European Ban on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Lifted by German Court


After questioning if it was even legal for a German court to ban the sale of a South Korean import throughout Europe, the Dusseldorf regional court has partially lifted their injunction on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 sales. The ban remains in place throughout Germany, but the slate can now be sold in all other parts of the European Union. The news comes a day after it was revealed that evidence in the case may have been altered in a misleading way (whether intentionally or not), though it is unclear if the revelation had any impact on the court’s change of heart. A hearing is still scheduled for August 25th for Samsung to appeal the ban, though it has been relegated to a much smaller region.

[via WSJ | Thanks, Peter!]

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  1. YAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! Ok, no really, that is great news though.

  2. They should have lifted the ban all through out Europe, including Germany. I think we are all pretty sick of those douchebags at Apple.

    1. the ban in the EU was due to the german courts ban, once its lifted, it should be all good.

  3. Apples case is falling apart. It never should of gotten this far in the first place.

  4. i really hope it sells well now that it has been lifted in most of europe and apparently soon here in australia! Karma is a B****, Apple!

  5. It’s unfortunate that people and companies don’t get penalized for filing bogus cases.

    1. Well if the appeal shows Apple doctored information and illegal actions by the lower court, I’m assuming the upper court can reverse it in Germany and make Apple pay out. Even assuming that scenario, it feels like the judge in Germany should be fired but I don’t know how serious it is to fire a judge in Germany.

    2. I’m pretty sure Apple has to pay a large amount of cash if Samsung is found not guilty.

      1. Unfortunately, that doesn’t hurt them at all because they have plenty of cash to spare.

        1. I hope it hurts their credibility more. I know so many people who actually say “well android shouldn’t be copying them. They need to invent their own stuff” when they honestly have no idea what’s going on. Its closed minded idiots that make Apple so damn popular. (And by all intents I mean to offend those “closed minded” iPeople when I say “Idiot”).

  6. I am living in Germany.. -.- Just stop this childish game..

    1. Apple is a litigation happy patent troll, just how many lawsuits does apple have going on against Android manufacturers?

      I dont see them stopping their games anytime soon…

  7. success…the best victory.

  8. Baby steps!!

  9. Suck it, Jobs!

  10. Dear Apple, thanks for letting every European know there is a better tablet then the iPad.

    1. ^ WIN

    2. hasn’t really made the headlines… plus no one stopped selling it in the ban anyway

  11. Apple: it is a rectangle shape like mine!
    is Apple now Patenting the rectangle now? my laptop screen looks a bit like the ipad you know, it’s got a front facing cam, black bezel around the screen and it is quite thin it even operates in landscape mode most of the time! i’m sure that idea was uniquely made by Apple….

  12. Wait… Apple has to compete on the retail shelf & not the court room? Now come on how is that fair? (tongue planted firmly in cheek)

    1. It is so unfair that a company as large as Apple can’t rely on the German Court system to block sales of their competitors

  13. Samsung marketing needs commercials out now. Something to do with being unbanned.

  14. They have to lift the injunction, after it came out that apple committed purgery.

  15. A free iPhone, teeshirt and some baked pastries can only go so far Apple. For a bribe to last you need cold hard cash.

  16. Galaxy Tabs, brought to you by the company that doesn’t commit purgery! ;)

  17. I think Samsug is the winner here.

    Although Samsung was unable to sell their product for one day, this one day ban brought a lot of attention to their product, which will boost future sales.

  18. awesome news

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