? The Netherlands were correct- form follows function. So a tablet design will be a rectangle, with a screen surrounded by a border. Apparently, they’re trying to pull this crap here too. Hopefully, the US court will agree with the Netherlands.

  8. … f**k germany

  9. I’m sure in all fairness that Samsung could have designed it to look different from the iPad. Use the iPad 2 as inspiration, but don’t come too close to the look and feel. It shouldn’t be that hard. Samsung should now redesign their products to differentiate them from Apple’s products. They’ve tried copying and it didn’t work. Now man up and do the right thing. Apple spends a lot of effort to differentiate their products and their customers love the results. Samsung should do the same.

    1. .Umm have you seen the back of the Galaxy tab? It does not at all look like an ipad…! Neither does the front, the Galaxy tab doesn’t have a home button… You know what looks like an ipad? The hp touchpad!


      1. Look at the design of the Galaxy Tab before Apple revealed the iPad 2. Notice how it looked closer to the Motorola Xoom? After Apple revealed the ipad 2, Samsung redesigned it to look close to the iPad 2. Samsung deffinately went too far in the redesign. The first time I saw the Galaxy S at a local Radio Shack, I thought it resembled my iPhone 3 GS. Samsung needs to stop the copying and create their own differentiated product look. it’s that simple.

        1. you ride the short bus when young huh?

          1. Based on your sentence structure, I’d say the opposite is true. LOL Now run along and find something other than writing to do.

        2. iphone looks like an lg prada which ummm came out before any iphone,odd isnt it?

          1. So you really think the iPhone looks like the LG Prada, huh? Maybe you should look again. LOL. In any case, anything before the iPhone was crap, including the LG Prada.

    2. oh sure and looks alot like an ipad when someone messes with photos as innovation is an innovation of lies…..

  10. Germany is Europe’s largest economy, so they’ll value it a bit

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