iFixIt Guts the Motorola DROID Bionic in Latest Teardown


Ever wanted to see what the inside of a bionic robot looks like? Well, the DROID Bionic’s no bionic robot, but it is one hell of a nice phone.

If you’re the type who likes to see what’s going on beneath the hood, iFixIt has posted their teardown for it. Apparently it was easy as pie to take apart which is a sigh of relief for those who would rather do repairs themselves. Take a look at the full breakdown over at their site.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Sweet. Now please find a fix for the light bleed coming from the bottom 1/4th of the device (where the glass meets the frame). It’s really annoying when using the phone in the dark.

    Has anyone else noticed this?

    Otherwise the build quality is impeccable… as long as you don’t mind the cheap feeling plastic back cover. :o)

    1. What LCD doesn’t have light bleed? And in the dark, forget it.

      1. Maybe bleed isn’t the best way to describe it because my DX didn’t have this issue at all. the backlight from the LCD can be seen between the glass below the 4 buttons where the glass meets the chassis. This “problem” is not inherent with the LCD and has more to do with space between the LCD and the rest of the phone and their lack of designing a barrier to block the light.

      2. Exactly why Plasmas are the superior technology and screens. Well, that and literally every aspect of picture quality is better on them.

        1. Whoa, plasma has a permanent gray color to it compared to black on LCD’s. No light bleed on plasma but it has a permanent gray to it.

          Pardon me if there are some non grey plasmas out there of higher quality but I haven’t seen em.

          1. Actually, plasmas display much deeper and truer blacks than LCDs and LEDs. The high end ones, like the Elite Kuro 9G, have a black level of 0-that’s equal to an OLED. No LCD has come close to that. And even the budget models have blacks deeper than many LCDs out there.

            LCDs also suffer from black crush: basically, less detail is displayed in shadowed and dark scenes. The way LCDs work, they can’t properly display dark scenes. Take a game for example. On a plasma, you can see a plant and grass shadowed by a tree. On an LCD next to it, you can’t see that plant and grass.

            I’m guessing they gray you see is in a store, such as Best Buy, with the lights on. The lights stores use expose the deep, gray layers of the phosphor, and kill the light from an LCDs blacklight. So while the LCDs blacks appear deeper, turn the lights off, and it reverses.

          2. Hey thanx for that Stephen! Completely true about the lights making the LCD’s look better. I did some serious shopping last year and actually brought home two different LCD’s only to be disappointed by the amount of light coming through the black images.

            Best buys lights are pretty low but it was still hard to judge the contrast of the LCD’s. When next to an LCD, I saw grey on all of the plasmas. Maybe its different in the house though I dunno.

            I would love to see a plasma with blacks similar to OLED considering how bigger and cheaper they are now.

      3. This is in reply to your other comment, it won’t let me directly reply to it: anyways, no problem. If you’re still looking for a TV, I highly recommend the Panasonic ST30. It’s the best bang for buck plasma with deep blacks, solid color accuracy, and an all around great picture. If you want the best TV of the year, get the step up VT30. And if you want one of the best consumer TVs of all time, find a Pioneer Elite Kuro 9G on craigslist. They’re expensive, but 3 years later, they’re still the best TVs ever.

        When you get the set home and watch it in normal viewing conditions, you’ll see why videophiles still say plasma is the way to go. Set it to Cinema, and watch a Blu Ray like the Dark Knight since it has a lot of dark scenes, and you’ll be blown away.

    2. It’s caused by the soft keys backlight. Happens on the Droid 3 and X2 as well. Small design flaw, but(at least on the D3), it’s only noticeable on a black screen.

      1. Ok, that makes sense… It is fully noticeable on the bionic even when the screen is on. Thanks for the info.

        1. Oh, I didn’t notice it on the Bionics I used. Maybe it’s an issue with the Bionic since it’s thinner than the Droid 3. The soft key backlights are probably closer to the glass.

  2. did not notice that last night at all….will take a look later though…

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