More on Droid Bionic Battery Life, Pocket Detection Mode (Plus: New Render Shows Off Thickness)


If you feel something ominous on the horizon, no, it isn’t Hurricane Irene. It’s the Motorola Droid Bionic, which should be launching within the next couple of weeks if these numerous leaks are any indication. (OK, it also might just be Hurricane Irene). Our anonymous source is back with an update on the handset’s battery life. Following up on our initial report, our source says:

“30% left with 15h 50m 56s on battery.
48% Cell standby, 44% Phone idle, 6% Display, 3% Android OS.
The above is average usage: 2 5-minute video clips (speakers are pretty loud), browsing the net for about 1 hour, checking e-mails from time to time. WIFI off though. 4G all the time. Uploading/downloading a few 8mb files.
Notable feature I really like: Pocket detection. If you put the phone into your pocket, it automatically turns off the screen and locks.
Motorola really put a lot of work into this phone…”

Pocket detection? Hmm…me likey the sound of that. We expect (or at least hope) Verizon to finally go official with a release date any day now, but its very possible they will wait until the very last minute to announce it. Oh, and before we go, here is another leaked render courtesy of Pop Herald giving us a pretty good view of the Droid Bionic’s thickness.

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  1. Since Verizon decided to not get the SGSII, I guess its either this or the Nexus Prime. I’d rather wait for the Nexus, but if that doesn’t come to verizon, then I’ll be really upset.

    Verizon has been lagging behind in terms of phone choice.

    1. Why would anyone want an SGS2 over a Nexus Prime (I guess other than maybe having to wait another month or two). Stock Android and the rumored HD screen? Yes please.

  2. I would like pocket detection too. More than once I’ve pulled my phone (OG, CM7) out of my pocket to find that 3515#1357**93#3# (or something similar) is not a valid emergency number.

    1. I normally keep my phone in my shirt pocket, and was always sending texts of gibberish until quite by accident I found that giving the power button a light push turns off and locks the screen.

  3. I wonder if Moto is going to release APIs for the pocket detection mode. I’d imagine you could come up with some, err, interesting apps.

  4. The atrix already has pocket detection

    1. As do the Droid 2 and Droid 2 Global.

      1. And droid 3………..its dosnt work very well

  5. What bugs me is having this glowing TV in my pants (that’s what she said, yeah, I know). You might be walking around some snobby art gallery in Soho with your drawers lit up like the main attraction.

  6. the photon4g has in pocket detection

  7. I would much rather have the best made phone now then a future phone that no one knows is even coming. The SG2 is the best device made, Why would anyone pass that up for a future phone that hasn’t been ever on Verizon in the past, The Nexus phone would be fantastic on Verizon but the Nexus phones give the pure Android without carrier bloat and that hasn’t been Verizon. Snap the fuck out of it Verizon, give your customers what they what. If the # 4 carrier in this country can put out the best Android phones why can not the countries # 1 carrier?????

    1. You won’t be sayin that you want the best phone now when all of your friends get better one trust me I got the droid christmas right after it came out then my friends ended up getting better ones a little while later personally I’m waiting for the right phone to come out so I can still be even with other phones for another two years

      1. i swear if thats what your planning on doing then youll be waiting for the rest of your life, TECHNOLOGY IS ALWAYS CHANGING. Last year it was 1 ghz processors, early this year it was dual core, soon it will be hd screens and 1.5+ ghz processors next year it will be quad core. just pick a phone, it will be “advanced” for the time being until the next wave arrives

  8. Sounds like a great battery life…probably went down to 10% at about 20 hours or so?

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