Aug 29th, 2011 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 2:42 pm

Last week we lamented on Verizon’s lack of a Nexus device, and it appears their streak might just continue. A source has told BGR that VZW will launch the Samsung Droid Prime in October, the device we have heard rumored as the Nexus Prime. The handset is still planned as the flagship device for the launch of Ice Cream Sandwich (much like the Motorola Droid was for Eclair), but for Verizon’s release the Nexus tag looks to be dropped. The launch of the Prime is the reason why Verizon chose to skip over the Samsung Galaxy S II, deciding that the Ice Cream Sandwich handset would be more competitive with the upcoming iPhone 5.

Whether or not the Prime makes it to other carriers carrying the Nexus name or if we will see a Nexus device unique from the Prime is not known. But if it ships with a stock version of the latest update to Android and features specs that best the Galaxy S II, it might just be the phone to have this holiday season.

[via BGR]

[Update]: Just a minor update – the name “DROID Prime” seems to be premature. Whatever it’s called, we’re almost sure “Nexus” will be in the name and “DROID” won’t. [Droid-Life]

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