Xperia Play Scores Another Exclusive with FIFA 12


The next installment of EA’s popular soccer franchise will be hitting Android early next year with the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play picking up exclusive rights to FIFA 12 for the first month of its release. It’s another big score for the gaming handset that continues to pile on quality games to its catalog. Word is the exclusive period will end in February, signaling a January release for the game. A higher framerate have been mentioned as improvements to expect in the games presentation, though little else is know about what updates to expect to the series.

[via DroidGamers]

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  1. just like the amount of comments here no one really cares about the xperia ^_^

  2. awesome!!!!!!

  3. Xperia is ending up just like Apple. Very sad.

  4. more games! … but i dont like sports games :/

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