Nokia Tries to Remain Relevant By Commenting on Google/Moto Acquisition


I’m not one to usually lash out at Android’s competitors when they comment on industry happenings, but Nokia’s comment on the Google’s acquisition of Motorola makes no sense to me. It screams “read me, I need my name to be relevant because, as of now, it isn’t.” Here’s the statement in question:

“This further reinforces our belief that opportunities for the growth of Nokia’s smartphone business will be greatest with Windows Phone. This could prove to be a massive catalyst for the Windows Phone ecosystem. Additionally, with our respective intellectual property portfolios, Nokia and Microsoft are working together to build and nurture an innovative ecosystem that benefits consumers, operators, developers and other device manufacturers.”

It makes no sense to me because I don’t see how the acquisition could be a “major catalyst” for them and I don’t see how Nokia believes this will help them. For the time being, the acquisition is about patents and protecting Android.

Google didn’t take a competitor off the market and the acquisition won’t change anything on the forefront. This acquisition isn’t going to get a Windows-based phone out of the door any faster and it certainly won’t help revive their free-falling market share. You’re staring to sound like a bitter old hag, Nokia. In short, we don’t want to hear it. [Engadget]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I hate the use of the word ecosystem while referring to a non biological environment. Its just a mixture of operating systems and hardware.

    1. OS and HW are parts of an ecosystem. They are not the ecosystem. “Hate” is such a harsh word. Maybe you want to replace it with “don’t understand”.

      1. lol +1

      2. I think it is perhaps you that does not understand the posters “point”.. Look up the word ecology.. It’s the study of the relationship between “living organisms”.. Yes hardware and software have a relationship that may be comparable to an ecosystem, but using the word as a description, would similar to saying someone is an “Operating System Biologist”..

        1. Yup, I don’t understand why you think just because the origin of the word is biological it can’t be used in another manner. Lookup Urban ecosystem, Media ecosystem, Digital ecosystem. But I do understand the frustration, I “hate” it when people use mice for the plural of mouse. But it’s so widely use, it became an acceptable form and I learn to let it go. No biggie, life goes on :D btw, I’m talking about the non biological mouse.

  2. Nokia missed a GREAT opportunity with Maemo. Oh well, sucks to be Nokia

  3. LOL WTF does that have to do with the Gootorola deal!?!

    On the money Quentyn.

    You know what though, this helps Nokia because MS profits more from Android so Nokia in turn is better off because MS is better off… yeah Nokia is crazy.

  4. Funny, and somewhat ironic, that a blogger would comment on someone’s need to be heard about a topic that doesn’t affect them.

    As for not making sense, think first. The acquisition will be a catalyst for companies to move towards Windows Phone in case Google decides to give Motorola preferential treatment. Google went the licensing route because they had no hardware capabilities. Now that they own Motorola, a model like Apple’s may be more appealing to them.

    If I were Samsung or HTC I would be reevaluating my options now with regard to Windows Phone.

    I know this an Android website, but let the readers be the fanboys and the writers be as objective as possible. That means thinking before you write something stupid calling someone else stupid.

    1. They’re both already producing Windows phones. Nobody is buying them. They’re not just going to stop producing Android when they currently have most of the marketshare and the Windows phones aren’t selling.

      1. Agree… the same reason why they don’t stop producing WP7 just because Nokia went to bed with MSFT. Samsung even have their own OS (Bada). “Don’t put your eggs in one basket” as they say.
        I think they are selling WP7 just not as many as compared to their Android phones. Unlike Logitech Revue, negative? Outch!

    2. I sort of see your point in regards to the acquisition, but remember that Google’s intention with Android is to get their search engine on as many devices as possible, not to make money off Android licenses/device sales… Many people miss the fact that whether someone is viewing the web on WinMo, iPhone, or Android, they’re still looking at Google’s ads.

      But no, I don’t think Google acquiring a patent portfolio for the sole purpose of defending it’s partners (HTC/Samsung) against patent trolls is anywhere near the catalyst required to make them jump ship from the free mobile OS that 50% of the world’s smartphone users use.

      Blatant attention whoring as stated imo.

    3. Companies aren’t going to choose to move from making a product that brings in money to making a product that doesn’t sell. If google bought a marshmallow factory, you wouldn’t expect all of the other marshmallow factories to increase their production of baconmallows. WP7 sells about as well as a bacon flavored marshmallow. As long as the people want Android, it will be made. Companies like Samsung and HTC don’t have the leeway to just stop producing their cash cows just because of a perceived imbalance in the market.

      1. Well put +1

      2. Where can one get these baconmallows? They sound tasty! LOL

    4. Google wants Android on MORE phones not less. Giving Samsung and HTC the cold shoulder would reduce the number of Android devices sold.

      Why on earth would Google want to tarnish the friendship they have with Samsung who is making some of the best Android phones out today??

    5. “The acquisition will be a catalyst for companies to move towards Windows Phone in case Google decides to give Motorola preferential treatment. ”

      You mean, like, the preferential treatment Nokia will “no doubt” receive from Microsoft among WP7 partners?

  5. Poor MicroNok, always with the trailing “don’t forget about us” plea for relevance, they’re as insecure as a pre-teen with new braces, they are sooooo afraid of being left behind, and rightly so.

