Aug 26th, 2011

If you feel something ominous on the horizon, no, it isn’t Hurricane Irene. It’s the Motorola Droid Bionic, which should be launching within the next couple of weeks if these numerous leaks are any indication. (OK, it also might just be Hurricane Irene). Our anonymous source is back with an update on the handset’s battery life. Following up on our initial report, our source says:

“30% left with 15h 50m 56s on battery.
48% Cell standby, 44% Phone idle, 6% Display, 3% Android OS.
The above is average usage: 2 5-minute video clips (speakers are pretty loud), browsing the net for about 1 hour, checking e-mails from time to time. WIFI off though. 4G all the time. Uploading/downloading a few 8mb files.
Notable feature I really like: Pocket detection. If you put the phone into your pocket, it automatically turns off the screen and locks.
Motorola really put a lot of work into this phone…”

Pocket detection? Hmm…me likey the sound of that. We expect (or at least hope) Verizon to finally go official with a release date any day now, but its very possible they will wait until the very last minute to announce it. Oh, and before we go, here is another leaked render courtesy of Pop Herald giving us a pretty good view of the Droid Bionic’s thickness.

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