Another Day, Another Lawsuit: HTC Sues Apple Over Patent Infringement


Taiwanese manufacturer HTC has filed an infringement suit against Cupertino, California-based Apple with a court a US District Court in Delaware, of all places. The smartphone manufacturer is accusing the computer giant of stepping on the toes of three patents with their Macintosh computers, iPads, iPods, and iPhones. The lawsuit seeks to ban the sale of Apple’s products in the US. While the specific patents haven’t been discussed, HTC says they have been granted between 2008 and 2010.

The new suit comes as a response to several Apple has filed against HTC over the past two years, and is part of a recent rash of lawsuits making headlines in the smartphone industry. Apple is currently tied up in legal disputes with various Android partners including Samsung, while Google has been on the defensive against the likes of Oracle. The recent acquisition of Motorola by Google provides a strong patent portfolio to help defend the Android ecosystem.

[via Reuters]

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  1. backfire, this is tech war we live in!

  2. HUZZZAHHH!!!!!

    I hope this suit works!

  3. We need more popcorns

  4. Go get them HTC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Apple will fall. They are working up for a big Fall.

  5. The patent system is so idiotic, that if we were to follow it we wouldn’t be able to buy any kind of mobil, computer, software … since they all break at least one patent owned by another company no matter who we are talking about.

    1. There was a discussion on NPR about this. Some author wrote a book about how patents stifle innovation. He noted that there are lot of so-called tech companies that are just lawyers. They buy a small engineering/software etc firm, then stop all development and sit on the patents. When someone else produces something using similar technology–even if it evolved separately, they sue. This stifles innovation in that people are afraid to reach forward since they have no idea who might be holding a patent that could be applied to their product/idea.

  6. Notice how HTC wants Apple products banned….I feel thats a lil show of support for Samsung.

    United we stand!!!!!

  7. Oh how the tables have turned.

  8. Hilarious! I have to patent Tech Support, and then ban everyone.

  9. Looks like we should go to school to be a patent lawyer…doesnt sound like this non sense will end anytime soon


  11. If goes through I’ll be so happy. SUCK IT Apple! ^.^

  12. If sales of Apple products are banned even for a day, it’ll cause a revolution :) not gonna happen… and Apple knows it. HTC should have sewed them outside of US first to make a test case, then bring it in :)

    1. “sewed” ? theyre suing apple not sewing them a new sweater. what revolution ? just be a bunch of iclowns crying on the street because they cant get a new battery because apple dont let u do anything with your own property without permission. Of course it can happen to Apple, its happening right now to Samsung in europe, the galaxy tab is banned from sale for the time being…it can absolutely happen to Apple here.

  13. What a twist!!!!

  14. Yea no kidding, anyone who is currently unemployed needs to take their BAR and get into patent litigation STAT

  15. I would not be happy if Apple lost the right to sell their products in the United States. I would be thrilled beyond all realms. I do want Apple to stay around as competition and choice, BUT I want them to stop suing everyone who walks the earth because they feel that it’s the only way for them to win. Just because you make a chair does not mean that you invented the chair and that no one else can make a chair afterwords. The Patent war is getting nuts… We need reform in the worst possible way.

    1. I agree completely
      And to think I jokingly said that the HTC announcement from earlier, would be about them suing apple and causing their products to be banned from the US XD
      As if I had some sort of magical prophetic power

      *random strange boy walks up to me, begins staring me down*
      “Are you a Wizard?”
      *I look at him*
      “Yehhhhsss…..Yeeehsss I am!”

    2. I completely agree. Im glad to have Apple around to help push people to innovate, but this suing everyone thing they have going on is a load of BS. I would die laughing if they got banned in the US.

      1. no one would bother innovating without them. why would you?

  16. It won’t happen, but after Apple committed purgery (see Apple Samsung lawsuit and alerted Galaxy Tab evidence) Apple doesn’t look as good in front of a court anymore.

  17. A lil taste of their own medicine, hey HTC?

    Go get em!!

  18. Either Apple should STFU. our Google should take a good look at iOS5 and ban it, ado many things have been copied from Android. I personally wouldn’t care if Apple stops crying on the other hand.

  19. Go get em HTC!

  20. *over dramatic man voice* GIve ’em hell. o_O

  21. This just in:
    Google now holds the patent for black turtleneck shirts.
    Steve Jobs has been issued a restraining order. He is not allowed to be within 500 feet of a black turtleneck. The patent on black mock turtlenecks is still in dispute.

  22. All the android manufactures should get together and fight Apple. That way they can be banned in America and other countries for a month of so. That way maybe they will learn there lesson on not to fuck with us!

  23. If this goes anywhere, it will involve a simple payoff by Apple.

  24. You know, I don’t mind apple products, But apple is being a troll to the evolution of technology, If I were HTC I wouldn’t wanna see payment just for apple to keep selling it’s products. Apple needs to be taught a lesson, even for a week of the ban

  25. HTC, what is with all of this Non Sense from Apple?

  26. When HTC acquired S3 I just KNEW this was going to happen!

  27. The one thing that sucks about this is that I’m almost 100% sure (99.999… to be exact) that they will not get an injunction against Apple products and regardless of what the courts say is the reason why, its simply because its Apple. It seems like these days companies and products are just like a cult, race, or religion. Everyone is biased. Apple is the the market leader and we all know how history has treated minorities.

  28. Hmm… and still nothing from LG. I honestly believe no company has anything on LG(patent wise). LoL!! I guess Life really is Good. Heh heh… I still love LG though. They’re awesome.

  29. Wow, these lawsuits are getting out of hand. Next thing you know Apple will sue Kroger for selling apples. Give it up and put your money into something more “fruitful” like actually competing with your competition.

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