AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint Galaxy S II Models Revealed


After the tragic news broke yesterday that Verizon would not receive a Samsung Galaxy S II proper, a new image is revealing the look of the three versions of the handset slated to be unveiled on August 29th for the other major US carriers. AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint variants of the Galaxy S II are pictured. Samsung has kept the designs more similar this time around, seemingly avoiding the drastic differences of the US carrier variants of the original Galaxy S. Verizon will very likely receive a handset with almost identical specs with the addition of a 4G ration (and possibly a 4.5-inch screen). The carrier is also rumored to be in the running for Samsung built Nexus Prime with Ice Cream Sandwich.

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  1. Is It Just Me Or Does The T-Mobile Version Look Alot More Rounded?

    1. Yup, it is. Really makes the phone look bad.

      1. I’d gladly take the T-Mobile version over the Verizon version.


        1. There is no Verizon version.

          1. thats the point

          2. #facepalm


      2. I like the roundness…just not the incredibly huge screen ): The others are so rectangular and boring. I really miss how ATT’s Galaxy S was drastically different than the rest.

      3. You have horrible taste.

    2. Yup. It’s the worst looking one.

      1. I don’t know.. if the T Mobile version was facing front like the Sprint version it would be better to tell.. but I suspect there is little and maybe even no difference..

      2. Really? To me it’s by far the best looking one. Love the screen size too! Too bad I’m on Sprint.

  2. damn, at&t’s looks good, but yeah, i’ll stick with the hercules :)

    1. I thought the hercules was supposed to be t mobiles version of the S2…? so is this not it?
      are you saying they would get a phone 99% identical just .2″ larger a few weeks later?

      1. The Herc is the SGSII. All the SGSII variants have the (stupid) 4.5″ screen. I’ll get the Herc anyways but I’d really like to have the UK SGSII instead. It just seems that the us makers think bigger is better and I, for one, don’t want a dell streak sized phone at all. 4” is great and a 4.3 would be just that tiny bit of screen real estate I was looking for. But in the words of The Rolling Stones…. “you can’t always get what you waaaaant”

        1. Having used the UK SGII for a few weeks now, I think the 4.3 inch display is the perfect balance. It’s large enough to feel you are not losing anything, and small enough to fit well in the pocket and hand. I’ll be sticking with 4.3 from this point forward unless they put larger displays in the same size enclosure.

        2. The Dell Streak is a 5-incher. That’s definitely too big. My Droid Charge seems to be an excellent size (4.3″), but I wouldn’t mind something 4.5″.

          1. 4.5 is perfect if they keep the same size as Galaxy S2 i9100

          2. I personally like the Dell Streak’s size.
            So much real estate….

            I love the Infuse size as well.

      2. nah i know that the hercules is t-mo’s. what i meant is that to me at&t’s version of the gs2 looks better, but i’ll stick with t-mo’s hercules anyways :)

  3. what I don’t get about this is does it really make sense for the rumoured nexus prime to come out barely a month after these phones will? I do really want to see it in October but this news makes it a but hard to believe.

    1. It’s hard to believe for me as well, but I’m secretly hoping that they will just release it in December like usual.

    2. I have a feeling it’ll be later then Oct. It could be but if we don’t see heavier leaks of images and other rumors/info of the Prime next month which is a month away from Oct, then I think it’ll be out in Nov-Dec. That’s about the same timing of the first Nexus and Nexus S. Then again, Google’s yearly new UI and other things are revealed around Oct so yea, it could be Oct. Not to much longer of a wait..

    3. Also Sprint is rumored to bring the iPhone 5 in mid October.

      1. dont tease us all with this nasty rumor. That would be great! my upgrade is in November, I hope that is true.

      2. This is a PhanDROID site. Don’t blaspheme here.

        Management :)

    4. The sooner the Nexus Prime comes out, the better. I’m still holding onto my D1 and was really looking forward to the SII coming to VZW, but now I have no choice but to either change carriers or wait for that to come out instead.

      I might have considered the Bionic, but I still feel a bitter taste in my mouth about the hugely delayed Xoom LTE upgrade.

      1. Verizon not getting the SG2 highly suggests their getting the Nexus Prime so I wouldn’t jump ship just yet :-D

  4. I just can’t wait to see these things in action on video. They look so much better in person.

  5. That AT&T version looks just like the infuse 4g…kinda dumb having two identical looking phones on the same network. Gonna confuse the hell out of joe schmos everywhere.

