Samsung Unveils ChatON Messaging Service as BBM, iMessege Competitor


Samsung is rolling out their own take on cross-platform messaging with the introduction of ChatON. The service supports group chat among other features such as the ability to share a “trunk” of photos and videos. For now Samsung is just providing a brief overview, but the platform will be on display in full at next week’s IFA events. After ChatON’s coming out party the service should start making its way to handsets worldwide.


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  1. Proprietary IM programs suck. Stick with the mainstream stuff like AIM, Yahoo, etc… so everyone can use them and nobody has to sign-up for ANOTHER service and keep ANOTHER program running in the background.

    1. This.

      If you don’t use Google Talk, you can just send me a text, thank you very much.

  2. Another one? OMG
    I’ll stick to Google talk, google+huddle, whatsapp and sms messaging services.

  3. This will definitely dispel all those rumors that samsung copies apple. I wish the android manufacturers would innovate vs just blatantly copy.

    1. Yes, because Apple invented instant messaging.

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