Google TV Not Going Anywhere Soon, Platform Looks to Expand


Speaking at the Edinburgh International Television Festival, Chairman Eric Schmidt reaffirmed Google’s commitment to their struggling TV platform. In fact, Schmidt says Google TV is looking to expand with more partners moving forward, pointing to a limited selection of hardware and software integrated into televisions sets, devices that consumers buy sparingly. With a new build of Google TV in the pipeline, the planned release of the platform in Europe, and a new set of hardware waiting in the wings, the tech giant hopes to make another big push in the coming months. Schmidt also did not deny talk that Google could leverage its recent Motorola acquisition to place Google TV directly into the set-top boxes dished out by cable companies.

While we here at Phandroid are avid supporters of the platform, we admit that the platform still has some work to be done. Google seems bent on making the internet television revolution a reality, if only to find a way to reap the advertising profits of the main source of media consumption in the household. For now, Google has enough excess funds to keep pumping money into the business in the hopes that someday it will take off.

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  1. Has any google tv unit gotten android 3.2 yet? With Ice cream sandwich around the corner they’d better hurry up or skip it altogether and roll out ICS!

    I am still in need of a viable alternative to internet on my TV…my wii browser blows.
    Yet it is the only device that comes out of the box with wifi-connection capabilities.
    I don’t like all the cables to and from the tv. So a tv with google tv built in is more than welcome over here! Just make sure it has android market and at least android 3.2

  2. well, i got the $99 GTV, i couldnt live without it. having internet, pandora and live Tv on one screen is where its at!!

  3. I’m still waiting on the official launch of 3.1 on Google TV. The beta firmware on the Logitech Revue is still incredibly unstable and they are now looking to be behind in the launch time frame since the summer is almost over.

    1. Hey, as long as they’re working on it I’m fine with that, My GTV ain’t going no where so when the update rolls out I’ll be ready for it

  4. Drop the Intel requirement, add ARM support. I think it would make the hardware cheaper.

  5. As soon as I heard about GTV I hit my local BestBuy, picked up the Logitech Revue and I haven’t looked back since!!! I love my GTV, don’t even really need my laptop anymore cause I can read e-mail and search the web AS I’m watching TV. I love you, Google

  6. If they really want it to expand, they need to allow phones and tablets themselves to be able to become GoogleTV boxes … for example, hook your phone or tablet up to the TV and you get a GoogleTV interface. That would be a great selling point too.

  7. How I wish they would strike a deal with Sony and either allow (via an update) for ALL PS3s to run AndroidChrome or some derivative or, release a brand new PS3 with AndroidGoogle pre-loaded. I’d buy another PS3 for that type of functionality and that would put the kibosh on Microsoft leveraging Xbox on its handsets!

  8. my wife got me the revue for xmas last year, for full price… i cant imagine it not being there, i use it everyday, mostly to browse the net and watch tv shows, yes i watch tv shows…theres tons of tv and movie streaming sites that run fine on the google tv chrome browser….so i dont need hulu, but it would be great if google buys hulu…

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