    1. What else can they do? They don’t have a product out yet.

  6. Quentyn, I think you are missing one point. If Google doesn’t play their cards right with the other phone manufacturers, you might see them defect to Windows Phone 7.
    This could be a boon to Microsoft, but this will not happen in the near term.

    1. But WP7 devices simply don’t sell. No company would decide to just stop making money because they think another company has an advantage. If Google bought a marshmallow factory, you wouldn’t expect all the other marshmallow factories to increase their production of rockmallows.

      1. One of the reasons I believe WP7 has not been a major success is that HTC and Samsung are not creating WP7 devices that are as good as ones they do for Android. The best WP7 devices seem to be on par with mid-range Android devices. Also, don’t forget that Android wasn’t doing all that well until they came out with a killer device – the Motorola Droid. After that, the Nexus One came out and raised the bar for hardware specs. Ever since, Android has been unstoppable.

        Again, I don’t think the phone manufacturers are going to go to WP7 unless Google gives them a reason to go. If Google keeps the other manufacturers in the running for Nexus devices and doesn’t show preferential treatment to Motorola, the status quo will prevail, but you can’t help but think Google might give into temptation and give Motorola an edge.

  7. Love the title of this article, such a carefully placed silent but very stingy jab at nokia.

  8. Haha, nice article… this attention-whoring is on par with paris hilton’s sex tape.

  9. The only way I could see this helping WP7 is if HTC, Samasung, and LG increase the amount of WP7 phones to equal that of what they produce for Android…but don’t see any way that helps Nokia sell more phones…if anything it will create more compation for them and they sell even less phones becasue people will go with an HTC or Sammy WP7.

  10. How could it actually help Nokia if more competitors are going to produce Windows Phone? Is Nokia insane?

    1. Simple: Windows 7 doesn’t go the way of MS Bob, so Nokia might actually sell a phone someday.

  11. Nokia nokia nokia, Nobody gives a great got damn about what you’re saying.
    Trying to steal the thunder lol.

  12. I think Nokia is saying “See! Good thing we didn’t go with Android! Now please give WP7 a chance. Pretty, pretty please!”

  13. One of the best titles ever.

    Surely the point of the whole press release was a prelude to further fear mongering that Nokia’s CEO is going to present to the shareholders.

    The advantage here – the precedent set by Google/Motorola will likely be used as part of the sales pitch when the CEO completes the sale of Nokia up the river to Microsoft, lock, stock and barrel.

  14. The logic every analyst is applying is that if Moto gets preferential treatment then the other manufacturers will look to produce MS handsets. This is a possibility. HOWEVER, did everyone forget that Nokia already gets preferential treatment from MS? Nokia is the only company that can alter the WP7 UI. The Android platform just became similar to the Nokia/MS platform.

    This is all supply side stuff which is useful, but maybe irrelevant. If there’s more demand for Android and the license is free, then the manufacturers will always make more Android handsets. Part of the MS strategy is to make the manufacturers pay for Android licenses via patent litigation so that they could even the playing field with the WP7 license cost. MS recognizes that as long as the manufacturers don’t have to pay a license fee WP7 will always play second fiddle, more so if demand for WP7 doesn’t pick up. But if they can squeeze out Android, then they don’t actually have to create any demand for their product. Nothing new with this MS strategy, it’s one of their tried and true.

    Only 1 company makes the iPhone and you don’t see significant slowing of demand for it. Apple has a good marketing campaign and product/image management so that helps, but in the end people want it and buy it. If people want Android and the license is still open to anyone, then the manufacturers will make Android handsets.

    1. “HOWEVER, did everyone forget that Nokia already gets preferential treatment from MS? Nokia is the only company that can alter the WP7 UI. The Android platform just became similar to the Nokia/MS platform.”

      T H A N K Y O U!! And it makes you wonder why Nokia would even comment on this the way they did.

      So basically Samsung, HTC, LG and others that do both WP7 and Android could be in the exact same boat on both platforms …IF….Google started showing Motorola preferential treatment.

      1. I don’t even think its fair to call it “preferential treatment” if Moto Mobility becomes just another part of Google. I don’t think Google would push updates out to Google phones but make others wait. If anything, the update process will probably be exactly the same as they are now. Nexus, stock and Google phones would be first, as usual, others would follow on the same lame timetables they always have.

        The only thing that will change is there will be more high quality STOCK Android phones.

  15. “….Additionally, with our respective intellectual property portfolios, Nokia and Microsoft are working together to build and nurture an innovative ecosystem that benefits consumers, operators, developers and other device manufacturers.”

    The mere mention of their “portfolios” contradicts the intent of an “innovative ecosystem” they are claiming to support. If they did want said system they wouldn’t need these intellectual property portfolios they are so arrogantly touting. Another example of the silver tongued reptiles talking out of both exhaust ports.

  16. Nokia should worry more about what they’re doing, instead of what it’s competitors are doing. If this is what they’re banking on to happen, to gain market share back, I feel sorry for a lot of Nokia employees, that will be out of work.

  17. I dont see what the big deal is. Engadget gives Nokia the business over notbing, but they kiss Apples ass even though there the biggest assholes in the industry with their ridiculous lawsuits. Fuck engadget!

  18. i think somebody is a lil jealous lol.

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