Sep 9th, 2011

You and I both know by now that Google’s betting on the future of the mobile web, probably more than anyone. Their desire to create a lush mobile web applications ecosystem shines through in their latest shot at a programming language.

Dart is supposed to be a structured web language that will heavily appeal to developers making mobile applications alongside nice desktop applications. While details on it are pretty light right now, we can’t imagine it won’t work together with Google’s Go language to create an even more flexible environment for developers.

The problem with mobile web apps vs native apps is that people think web apps simply aren’t fast enough, but that’s sure to be a focus with Dart once Google does announce it.

I don’t know how long it’ll take the mobile web to unseat native applications, but Google believes that unseating will certainly happen. We should be getting an announcement on October 10th. [Engadget]