  6. The AT&T version is going to be the best …but it looks identical as The Samsung Infuse 4G also the phone I have I wouldn’t switch just for a dual core

    1. How will the AT&T version be “The Best”? They’re all THE SAME. T-Mobile at least alphabetizes the app drawer.

      1. AT&T does too. At least my Captivate does. Anyway there’s an app for that regardless.

  7. From right to left they get more rounded?

  8. I was hoping for the physical Home button and 2 capacitive buttons for Menu and Back like on the overseas models. But, I still am getting the Sprint version when it comes out!

    1. I think Samsung didn’t put the “Home” button on the US versions, since it would just give Apple another reason for money wasting lawsuits.

      1. As An American: I Feel It’s Because The American’s Are More Idiotic.
        If The iPhone Thing Were True They Would Have Stopped A Month Ago…

  9. Why is Sprint’s sexiest? Oh wait, Sprint is for the sexy kids ;D

    *waiting for someone to troll me…*

    1. Sprint’s is the ugliest imo. Tmobile’s looks like sexy nexy and at&t’s looks most like the international galaxy s2

      1. That sure was a halfassed trolling

  10. hahahahahahahaha….<— to big red customers…rofl…where's your big red now? rofl..sorry i just had to

    1. Ummmmm we’re getting the Nexus Prime. So…. who’s rofling now? I might just be roflamoing.

      1. But goog will offer it to all carriers… so that doesn’t make you special anymore… does it?

      2. *rolls my eyes* come on..you really think big red is going to take a pure google experience? with restrictions on NOT adding bing or bloatware to their phone…yea right…then look at how many times verizon passed up on the nexus phones…

        nexus one: tmobile att (verizon and sprint bailed)
        nexus s: tmobile att sprint…(still no verizon)…
        nexus prime: ????? (but i’d bet it’s no verizon..)

      3. Sorry I Didn’t Know Verizon Announced That…

  11. I’m sorry, but these phones are getting too large. I need something that fits in my pocket and doesn’t swallow my face when I talk on it.

    1. I have a used Samsung T619 at home if you’re interested :) It has a 1.5″ flip screen!!! DO NOT PASS THIS DEAL UP!

  12. Good Luck with getting update on time guys.

    1. All you have to do is root, rom, and enjoy :) BWaahahahaaa :)

      My Droid Charge doesn’t have Gingerbread…. oh wait, yes it does….now ;)

      1. My Vibrant has NinjaBread too, what’s the problem.

  13. Definitely a nice looking phone, but I think I might actually go with the Xiaomi Mi-One (MIUI Phone) over this due to its price/openness/etc. Not sure…

  14. The T-mobile version looks awesome. It’s a nexus s on steroids. Can’t go wrong with that.

  15. I’m definitely getting this phone, but my only worry is, will Samsung’s reputation for slow updates hold true for this phone? I really they change they reputation when ICS becomes available. am i Hoping for too much?

  16. A BIG disappointment that its not the same as international version. I’m out, not interested in US version.

    1. Hardware buttons are unnecessary.

      1. Oh. I had no idea Hardware buttons could be homosexuals.
        Oh wait. You meant Gay as in stupid…in which case the word
        stupid would have worked better here

        1. Whoo, you tell ’em Carmen.

      2. No need for bashing. Im straight with many homosexual friends. Cut the crap and grow the fuck up.

  17. Good Luck with getting updates

  18. Never again will I buy a Samsung phone after the galaxy s 1. Don’t ever expect an update if you buy the galaxy s 2

  19. I hate you Verizon. Why do you torture me.

  20. I am so glad I switched from Verizon to AT&T. Their customer service is excellent, the network has been as good or better than Verizon where I have traveled, and kudos to them for bringing the GSII on time and without the ugly modifications they put on the Captivate.

  21. I would really like to see the US market not totally molest a new phone for once…. KISS = keep it simple, stupid That’s how we want it!

  22. I love the tmobile version. THe other just look like a regular rectangular device(like every other android phone) so if i was going to buy one, i’d buy the Tmobile version.
    Besides I love the Herc from what i have seen

  23. Sprint versions is a lot better than the other carriers

  24. …my friends @ work are about to be MAD…again.

  25. Samsung has Cyanogen now. Does that mean.. faster updates? I root my device anyways so :p, i would be happy with any model honestly. i’d be staring at the sexy screen all day anyways. but they would all look like great devices in person. i hated my vibrant when i first got it. im glad i did though.

  26. Well I had been had the Galaxy S II and didn’t even know it. I got mine on May 14 from At&t (Infuse 4g).

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