AT&T Launching First LTE Devices Next Week Despite Lack of LTE Network


No, AT&T hasn’t quite launched their 4G LTE network just yet, but next week will bring their first devices enabled for the next-gen technology. Before we get ahead of ourselves, neither of the two will be phones of any sort. AT&T has opted to follow the trend of other carriers rolling out their 4G networks by instead introducing a personal modem and a WiFi hotspot. The USBConnect Momentum and MiFi-like Elevate will draw their “4G” from AT&T’s HSPA+ network for the time being. Though it is unclear when LTE signals will begin their transmission, for these mobile hotspot devices prices will start at $50/month for 5GB of data with an additional $10 charged for each gigabyte used over the allotment.

[via TechCrunch]

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  1. An LTE device without an LTE network?
    Does it also come with some free leftover LSD?

  2. Yeah this doesnt seem too smart?? But what do I know

  3. What the fuck att? They have offically lost their nuts

  4. ROFL

  5. Well, seeing how AT&T is about to become the only GSM carrier in the USA, this is them not giving a fuck anymore.

  6. Maybe ATT really DOES need TMO because its obvious they have NO IDEA what the F they are doing. Who would buy a 4G LTE HotSpot with only the “promise” of an LTE network in the near future? Not me Sir!

    1. Stop believing them

  7. Good for at&t. Now they can charge even more like verizon lol.

  8. So it gets its “4G” signal from their HPSA+ until it can get signal from their LTE signal? What’s the big deal… people will need it sooner or later, right? Buy now, be on the bleeding edge, etc.

    It’s not like any other company hasn’t put something out that is (will be) LTE capable — sooner or later. Looking at you, Moto.

    1. My question is the same as yours, why is this acceptable?

  9. When do wallets speak up to say rip-off? I am on att (sadly). Sprint seems great, but the network sucks, not to say att has a good one. More and more these stories just seem downright depressing. I hate apple, the patent gorging giant with a bunch of douchebag lawyers, Google acquires moto, the dickhead company that failed with locked bootloaders and lies, What’s next?
    I love the android ideal, but it seems more and more perverted every day. I would call android a parallel to the fleecing and fucking of the american dream. apple started it, didn’t invent anything and sued, droid one, sued, samsung, sued, ms, sued, lawyers, lawyers law…Of course apple is based off of linux. To me all patents die at that. The law and how ever may douches that become lawyers each year argue. Nobody says anything about real science.
    Too many people are allowed to graduate law school. Way to many other things smart people should be paying attention to. We nerds need to get back to hacking and invent again.

    1. All of the Motorola devices I’ve purchased this year were unlocked with “fastboot oem unlock.” They’re possibly the most lenient manufacturer out there; take it easy.

  10. 5 gigs is barely one month, do not let att sell you this shit! They lie about spectrum!

  11. You did not just say “4G”

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