$299 Costco Droid Bionic Bundle Throws in Dock and Extra Battery, More


When the Droid Bionic launches, reports indicate that you can pick up the handset from Verizon for a hefty $299 after signing up for a two-year contract. Or you could really get your money’s worth and get the Bionic via Costco, where the handset will be offered for the same price but bundled with a desktop dock, a car dock, an extra battery, and a charging station for said battery. The leaked flyer claims it to be over $150 worth of added value. Costco will begin receiving their Droid Bionic displays on September 8th, with sales of the phone starting shortly after.

[via DroidForums | Thanks, michael!]

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  1. I guess I know where I’ll be getting my Bionic from now….

  2. How about the Webtop dock… forget the other stuff. This makes the pill less bitter but I want the PRIME!

  3. That’s only contract pricing. If you’d like to buy the phone outright, Costco does not sell them. I’m buying my phone at retail price (sell my current one for 200 bucks). No more contracts for me.

    1. Why are you so excited to be off contract? It’s not like that will save you any money.

      1. Because it means that I’m not tied to a carrier. I can simply move to whomever has the best plan/phone. Isn’t it obvious?

        1. i hate contracts cause once ur in one, unless u cancel it, u cant buy another phone for a decent price.

  4. The dock is going to have usb and hdmi out, so you will be able to buy a wireless keyboard and use your tv as a screen. I saw this in the verizon droid magazine.

    1. There are two docks that look the same. This is the standard charging only dock with a headphone jack. The HD dock has the better features for nearly double the price

  5. Before I was like “Eff the Bionic”, but this has made things interesting.

  6. I recently bought a Droid Charge from Costco. If I wanted to return it within the 90 days and get a Droid Bionic instead, would I be able to do this? Would I also have to restart my 2-year contract?

    1. The Verizon little teller place where they have the phones has their own rules and regulations. I don’t think they abide by the Costco 90 day policy. Verizon itself has a 14 day return policy without you getting your activation money back. You would not have to restart you 2 year contract as those terms are different. I can get a new phone and not renew my contract which is up in November of this year.

      1. If you can wait until November, you may find it worth the wait…

  7. Well then. I was going to wait, but 2 docks and an extra charger? Mine! Less than a fortnight remains.

  8. Does anyone know if you can use a new every 2 upgrade with this and still get the accessory pack?

    1. Yes, it’s your last one… enjoy!

    2. According to sources at Best Buy and Verizon Wireless, One can only get the new every two discount from a corporate Verizon retail outlet such as a VZW store, online at verizonwirelss,com or by calling Verizon and doing a phone sale. Otherwise, third-party retailers don’t get to pass on the savings. I’m still thinking it’s worth it for me to return to Costco (I cancelled earlier this year) and get the package. I’d eventually purchase all the extra anyway.

  9. And I was thinking of pre-ordering next week…:(

  10. All Bionic sales are cooming with this packagethats why the map is suprisingly high when 1st leaked. costco let the big suprise out of the bag, im sure VZW and moto are pissed o_O

  11. Would like to make a quick comment here. I personally won’t be getting this particular phone (due to current contract, etc…) but this sounds like a very good deal. I was trying to think outside the box and tried to put myself in Apple’s position, seeing all these new rockin’ (and I mean GREAT) Android phones appearing from everywhere and every manufacturer. They have got to sh*tting their britches. The amount of super phones coming in from everywhere has got to worry them. And these are only the tip of the iceberg!! In a few months or less, we’ll be having quad core phones with HD screens! Sheesh man… too bad Apple. You’ll have to continue to steal ideas and hope for the best. By the time the iPhoney5 appears, it’ll be so far outdated and considering the rate of development for the Android lines, the iPhoney6 will be so far behind next year….. Kinda makes me think Mr Jobs knew EXACTLY when to let go. Peace. (So many Android phones, so little time…)

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